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Louis Tomlinson Admits ‘Steal Your Girl’ Video Is ‘Weird’

Louis Tomlinson Music Video

Louis Tomlinson finally admitted something that fans had probably known for some time now: One Direction’s “Steal Your Girlfriend” music video is “pretty weird.” Directioners started doing the math after a photo of Tomlinson holding a monkey made the rounds on social media. Sure, a monkey doesn’t automatically indicate unchecked tomfoolery, but it’s a pretty… Read more »

Taylor Swift Explains The Story Behind ‘Out Of The Woods’


Taylor Swift recently dropped her latest single “Out of the Woods” on the masses, and apparently people seem to enjoy it. Since fans love getting the inside scoop on her creative process, the singer decided to reveal how the tune came about. Not surprisingly, Swift’s latest radio-friendly outing was deeply inspired by one of her… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Opens Up About Death Threats, Being Homeless

Ed Sheeran Homeless

Ed Sheeran seems like a pretty laid back and down to earth guy, but that doesn’t mean some people wouldn’t mind seeing the guy dead. While fans enjoy Sheeran’s unique brand of folk rock, others are apparently quite anxious to send the guy to the morgue. Unfortunately, this sort of bizarre behavior seems to plague… Read more »

‘Maze Runner’ Director Refuses To Split Third Film In Half

Maze Runner Death Cure

Maze Runner director Wes Ball has absolutely no interest in splitting the final installment of the series into two separate movies. If you’ve followed the Young Adult (YA) genre for any length of time, then you’ve probably noticed a very peculiar trend. Instead of presenting the final installment as one film, the studios split the… Read more »

‘Far Cry 4’ Creative Director Reveals The Game’s Length

Far Cry 4 Ubisoft

Far Cry 4 is on its way to retail shelves in just a few weeks. If mowing down bad guys with machine guys while exploring a luscious open world sounds like the perfect way to spend the holidays, then you’re most certainly in luck. Since certain gamers want to know approximately how much time they’ll… Read more »

Jessie J Supports UK Music Video Ratings System


Jessie J fully supports the music video ratings system that’s set to launch in the UK. Since the British singer firmly believes some kids probably shouldn’t watch the music videos she puts together, Jessie is totally down with the new system debuting in the United Kingdom this Friday (October 3). In fact, she seems to… Read more »

‘The Maze Runner’ Sequel Adds ‘Mud’ Star Jacob Lofland

Maze Runner Scorch Trials

The Maze Runner sequel is moving full steam ahead. According to reports, the cast of the highly-anticipated follow-up is adding actors and actresses left and right. Based on author James Dashner’s novel Scorch Trials, the sequel to this fall’s worldwide box office hit will follow the adventures of our heroes as they begin dealing with… Read more »

Zayn Malik Often Feels ‘Sorry’ For Solo Artists


Zayn Malik loves being in One Direction so much that he often feels bad for solo artists who don’t have a group of friends with whom to share the experience. Every few weeks, people begin to speculate about the group’s future. Is someone going solo? Are the guys preparing to go their separate ways? Is… Read more »