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Todd is a staff writer for The Inquisitr, where he covers a vast array of trending topics and news stories. He's also a published novelist, a veteran blogger, and a shameless film nerd. When he isn't penning a wide variety of stories for IQ, he can be found watching very bad movies. You can find Todd on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Email:

Ed Sheeran Has The Top Album Of 2014 In The UK

Ed Sheeran X

Ed Sheeran officially has the top album of 2014 in the UK. It’s no secret that Sheeran has a very devoted following all around the world. A quick look through The Inquisitr shows that Ed gets quite a bit of coverage these days, even when the story itself isn’t particularly interesting. Not surprisingly, all of… Read more »

Ellie Goulding Reveals Her Strange Secret For Luxurious Hair

Ellie Goulding Beauty

Ellie Goulding has a beauty secret that you can’t buy at the supermarket. If you spend an abnormal amount of time trying to get your hair to look exactly like Goulding’s blonde locks, then you’re probably using the wrong products. In fact, Ellie’s secret isn’t something concocted by team of pale scientists in a secret… Read more »

Lana Del Rey Receives High Praise From Dan Auerbach

lana-del-rey tour info

Lana Del Rey received nothing but high praise from producer and Black Keys vocalist Dan Auerbach during his chat with Rolling Stone magazine. In case you haven’t heard, the singer recently dropped a little album called Ultraviolence on the masses. Although the collection of tunes has stirred up a bit of controversy since its arrival,… Read more »

Britney Spears: Songwriter Bonnie McKee Says Nobody Expects Britney To Sing

Britney Spears Alien

Britney Spears recently received a little backhanded love from songwriter Bonnie McKee following the controversy surrounding the leaked “Alien” audio. The internet wasn’t terribly surprised when an un-Autotuned version of the aforementioned track started making the rounds online. Although Spears has recorded a number of albums over the years, not too many people believe she’s… Read more »

Liam Payne Apparently Wrote A Pretty Killer Dance Track


Liam Payne recently flexed his songwriting skills, a feat that ultimately resulted in what some folks claim is a pretty amazing dance track. In case you haven’t heard, One Direction is putting together new material for their next album. As such, Payne and his buddies are venturing into various studios to assemble a fresh batch… Read more »

Lil Wayne Admits That He Doesn’t Know How To Battle Rap [Video]


Lil Wayne certainly knows his way around a recording studio, but the musician admits that he doesn’t really know how to battle rap. Although a lot of rappers test their mettle by spitting freestyle lyrics against their adversaries, chances are fans won’t catch Wayne squaring off with his foes anytime soon. According to All Hip… Read more »

Iggy Azalea: Nick Young Helped Rapper Deal With Nicki Minaj Aftermath

Iggy Azalea BET Awards

Iggy Azalea may seem unaffected by Nicki Minaj’s cryptic comments during the BET Awards, but apparently the public hasn’t received the whole story. For those who haven’t heard, a lot of people thought the “Lookin A**” rapper was throwing a stack of major shade in Azalea’s general direction during the aforementioned awards ceremony. The situation… Read more »

Lana Del Rey Prepping ‘Ultraviolence’ As Next Single

Lana Del Rey Domestic Violence

Lana Del Rey is reportedly releasing the title track from her album Ultraviolence as her next single. Controversy will likely ensue. The singer’s latest record has certainly enjoyed a healthy run at retail. As of this writing, the collection of tunes is hanging out at number eight on the Billboard 200 albums chart. To keep… Read more »

Lil Wayne Vs Drake: Rappers To Battle It Out On Tour


Lil Wayne and Drake will square off on-stage during their upcoming tour. The rappers are preparing to embark on a series of extremely epic shows next month, performances that will find Lil Wayne and his tourmate engaging in a pseudo “rap battles” for their legion of adoring fans. After bouncing back and forth between their… Read more »