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Harry Styles Almost Falls Victim To Another Phone Prank

Harry Styles Prank

Harry Styles is probably very suspicious of any calls and messages he receives these days. The One Direction singer was the target of a send-to-all prank perpetrated by actor and comedian James Corden during his appearance on The Michael McIntyre Chat Show earlier this week. Fortunately for Styles, he realized the whole thing was a… Read more »

Christina Hendricks Isn’t Extremely Interested In Having Kids

Christina Kendricks Puppy

Christina Hendricks recently revealed that she and her husband aren’t terribly interested in having kids anytime soon. Much to the disappointment of websites that spend 90 percent of their time covering celebrity pregnancies and baby bumps, the Mad Men alum doesn’t have children on her list of things to do in the near future. In… Read more »

Bruno Mars Earns More Money Than You Might Think

Bruno Mars Money

Bruno Mars is still a relatively fresh face in the music business, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t making serious money at the moment. The singer was one of the many celebrities profiled in Parade magazine’s “What People Earn” article. Mars is just one of many musicians who are adding tons of zeroes to their… Read more »

Nigella Lawson Banned From Entering US, Friends Blame Charles Saatchi

Nigella Lawson US

Nigella Lawson was recently banned from entering the US due to a drug confession she made in court last year. The “domestic goddess” was attempting to board a flight to Los Angeles when officials reportedly turned her away. Although she didn’t face charges in the UK after admitting she used cocaine, apparently officials in the… Read more »

Johnny Depp Bluntly Clears Up Amber Heard Pregnancy Rumors

Johnny Depp Rumors

Johnny Depp doesn’t want his fans and followers to think of him as a savage. In case you haven’t heard, Depp and fiancé Amber Heard recently found their names mixed up with some pregnancy rumors perpetrated by industry insiders and anonymous sources. According to Hollywood Life, the folks at OK! magazine — a publication known… Read more »

Keanu Reeves Gets Seduced By Director Eli Roth’s ‘Knock Knock’

Keanu Reeves Thriller

Keanu Reeves is ready to scare up some box office business with help from Eli Roth. The Hostel director is putting together his Polanski-esque thriller Knock, Knock, a film that should begin production in the very near future. According to reports, Reeves will tackle the role of a married guy who finds his life turned… Read more »