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Jennifer Lopez Is No Longer The ‘Booty’ Queen


Jennifer Lopez was one the go-to artist if you were looking for someone with a curvaceous booty. Unfortunately for the singer, there are more than a few artists on the market who are more than ready to take away her crown. Instead of attempting battle Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea for the title, she’s decided… Read more »

Harry Styles Thinks Taylor Swift Uses Gimmicks To Sell Albums


Harry Styles and Taylor Swift broke up a while ago. However, that doesn’t mean the One Direction singer doesn’t spend a bit of his free time thinking about his ex-girlfriend. For those who don’t spend countless hours every day pouring over the life and times of modern-day pop stars, Styles and the country darling spent… Read more »

Gucci Mane Gets 1 Year Knocked Off His Prison Sentence

Gucci Mane Gun Charge

Gucci Mane was originally sentenced to three years in prison on a gun charge. Fortunately for the rapper, the amount of time he’ll spend behind bars just got a little shorter. The Inquisitr reported that the rapper — whose real name is Radric Davis — would spend quite a bit of time cooling his heels… Read more »

Austin Mahone Honors Joan Rivers With Touching Instagram Post

Austin Mahone Chris Rock

Austin Mahone thought the world of late comedian Joan Rivers. The Texas-born singer recently expressed his sadness over her passing with a touching post on Instagram. It seems as though there isn’t a person on the planet that Rivers didn’t touch in one way or another. Whether you loved her abrasive brand of humor or… Read more »

Keira Knightley Planning To Open London Fashion Shop


Keira Knightley is reportedly bringing her fashion sense to London. Not content with rocking the latest designs by the world’s leading fashion icons, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is jumping into the world of retail. If you’re madly in love with the sort of outfits Knightley wears on a regular basis, then she’s hoping… Read more »