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EMP Attack By North Korea Possible, Former CIA Director Says

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EMP attack threats from North Korea should be taken very seriously, according to former CIA Director James Woolsey. The long-time foe of the United States will reportedly soon be capable of launching an electromagnetic pulse attack against America, if the former intelligence expert is correct. Pry is calling for the Obama administration and Congress to… Read more »

American Detained In North Korea For Having A Bible


Another American has been detained while traveling in North Korea, according to media reports. The man, identified by The Associated Press as 56-year-old Ohio native Jeffrey Edward Fowle, is being held on unspecified charges by the North Korean government. “The state-run Korean Central News Agency identified the latest detainee as Jeffrey Edward Fowle. It said… Read more »

North Korea Detains American Jeffrey Edward Fowle Over His Bible

North Korea arrests American for having a Bible.

North Korea has detained an American, whom they identify (in Korean) as Jeffrey Edward Fowle, on the charge of leaving a Bible in his hotel room when he was preparing to leave North Korea. North Korea’s detention of Fowle brings the total to three Americans in North Korean custody. At least one other prisoner –… Read more »

North Korea Attacks ‘Wicked Black Monkey’ Obama In Racist Rant

Kim Jong- Un

The White House denounced North Korean rhetoric it called “particularly ugly and disrespectful” on Thursday, after comments from the Korean Central News Agency were released calling President Obama a “crossbreed” and a “wicked black monkey.” The tirade, which comes just weeks after North Korean media struck out at South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, was attributed… Read more »

North Korea Calls South Korea President A ‘Whore’ After Obama Visit


North Korea described South Korean president Park Geun-Hye a “crafty prostitute”, with US president Barack Obama as her “pimp”. The insults were thrown shortly after the latter’s visit to the first-world Asian country last week, according to The Guardian‘s latest report. North Korea, headed by Kim Jong-Un, made it clear that the nation was not… Read more »

North Korea Detains 24-Year-Old American Tourist Who Wanted Shelter There!

North Korea Detains US Citizen

North Korea has detained a 24-year-old American tourist, reports Reuters. The local news agency KCNA has said that the US citizen, identified as one Miller Matthew Todd was taken into custody on April 10 and has been detained ever since. Todd Miller is being blamed for displaying “rash behavior” while going through formalities for entry… Read more »

London Salon Owner Menaced By North Korea For Kim Jong Un Ad


The proprietor of a London hair salon was visited by angry North Korean embassy officials after posting a shop window ad featuring Kim Jong Un’s cherubic face grinning over a message reading “Bad Hair Day?” The M&M Hair Academy in London says it received a visit by two men from the nearby North Korean embassy… Read more »

North Korea To Hold ‘Elections’; Kim Jong Un’s Candidacy Announced


North Korea prepares for an act of “single-minded unity” as the country holds their elections this weekend, Reuters reports. State-controlled news outlet KCNA announced Thursday that preparations for the elections, held every five years in the country, are “gaining momentum” as voters enlist their names in the electoral list of their districts. Majority of the… Read more »

North Korea Fires Missiles Into The Sea – Again

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North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan once for the second time in less than one week. The South Korean Defense Ministry is now on high alert and urging their neighbors to the North to stop the missile launches. The short-range missiles launched earlier today were reportedly Scud missiles that flew… Read more »

North Korea Fired Missiles Into Sea Near South Korea

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North Korea fired missiles into the sea along its east coast early this morning. South Korea’s Defense Ministry does not currently have any information about the purpose of firing four short-range missiles by their neighbors. The missile firing by North Korea comes just days after the beginning of military exercises between the United States and… Read more »

South Korea, North Korea Family Reunions Held Despite Tensions


South Korea and North Korea share the world’s most heavily fortified border in the world, but that won’t stop South Korea – North Korea family reunions from taking place this week. The reunions, which will take place between Feb. 20 to Feb. 25 and reunite family members separated for more than 60 years, almost didn’t… Read more »

North Korea: US Sports Agent Offers Himself For Prisoner

American Kenneth Bae has been returned to a labor camp in North Korea.

North Korea recently returned American prisoner Kenneth Bae from a hospital to a labor camp. According to an AP report, his sister, Terri Chung is concerned about his health and well-being. Chung had this to say about her brother, who reportedly was hospitalized after rapidly losing 50 pounds: “He’s back to eight-hours-a-day, six-days-a-week hard labor…. Read more »

South Korea Continues Military Drills Despite N. Korean Threats

North Korea has tested nuclear weapons. Last year, they threatened to use them.

South Korea and the United States are running joint sea, air and land military drills; North Korea has denounced the drills as an attempt to alternately build up a US-led invasion force or nuke Pyongyang. North Korean officials have suggested that the military exercises could spark a nuclear war. The APquoted North Korean government official… Read more »

North Korea Threat: South Korea And US Warned To Halt Military Drills


North Korea has demanded that the United States and South Korea stop their annual military drills, which are due to begin in February and March. North Korean officials stated the drills are a direct provocation, and their remarks suggest a re-run of the tension that sharply escalated last year could be possible. In 2013, North… Read more »

North Korea Leader Executed Uncle Over Business Dispute, Report Says

Jang Song-thaek

North Korea is not a place to play fast and loose with business deals, at least if you might be crossing financial swords with the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un. When Kim had his own uncle put to death earlier this month, most North Korea-watchers believed that the 30-year-old dictator was simply consolidating his power, eliminating… Read more »

North Korea Executes Leader Kim Jong Un’s Uncle

North Korea Executes Kim Jong Un's Uncle

North Korea has announced the execution of leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle, saying that he was a traitor who tried to overthrow the government. The chilling news comes days after Pyongyang’s announcement that it had removed Jang Song Thaek from all his posts due to allegations of corruption, drug use, gambling, womanizing, and leading a… Read more »