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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Sells 100,000 Into State-Sponsored Slavery

Kim Jong Un

Incredible claims have emerged that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has sold at least 100,000 poor North Koreans into slavery abroad to fund his lavish lifestyle. According to the Mirror, human rights activists monitoring abuses in North Korea have claimed that 100,000 people are reported to have been sent abroad to work in terrible conditions…. Read more »

North Korea’s Bizarre New Patriotic Slogans — Can You Figure Out What They Mean?

North Korea Slogans

North Korea this week published a lengthy list of patriotic slogans designed apparently to inspire the country’s famine-stricken, politically repressed population into unquestioning support of the isolated nation’s authoritarian government, run by 32-year-old hereditary “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un. But most of the slogans are so strangely worded and seemingly inscrutable that they have left… Read more »

Dennis Rodman: Killing Kim Jong Un In ‘The Interview’ Wasn’t Cool, Seth Rogen Should Come To North Korea And See 20K Clap And Cry For Leader

Dennis Rodman

Well, Dennis Rodman is back at it again. Rodman recently defended North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, in an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Dennis also discussed The Interview in an in-depth piece about the film one day before the premiere of his Slamdance documentary, Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang. Snippets of… Read more »

Attention English Teachers: North Korea Is Hiring


English teachers for hire. Qualifications: Candidates must be fluent in English and must be able to teach basic and advanced grammar courses to non-English speaking students. Compensation: Zero dollars. Location: North Korea. Weird news comes from the secretive nation as the North Korean government announces vacancies for foreign English teachers willing to work inside the… Read more »

Sony Hack: One Direction, David Bowie And Adele Could Be Next

Sony computer hack

The Mail is reporting today that executives at Sony are bracing themselves for a fresh wave of embarrassing information being leaked to the internet by those responsible for the hack. Sony’s movie division was rocked by a series of leaks before Christmas, as the hackers released a series of emails that appeared to mock President… Read more »

North Korea: Soldiers Desperately Raid China For Food, Money

North Korea

North Korean soldiers are becoming increasingly violent, and leading homicidal raids to steal food and money. The most shocking part? The raids are against China, North Korea’s closest ally. The border between North Korea and China is reportedly porous, running along the Tumen River. In the winter months, the river freezes over and can be… Read more »

Top 3 Most Awkward Moments Of The Golden Globes

Fey, Poehler, Cho

Millions tuned in to the Golden Globes last night to watch stars and celebrities crack jokes, make speeches, and even get a little drunk. While many people seem satisfied with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s final year hosting, some moments of the Golden Globes were a little awkward to watch. The Independent chose one awkward… Read more »

Kim Jong Un Serves Dog Meat Soup At His Global Restaurant Chain [Video]

Kim Jong Un Loves Swiss Cheese

Kim Jong Un is interested in expanding his restaurant chain to Scotland. North Korea’s dictator already has his restaurant branch across Asia going by the name of Pyongyang. The state-backed Pyongyang restaurants are recognized for being a luxurious and lavish experience. While customers dine, they are entertained by traditional Korean music and dance. In the… Read more »

North Korea: Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Marries Senior Official’s Son


Reports have confirmed that the sister of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un tied the knot last week with the son of a senior official of the Worker’s Party. Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, has reportedly married the son of one of the most trusted officials in North Korea, Cho Ryong-Hae, confirmed New York Times Friday…. Read more »

North Korea Culpability In Sony Attack Supported By Classified Intelligence

North Korea-Troops March In Parade

North Korea is responsible for the cyber attack on Sony, and the American government has classified intelligence to support this assessment, according to media reports based on official and unofficial government statements. The Daily Beast reported, “The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies for years have been tracking the hackers who they believe to be behind… Read more »

‘The Interview': Russia Backs North Korea, Says Film Is ‘Scandalous’

Sony Hacks

The hacking of Sony Studios, allegedly committed by North Korea in response to the impending release of Sony’s film The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is being fully backed by Russia. The plot of The Interview involves the CIA asking Rogen and Franco’s characters to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un when they… Read more »

Hack Job: Did Sony Pull ‘The Interview’ As A Marketing Ploy?

Sony's The Interview

Mere days after pulling The Interview from theatrical release amid alleged threats from North Korea, Sony Pictures has reversed course and decided to go ahead with renewed release plans. But was the decision to pull the critically panned film from release actually a clever marketing ploy designed to avoid the losses that come with a… Read more »

Was The U.S. Behind North Korea’s Internet Outage?

Cyber Attack on North Korea Internet?

Internet connectivity was lost across the country of North Korea on Tuesday. The outage comes less than a week after the United States vowed to respond to North Korea’s alleged involvement in the Sony Pictures hacking scandal. Could the U.S. have been involved in North Korea’s outage? CNN reported on the outage amid escalated tensions… Read more »

North Korea’s Internet Has Crashed


North Korea’s internet crashed on Monday under rather suspicious circumstances after several days of instability. North Korea’s internet began to experience problems on Friday, and then crashed and went completely dark on Monday. The New York Times reports that Dave Madory, a Dyn Research internet analysis director, noted that North Korean internet access began to… Read more »

North Korea Cyber Attack Threats – Video Warning Sent To FBI

north korea

North Korea cyber attack threats were issued in response to the Communist nation being blamed for The Interview Sony hack. Late Sunday evening, Kim Jong Un’s nation accused President Barack Obama of “recklessly” spreading gossip that points fingers at Pyongyang. The National Defense Commission of North Korea release said that the Pentagon, the White House,… Read more »