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North Korea: Increased Cell Phone Usage Signals Change


“As much as technology is an instrument of control, connecting people to outside influences is bound to accelerate cultural changes.” These words are those of Christopher Mims, contributor to the Wall Street Journal, who, after closely observing and researching the mysterious North Korean lifestyle and the manner in which its citizens and government utilize technology… Read more »

North Korea Denies Hacking Sony Pictures, Calls It A ‘Righteous Deed’

north korea denies sony pictures hacking

North Korea has been the chief suspect for hacking Sony Pictures, but the country’s official state news channel has now issued a denial. The hack, which has kept Sony computers offline for almost two weeks, remains unsolved. However, the statement from North Korea, while denying involvement in the hacking, does laud the act, calling it… Read more »

Two Remaining Americans Detained In North Korea Released, Heading Home

Matthew Miller was sentenced to six years hard labor in North Korea.

Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller, the two remaining Americans known to have been detained in North Korea, have been released and are on their way home, CNN is reporting. U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper secured the men’s release from North Korea after a secret mission to Pyongyang — a rare move for a… Read more »

Activist Leaflets From South Korea Threaten Fragile Truce With North Korea

sad kim jong un

Activists in South Korea released balloons carrying thousands of leaflets into North Korea today, going against the wishes of their government and many of their fellow citizens. The leaflets, which included messages critical of Kim Jong-Un, could be the catalyst that sparks fresh conflict between the two nations. Residents along the border struggled to stop… Read more »

Korea: Bullets Fired Between North And South


Earlier today, North Korean soldiers approached the military border with South Korea. South Korean soldiers fired warning shots, but the North Koreans would not react, according to Reuters. The North Korean soldiers fired back upon the south, and the exchange of bullets went on for about ten minutes according to a South Korean Defense Official…. Read more »

Kim Jong-Un Coup Attempt: North Korean Capital On Lockdown

Kim Jong-Un hasn't been seen publicly for over a month.

Kim Jong-un may have lost control over the government of North Korea, an elite exile from the country claims, saying the son of deceased dictator Kim Jong-il was actually ousted from power in 2013. Jang Jin-sung, once an influential intelligence officer in the propaganda division of Kim Jong-il’s government, made the dramatic allegation in September… Read more »

American Citizen Sentenced To Six Years In North Korean Labor Camp


An American man detained in North Korea since April for allegedly committing “hostile acts” against the secretive regime has been sentenced to six years of hard labor at one of North Korea’s notorious labor camps. 24-year-old Matthew Miller of Bakersfield, California was found guilty after a brief trial during which he allegedly declined the right… Read more »

American’s Trial In North Korea Set For September 14


An American detained in North Korea is set to go to trial on September 14, according to a report by CNN. Matthew Todd Miller is the American being held in North Korea and, according to the CNN report, he was detained after allegedly destroying his visa and seeking asylum in the communist nation. In a… Read more »

American Detainees In North Korea Plead For Help From U.S. [Video]

American Detainees

North Korea allowed foreign media access to three American detainees on Monday. Monitored by North Korean officials as each detainee spoke individually, all three men asked for Washington to send a high-ranking representative to negotiate for their freedom. Kenneth Bae, 46, is a Christian missionary who has been detained the longest of the three. He… Read more »