Lady Gaga (and South Park doing Lady Gaga) coming to Rock Band

Oh, I know, my second Rock Band story of the day, but this is legitimately big enough to warrant a mention, because pop queen du jour Lady Gaga is coming to Rock Band. Oh, and Eric Cartman.

Harmonix announced today that a Lady Gaga track pack would be available for the music game next week, when a mere $6.99/560 MS Points will buy you Rock Band versions of “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” “Monster,” and “Poker Face.”

I might like Lady Gaga far more than any heterosexual man should publicly admit, but sod it, I’m a long way past caring about what’s deemed cool nowadays.

AWESOMELY, you’ll also be able to buy the Eric Cartman cover of “Poker Face,” which aired on South Park a few weeks back. Yes, there’s an Eric Cartman cover. If you haven’t already seen this masterful performance of a modern pop classic, hit play and enjoy:

[Via press release]