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Lady Gaga Opens Up About Misogyny In The Music Industry


International pop star Lady Gaga opened up about sexism and misogyny in the music industry in a recent interview with The Times over in the United Kingdom. Gaga explained in the interview that during the early stages of her career she consonantly had awful experiences with men in the studio, and had to deal with… Read more »

Lady Gaga ‘Practices Love’ At Concert [Video]

Lady Gaga broke up a fight at her Belgium concert.

Lady Gaga is known for her music, her fashion and her completely insane performances. As much as the obvious, though, Lady Gaga is also known to be an advocate for love, peace and harmony. In Belgium for her artRAVE Tour earlier this week, Lady Gaga was hyping up the crowd and parading around the stage… Read more »

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Unleash Video From Duet Album

New Video From Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga Duet Album

As was recently announced, music legend Tony Bennett and art-pop songstress Lady Gaga have come together for an album of jazz songs and standards, and now the duo has dropped a video for the second single off the album, Cheek To Cheek, which is set to be released on September 23rd via Columbia Records. “I… Read more »

Lady Gaga Finds Her Inner Amy Winehouse In New Selfie

Amy Winehouse selfie

Lately, Lady Gaga has been playing with a ton of different looks. Most of those looks have been very reminiscent of Cher’s 80’s look, but there’s one image that’s getting a lot of attention due to Gaga’s striking resemblance to late singer Amy Winehouse. In a new selfie, Gaga showed herself off in heavy makeup,… Read more »

‘Sin City’ Sequel Gives Lady Gaga A Shot At Movie Stardom

Sin City 2 A Dame To Kill For

Lady Gaga gives acting a turn in Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to Frank Miller’s Sin City — Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, according to CinemaBlend. Cast in a bit part as a waitress named Bertha in the star-studded sequel to the 2005 film, Lady Gaga is shown briefly in the latest red band trailers… Read more »

Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Beard At The Louvre

laday gaga head on a platter

Lady Gaga has never been afraid of a little androgyny. In fact, when she exploded onto the scene, she pretty much shrugged off rumors that she was a hermaphrodite. In fact, in an interview with Barbara Walters, Gaga simply mentioned that the rumor was false and went on to say she was more upset about… Read more »

Lady Gaga Parades Through New York City With A See-Through Bra

Lady Gaga In Bra NYC

Lady Gaga has once again redefined fashion. This time she did it by parading through New York City on June 12 wearing a giant diamond necklace, not to mention a sheer black outfit, a set of diamond earrings and an extraordinarily conspicuous see-through bra, reports the Daily Mail. Irony? This was one of those rare… Read more »

Lady Gaga Cancels Shows In Seattle And Vancouver

Lady Gaga Artpop Ball Tour

Lady Gaga isn’t feeling the greatest at the moment, which ultimately forced her to cancel two upcoming shows on her Artpop Ball Tour. If you were hoping to catch Mother Monster onstage in Seattle or Vancouver, prepare to shake your fists in utter frustration. According to Contactmusic, a particularly nasty bought of bronchitis has reportedly… Read more »

Lady Gaga Shuts Down Lip Syncers

Lady Gaga Lip Syncing

Lady Gaga isn’t a fan of people who lip sync during their concerts. Although there are a fair number of artists out there who use pre-recorded performances to do all the heavy lifting, apparently Mother Monster isn’t one of them. In fact, Lady Gaga doesn’t think too highly of people who feel the need to… Read more »

Justin Timberlake Brings Sexy Back To Abu Dhabi

Justin Timberlake returned to Abu Dhabi after 7 years.

The Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, welcomed Justin Timberlake back after 7 long years. Friday night, on the 69th date of his 20/20 Experience World Tour, Justin Timberlake faced a 20,000 fan packed Yas Island venue, du Arena. The show started at 9pm, but throngs of fans were lined up throughout the day. When the doors… Read more »

Demi Lovato Hates Lady Gaga’s Display of Vomit

Demi Lovato Vomit Painter

Demi Lovato has had her share of bad publicity in recent months. It is public knowledge of her struggles with an eating disorder, cutting herself, drugs and mental illness. But, as of late, Lovato seems to have faced her demons and come out on the other side. Her concerts now depict a more sincere Lovato… Read more »

Katy Perry Kissed A Girl – Did She Like It?

Katy Perry

Celebrity singer Katy Perry tends to keep tongues wagging with behavior that sometimes borders on the shocking. Whether she sets out to create drama in an attempt to stay in the forefront of our minds, or she simply enjoys living life to the fullest, Katy’s titillating antics keep us coming back for more. One of… Read more »

Demi Lovato Isn’t Impressed With Lady Gaga’s Vomit Painter At SXSW

Demi Lovato Millie Brown

Demi Lovato wasn’t at all impressed with Lady Gaga’s recent performance at SXSW. For those who don’t follow Mother Monster’s peculiar antics, the singer recently performed at the annual music and film festival in Austin, Texas. During her gig at Stubb’s BBQ, Gaga gave friend and “vomit painter” Millie Brown permission to puke neon green… Read more »

Lady Gaga Plans To Rock A Piano And A Bikini At SXSW

laga gaga backlit

Lady Gaga has big plans for her set at Stubb’s during this year’s SXSW. This apparently includes a piano, a bikini, and some beer. On March 13, the “Applause” singer will rock the Dorito’s #BoldStage at the annual music and film festival in Austin, Texas. Although she originally wanted to play the giant Dorito’s vending… Read more »

Lady Gaga’s Acting In ‘Machete Kills’ Wasn’t Bad Enough To Win A Razzie

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga apparently doesn’t qualify for a worst supporting actress award. Although the “Applause” singer was up for dubious honor at the 34th annual Razzie Awards, she ultimately lost out to Kim Kardashian. The so-called “winners” were officially announced on March 1, though it’s doubtful many of the actors and actresses are exactly thrilled with… Read more »

Did Lady Gaga’s Trip To Hearst Castle Cost A State Parks Official His Job?

Lady Gaga State Parks Official

Lady Gaga may have received permission to shoot her latest music video at California’s Hearst Castle, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s happy about the idea. The State Parks district superintendent who granted the pop singer access to the premises was reportedly placed on administrative leave “until further notice.” Although many believe Nick Franco’s decision ultimately… Read more »

Is Lady Gaga Getting Married??

Lady Gaga - Always interesting in the Big Apple

Lady Gaga took to the streets of her beloved New York in a way that only Gaga can…. dressed as – it’s tough to tell exactly what Gaga was dressed as today! But she definitely made a splash with her fans and the paparazzi. When you live in New York City, you never know what… Read more »