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Madonna Causes Controversy With Gay Jewish And Arab Love Picture: Your Turn, Lady Gaga

Madonna Instagram

Madonna is an expert at causing controversy while igniting conversations that are uncomfortable. The Independent describes Madonna’s latest Instagram picture controversy. “The picture shows a Jewish man kissing a Muslim man, captioned with a heart emoji and the hashtag #rebelhearts. Debate raged between people who believed the photograph was incompatible with their faith, and those… Read more »

Ariana Grande Blasted For Headlining Gay Event Instead Of Lady Gaga

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

When one thinks of gay rights, the name “Ariana Grande” isn’t always the first thing that pops up in their heads. However, according to the Huffington Post, Ms. Grande will be headlining a major gay event. “Ariana Grande will bring her steadfast support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to the New… Read more »

Elton John, Lady Gaga Offer Support To Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner

Both Elton John and Lady Gaga have offered words of encouragement to Bruce Jenner after Jenner publicly acknowledged for the first time that he is transgender. The announcement came in an interview with ABCs Diane Sawyer that was broadcast on April 24. Speaking to Access Hollywood ahead of the interview, Elton John pledged his support… Read more »

Tori Amos Defends Madonna: Will Lady Gaga Be Next?


Madonna has been experiencing quite the backlash lately, with the media and internet trolls ripping her to shreds for her age. Some think Madonna, 56, is too old to have fun, too old to dance, and pretty much too old to even breathe. However, she has found a defender in Tori Amos, who talks about… Read more »

Kim Kardashian Joins Lady Gaga In Speaking Out About Mental Illness

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian seems to be one of the last people in the world to speak out about mental illness. However, as Fish Wrapper reports, that’s just about to happen. “Kim’s teamed up with Dr. Drew Pinsky for a documentary called ‘#RedFlag,’ which highlights the correlation between depression and social media today — a topic that’s… Read more »

Madonna To Feature In Playboy, But Nude Photos Date From 1979

Madonna to appear in playboy

Madonna, the original “material girl,” is to feature in a forthcoming issue of men’s magazine Playboy. The 56-year-old Madonna has recently been in dispute with the BBC over Radio 1’s refusal to playl her latest single. Madonna claimed that the BBC were being “ageist” by refusing to play the record, but the BBC hit back… Read more »

Rihanna Joins Lady Gaga In Accusations Of Plagiarism

Rihanna iHeart

Rihanna‘s latest single may be topping the iTunes charts, but she is being accused of plagiarizing her song from an R&B performer called Just Brittany. Gossip Cop explains the controversy. “Rihanna is being accused of stealing ‘B**ch Better Have My Money.’ A number of Internet observers and news outlets are pointing to similarities between the… Read more »

Gene Simmons Says Artists Like Rihanna Are ‘Fake Bulls**t’


Gene Simmons of the legendary rock band Kiss recently spoke out about bands that use backing tracks to their music onstage. In an interview with Australia’s, Simmons said that very few of the top current bands actually play all of their own music during live concerts. “I have a problem when you charge $100… Read more »

Are Madonna Fans As Militant As Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters?


Madonna fans have had it with what they consider misogynistic and false reports about the Queen of Pop. Over the past couple of days, they have taken over Twitter and different websites to strike back at bloggers who tear apart Madge. Last night, Alex Young of Consequence of Sound ran a rather derogatory hit-piece on… Read more »

Miley Cyrus Blasts Indiana Governor Mike Pence — Your Turn, Lady Gaga


Indiana Governor Mike Pence is causing a lot of controversy by signing a “religious freedom” bill that some say allows businesses to discriminate against gay people. “This bill is not about discrimination and if I thought it legalized discrimination I would have vetoed it,” Pence said, according to the Indy Star. Many businesses and celebrities… Read more »

Mariah Carey Joins Lady Gaga In Being Fat-Shamed By Tabloids

Mariah Carey

Female singers like Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga can’t seem to win with the brutal fat-shaming media. Once pop superstars show a little weight gain, they are brutally made fun of. This happened to Lady Gaga several times and has just happened to Mariah Carey. On Wednesday morning, Radar Online ran a title that screamed,… Read more »

Julie Andrews To Write New Memoir Focusing On Film Career


Julie Andrews has announced that she’ll be releasing a second memoir in 2017 that will focus on her film and television career, and fans are rejoicing. Andrews wrote in her 2008 book, Home, about her colorful — and not always happy — childhood and her early years in theater, but says the second tome will… Read more »

Jessica Lange Confirms Rumors, Says She’s Done With ‘AHS’

Lange Done with 'AHS'

Fans of the creepy, Emmy-winning FX television series American Horror Story are mourning this week, after scare-maker supreme Jessica Lange admitted at Paleyfest this past Sunday, that she was done with AHS. At a Q&A panel with fellow American Horror Story stars Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Michael Chiklis, Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, Finn Wittrock, and… Read more »