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Chrissy Teigen On Modeling, Social Media, And Food

chrissy teigen

“Some people think that I don’t take [modeling] seriously, that I frown upon modeling or think it’s stupid,” 28-year-old Chrissy Teigen says. “This is my life. I would be nothing without this. I go in and have a good time. I definitely respect the craft of modeling. But do I take myself seriously in it?… Read more »

Transgender MTV Reality Star Loses Most Of Lawsuit Against Christian College

transgender student

A transgender student and MTV reality show star lost most the lawsuit filed against a Christian college. The student was expelled after revealing his true biological identity on MTV’s True Life: I’m Passing as Someone I’m Not series. Domaine Javier, 27, had filed a lawsuit against California Baptist University for an alleged violation of the… Read more »

Linkin Park Shares Inside Scoop On New Album

Linkin Park band

Rock band Linkin Park recently released their sixth full length album “Hunting Party” to moderately good reviews. Linkin Park has been putting a lot of work into promoting the record, playing benefit shows and participating in MTV‘s Ultimate Fan Experience contest, allowing fans the opportunity to meet Linkin Park’s members. But is Linkin Park’s “Hunting… Read more »

Meet Linkin Park, See Them On Hollywood’s RockWalk

Linkin Park members.

Linkin Park has been keeping busy. Earlier this week, Linkin Park released their sixth studio album, Hunting Party, which was met with relatively positive reviews. They also created their own video game to promote the record. Now Linkin Park has even more on their plate, having agreed to participate in MTV’s Ultimate Fan Experience. One… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Secures Top Chart Spot, Reveals Secrets About Himself


The Inquisitr recently reported that Ed Sheeran was headed for his first number one spot on the UK charts. He reached the spot this past weekend with his hit single “Sing.” According to The Telegraph, Sheeran’s track beat out Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Secondcity’s “I Wanna Feel,” which fell to second and third… Read more »

Teen Wolf Full Season 4 Trailer Released [Video]

Teen Wolf season 4

Teen Wolf was in the news again today after an exciting weekend of activities related to the show. To put the proverbial icing on the cake, MTV released the full trailer of season 4, and there is no doubt that fans of Teen Wolf will be thrilled. After viewing the trailer, everyone will agree, the… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Releases New Track: ‘Friends’


Over the weekend, Ed Sheeran released the single for his hit song “Sing” on the iTunes store in the UK. According to AceShowBiz, fans who purchased the track will also get Ed’s new bonus track “Friends.” The song is another one of Sheeran’s moody guitar ballads. This one is about a friendship of Ed’s that… Read more »

Teen Wolf’s Producer To Head MTV’s Eye Candy Now

Teen Wolf's Christian Taylor To Executive Produce Eye Candy

Teen Wolf Executive Producer Christian Taylor has been called in to act as the show–runner for a new MTV cyber thriller. MTV’s Victoria Justice cyber thriller, Eye Candy is based on R.L. Stine’s best-seller. The plot centers on Lindy (Justice), a tech genius who, convinced by her roommate to begin online dating, starts to suspect… Read more »

Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Turns 20

kevin bacon

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon just turned 20. The quirky parlor game became a national phenomenon that the actor himself first found very difficult to embrace. At first, the Footloose star thought the game was poking fun at him and was baffled why folks on the street would walk up to him, playfully poke his… Read more »

Jenelle Evans Arrested For The Tenth Time In Three Years

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has made the news again, just a week after announcing that she is pregnant for the second time. This time round the Teen Mom 2‘s star found herself behind bars after an argument with her boyfriend and father of her child, Nathan Griffith. Evans, who is just 21, was having such a heated… Read more »

‘Teen Wolf’ Renewed For Fourth Season By MTV

MTV renews Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf has been renewed for a fourth season by MTV, the network announced Saturday. The first season of Teen Wolf, which is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name, premiered on June 5, 2011. The second season premiered June 3, 2012, and MTV announced that it had renewed the series for… Read more »

Snooki Suing Excell Brands For Six Million Dollars

Snooki Tells Jersey Shore Town 'Get Over Yourselves'

“Snooki,” AKA Nicole Polizzi, the much loved Jersey Law star has slapped a lawsuit on New Jersey-based Excell Brands. Snooki contends that the cosmetics company used her name and the fragrance from her “Snooki” and “Snooki Couture” perfumes on their brand “Snazzy.” Polizzi filed a suit with the Manhattan Federal Court on Friday alleging that… Read more »

‘NSYNC Reunion: Lance Bass Addresses MTV VMAs Rumor

Lance Bass NSYNC Rumor

Will there be an ‘NSYNC reunion at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards? According to widespread internet speculation, the group could be getting back together for a one-off performance. Fans of the iconic boy band seem pretty excited about the idea of a possible reunion. However, nothing about the get-together has been confirmed by anyone… Read more »

JWoww And Snooki Are ‘Not Welcome’ In Pelican Island

Jwoww and snooki

JWoww and Snooki have been told they are not welcome in Pelican Island, at least not when it comes to filming their MTV reality show in one of the residential homes there. In fact, residents there are so against the filming that they have engaged the services of an attorney to prevent the filming from… Read more »