iPhone 15 Million Dollars

$15 Million iPhone 5 Now Available For Sale

England-based Stuart Hughes is selling a brand new iPhone 5 for the bargain basement price of just $15 million.

The phone was built with a gold case and then encrusted with diamonds to give it that “I just spent way too much on this phone” look.

So what exactly does $15 million get you from a $299 Apple device? How about a gold-plated antenna and gold-plated back panel alongside 600 flawless white diamonds. The iPhone 5’s Home button has even been replaced with a rare 26-carat black diamond that is worth a whopping $14.5 million.

Stuart Hughes hand crafted the iPhone 5 in Liverpool.

The $15 million price tag for this new iPhone far eclipses the previous records which included an iPhone 4G for $2.5 million and a gold-plated iPad 2 that sold for $8 million. Both of those devices were also made by Stewart Hughes.

While Hughes’ previous devices were just as gaudy and full of expensive jewelry, this new device is by far the best in terms of sheer craftsmanship.

The iPhone 5 features the same specs as the smartphones available at pretty much every wireless carrier on the planet.

Luxury smartphone that are outside of most peoples reach are nothing new, the team at Vertu routinely makes high-end smartphones. However, even Vertu tends to stay in the 5-6 figure range, let alone surpassing the $15 million mark.

I have a feeling this phones buyer will be more interested in the rare black diamond than they will be in owning yet another Apple iPhone device.

So what do you think: Could you pay $15 million for an iPhone 5 even if you had the money to do so? Perhaps Samsung should answer with a $20 million Samsung Galaxy S4, although I think Samsung’s plastic body design might lower its “luxury” value.