Twitter hackers post bogus stories from CBS accounts

Twitter Hackers Post Bogus News From ’60 Minutes’

Hackers on Twitter posted bogus stories from CBS accounts.

Hackers sent tweets from 60 Minutes and CBS DenverTwitter accounts today accusing the US of working with terrorists. Barely a day after the only surviving suspect of Boston’s marathon bombing was apprehended and the hackers are already at their worst, spreading lies about our great nation.

Earlier today, a series of tweets from CBS news agencies posted the following messages, alongside links to what was probably malware.

CBS news account @60minutes tweeted, “Exclusive: Terror is striking the #USA and #Obama is Shamelessly in Bed with Al-Qaeda.”

The @CBSDenver news account posted, “New Evidence of CIA Arming Al Qaeda Terrorists in #Syria,” and “WMDs Provided by NATO to Al-Qaeda for a False Flag Operation in #Syria”

Both Twitter accounts have since posted rebuttals, stating that the accounts were compromised, “We have experienced problems on Twitter accounts of #60Minutes @48Hours; We apologize for the inconvenience; Twitter is resolving issues.”

Another tweet stated, “PLEASE NOTE: Our Twitter account was compromised earlier today. We are working with Twitter to resolve.”

This is not the first time a Twitter news account has been hacked into, as last month the BBC had its Twitter account compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army, a supporter of Syria‘s President Bashar Assad. Last year, Reuters saw its website compromised as it falsely posted news concerning the Middle East. So how can we know what to believe from news sources? Look for a second opinion, or go to the news site itself through a search engine and look from there. And if the Twitter hackers have shown us anything, look into anything having to do with Syria, but never click on a link you’re not sure of.

Also, if you ever find your Twitter account hacked, as in making bogus posts without your knowledge, contact Twitter immediately and change your password. And then do your followers a favor, like CBS News did, and post an announcement that your Twitter account has been compromised and that you are looking into it.

How do you feel about Twitter news accounts being hacked?