Apple Siri Storing Data

Apple Storing Siri Data For Two Years

Apple is storing Siri data for up to two years, according to Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller.

Wired recently wrote an expose on the ambiguity of Siri’s privacy policies after ACLU lawyer Nicole Ozer questioned Apple’s Siri data practices.

Muller says Apple fully anonymizes the data it receives and only collects voice clips so it can improve the Siri technology base.

Data collected by Apple is stored on the company’s servers and eventually abandoned after a two year period.

Each Siri request made is sent to Apple data centers for analysis. According to Muller, a random number is generated to represent each person, and voice files are linked to that randomly generated number. Six months after the request is sent to Apple servers, the data is retained but becomes unmarried from the user number that was generated during the original request.

Apple doesn’t hold onto every Siri message received but will use many data points for an additional 18 months for the purpose of testing and development on its always improving platform.

Muller is quick to point out that if Siri is turned off, all identifiers associated with the user’s data is immediately deleted.

At this time, Apple doesn’t have Siri FAQ linked directly to a user’s account. Opponents to data holding claim that Apple should allow users to opt-in before using the service. Users who want to see the Siri policy must currently visit their Siri settings via the iOS platform.

Opt-in privacy systems have become all the rage thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks using their social prowess to oftentimes overstep their bounds in terms of implementing user data collection.

Apple Siri users, in the meantime, are warned that they should avoid sensitive searches regarding their personal lives because of the possibility that they may be listened to by Apple developers.

Are you worried about Apple storing Siri data for analysis at a later time?