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GG1 — New Version Of Google Glass Might Not Resemble Glasses


GG1 is the code name given to a new piece of Google hardware being tested at the United States Federal Communications Commission, and many experts are surmising that it is a new version of Google Glass technology. Google originally released its Google Glass product to the world on April 15 for a serious price tag… Read more »

Siri Gets Sassy When You Ask It What Zero Divided By Zero Is


Siri is the ever helpful companion that many Apple users, especially those with the Apple iPhones, have come to rely on when they need an answer to a question right away. While Siri can be very helpful at times, when you decide to ask it a silly question, Siri’s responses are starting to get a… Read more »

Taylor Swift’s Twitter Rant Was All A Publicity Stunt?

Twitter Users Claim That Taylor Swift's Rant Was All A Publicity Stunt

According to Twitter users, Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple last week was all a publicity stunt. It was a way to generate more sales, something that some people believed when she removed all her music from Spotify. However, the singer says that is definitely not the case, and she was simply standing up for… Read more »

Apple iPhone 6 User Says Device Exploded During Call

iPhone 6 explodes

An Apple iPhone 6 owner in Gurgaon, India, has claimed that his brand new iPhone 6 heated up and exploded during a hands-free call. The owner, Kishan Yadav, stated that he was luckily able to escape unscathed after throwing the phone out of his car window. The restaurateur reportedly bought the 64GB silver iPhone 6… Read more »

Taylor Swift Slammed By Pandora Exec, Freelance Photographer For Apple Letter

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been applauded lately for her “victorious” open letter to Apple, explaining why she wouldn’t include her new album 1989 on their new streaming service, Apple Music. In her letter, Swift explained that Apple Music is giving its customers a three-month trial, which means that artists won’t get paid during those three months…. Read more »

iOS 9: Smarter Siri, Better Battery Life


Apple announced iOS 9 as the latest operating system for iPhones and iPads at the World Wide Developers conference on Monday. Apple focused less on aesthetics and more on functionality, with few changes to the appearance of the operating system but many related to user-experience. Longer Battery Life Just by upgrading to iOS 9, users… Read more »

Apple Will Follow Samsung In Adding Multitasking To iPad

iPad Pro

Samsung can easily say they did something before Apple — allowing multitasking on their tablets (and even phones). At WWDC today, Apple announced that multitasking will be available on the iPad with iOS 9. Macrumors has the news. “Today at WWDC, Apple confirmed that multitasking would be coming to the iPad with iOS 9. The… Read more »

Sony Confirms Apple Will Unveil New Music Service Tomorrow

Sony Confirms Apple Will Unveil New Music Service Tomorrow

A Sony executive has confirmed that at tomorrow’s World Wide Developers Conference, Apple will at last unveil its new music service. According to Venture Beat, Sony Music CEO Doug Morris said during an interview that Apple would indeed show off its new streaming music service tomorrow. The Sydney Morning Herald said that Morris did not… Read more »

Apple Decides Not To Unveil New Apple TV At WWDC

Apple Decides Not To Unveil New Apple TV At WWDC

Apple will reportedly not show off its new TV service and updated Apple TV at this developers conference. According to the New York Times, Apple called off the unveiling due to the product not being ready to show to the public. “The company planned as recently as mid-May to use the event to spotlight new… Read more »

iPhone 6S – Major Leak Reveals Amazing New Features

iPhone 6S Features

The iPhone 6S, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, won’t start mass production until mid-August, however, a man named Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI securities, has gotten the scoop on the new iPhone 6S, and he’s spilling the beans. Kuo’s leaks about past iPhone versions have been spot on, so investors listened eagerly recently… Read more »

Apple Praised For Incredible Customer Service: What About Microsoft?


In the past week, there have been many articles produced on Apple‘s amazing customer service. BGR believes Apple’s customer service is their “secret weapon.” “Over the last 14 years, Apple has elevated customer service into a science. Today, the company stands shoulders above the competition when it comes to alleviating the stresses that accompany a… Read more »

Man Ticketed For Looking At Apple Watch While Driving

texting while driving

An Apple Watch was the reason a man was recently pulled over in Montreal, Quebec, according to CTV News in Montreal. Jeffrey Macesin was pulled over by the Canadian police for using his Apple Watch. For the offense, Macesin received a $120 fine and four demerits placed on his driving record. According to the police… Read more »

Star Wars Stormtroopers – The Story Behind The New Design

star wars

The look of the Star Wars stormtrooper is one of the most iconic character designs in film history. In fact, the stormtrooper is one of the most recognizable icons in worldwide popular culture. So, if that’s true, why would the developers of the new Star Wars film, Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens,… Read more »