3 year later, AOL Weblogs Inc is thriving with brilliant numbers

It only seems like yesterday that Jason Calacanis launched the blog network Weblogs Inc. I can still remember him pitching me at The Blog Herald, asking me to cover his new network. It took a couple of months after September 2003 for me to be convinced that Calacanis wasn’t selling snake oil and I should actually start covering what he was doing with the company.

Fast forward to 2005 and Weblogs Inc became the biggest acquisition of a blog network, being acquired by AOL for a reported $25 million. Weblogs Inc’s success was an inspiration to many of us in the blogging space, and although we never directly competed, Weblogs Inc’s success (pre acquisition) was deep in our minds when I founded b5media with Darren Rowse and Jeremy Wright in May of the same year.

The third anniversary of AOL’s acquisition of Weblogs Inc is today, and I had the opportunity to speak with Marty Moe, the current head of operations at Weblogs Inc prior to the third anniversary, and the figures he shared with me are nothing short of staggering. Here’s a walk through on the presentation he sent me, and my notes from it.

Weblogs Inc Circa October 2005