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HTC Trophy Gets Pictured, Sports The Candybar Keyboard Style

HTC Trophy - Windows Mobile 6.5

These days it’s “touchscreen this” and “touchscreen that” and while I’m all for rocking multi-touch capacitive interfaces, sometimes a business user needs a capable qwerty keyboard and sometimes they want that keyboard to be featured on something other than a Blackberry. That’s where the HTC Trophy comes into play.

The Trophy is a very slim (11mm) candybar style phone with a full qwerty keyboard and a rather large 3 inch VGA capacitive touchscreen. The unit also rocks the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, a 5MP with auto focus and 512mb flash and 256mb ROM. While also coming equipped with a built-in GPS, a MicroSDHC card slot and Quad-Band GSM calling features with 3G capabilities.

Throw in FM Radio, a 3.5mm headphone jack, HTC’s Touchflo 3D and a 600Mhz Qualcomm processor.

Overall the HTC Trophy is a nice looking, sleek qwerty keyboard based candybar style device, a nice change of pace over current options found on the market.

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One Response to “HTC Trophy Gets Pictured, Sports The Candybar Keyboard Style”

  1. Tim

    Yes, I agree that when using the Windows Mobile platform, business users need a traditional phone with a stylus pen. This is because much of the WIndows Mobile business software was created with the intent of it being used on a ‘resistive’ screen (for stylus pen). The HTC HD2 has a ‘capacitive’ (finger touch) screen, but that has proved problematic when using business software not designed for it.

    I’m not sure what’ll become of the Windows Mobile platform. It’s in a state of flux, as Microsoft dumps the old Windows Mobile 6.5, and moves to a new (and incompatible) platform, probably called ‘Windows Phone 7′. We’ll find out more in mid-Feb 2010, but it’s something to think about.

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