Update: Bank of America site down, why?

Bank of America’s site is down currently, leaving customers grown reliant on online banking unable to manage their money through the BoA website.

The bank that’s too big to fail when it comes to taking taxpayer dollars apparently is fine with failing their customers, with the site down since morning and no word from BoA on why they’re not operational online. Reports indicate that Bank of America apps for the iPhone and Blackberry are loading fine, but the website- where one would imagine most actual transactions occur- is still unavailable as of 4:15pm EST. That’s a lot of time to be offline, particularly with the weekend coming up. (Update: the site loaded for me after 15 minutes of trying to connect, can any current BoA customers confirm functionality in the comments?)

Speculation is that the Bank of America website is down due to a cyber attack, but with a reaction from the bank that’s the opposite of proactive, it’s up to a bunch of angry customers to connect the dots until the bank explains their outage. (And hopefully profusely apologizes.)

UPDATE 2: Commenters here are reporting mixed functionality, most commonly through Google workarounds. (Still not very convenient, BoA.) Commenter Lee says:

Still having trouble viewing your account? Simply Google “bofa,” and click the Sign In hyperlink under it’s search results, or you can go to:

Just be sure to enter your state ID e.g. CA, OR, WA, etc…

Earlier in the day, the person or persons behind the BoA Twitter account posted this tweet, implying that the problem was local and limited, which appears not to be the case.

Our website is available. However, some customers are having intermittent issues with access. We are working to determine the root cause.