peeps-flavored vodka anyone can make

Peeps-Flavored Vodka You Can Make

Peeps-flavored vodka. Now why didn’t I think of that? If you want to create a home-crafted vodka infusion with the power of Easter’s most notorious candy, the marshmallow chicks made by Just Born, then you need look no further than the popular food blog Baking Bites, where the creators have posted a step-by-step recipe, with photos, telling you how to create Peeps-Infused Vodka.

Without giving away too many trade secrets, I think I can safely disclose that the process involves at least 30 Peeps and an entire 750 milliliter bottle of the vodka of your choice.

I didn’t know about this recipe in time to whip up the Peeps-flavored vodka for Easter dinner, and I’m pretty sure that vodka is not a traditional part of the religious holiday anyway. However, I’m thinking about those after-Easter candy sales. Who’s with me?

I’ll freely admit that most of my vodka-infusing experience comes from making satsuma (mandarin orange) infused vodka each year when my citrus trees go into overdrive. In my recipe, I peel six to 12 satsumas, scrape the white off the fruit, chop ’em up, and put ’em in a glass container.

I also scrape the insides of the peel, so that the green part of the peel can also go in. I then pour the 750 ml bottle of moderately (but not too) cheap vodka over all and let it sit for up to four days to develop that citrus vodka flavor.

It isn’t a precise recipe, but hey. You’ll just have to taste test along the way to make sure it’s smooth enough.

However, there’s no real reason that the same basic procedure can’t work with candy. With vodka flavors out there like wedding cake and cotton candy, then it has become pretty obvious that a lot of people think sweets-infused vodkas are just delicious.

Vodka isn’t the first unusual place that Peeps have popped up. In fact, they’ve almost become more of an arts project than a food. Check out the gallery on the official Peeps website if you doubt me. I’m particularly stunned by the car owner in Texas who apparently thought it was a brilliant idea to cover the vehicle with Peeps — and mostly the pink ones. Sweet.

However, Peeps-flavored vodka is something I might actually make. What about you?

[peeps photo courtesy Evan-Amos via Wikipedia Commons]