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Bill O’Reilly Argues With Pastor Whether Bible’s Jonah, Adam And Eve Stories Are Real

Bill O'Reilly Argues With Pastor Whether Bible's Jonah, Adam And Eve Stories Are Real

Bill O’Reilly argued with a pastor on The O’Reilly Factor over whether the Biblical stories of Jonah and Adam and Eve are in fact real. The answer that Bill O’Reilly gave may surprise many who consider the Fox News host to be an arch-conservative fundamentalist.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bill O’Reilly screamed his claim that Alan Colmes was lying about about President Obama having an alternative plan to the sequester. Bill O’Reilly also disagrees with Rush Limbaugh, claiming that the left has not won in America.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly sparred with Robert Jeffress, senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, over the literal nature of the Bible, specifically the Old Testament. Bill O’Reilly has previously said he was not a Christian Biblical fundamentalist, saying, “I was taught, in my Catholic school, that a lot of the stories in the Bible are allegorical.” Given this prior statement, it’s perhaps with no surprise that Bill O’Reilly and the pastor had an argument.

Jeffress, who’s the author of the new book, How Can I Know?: Answers to Life’s 7 Most Important Questions, told Bill O’Reilly that limiting Old Testament stories to being merely fictional, yet allegorical, history lessons takes away the foundation of the Bible:

“Here’s the problem, Bill. If you start labeling these stories as fictitious or fable, where do you stop? It’s like peeling the layers of an onion, you end up with nothing. Jesus, for example, linked his resurrection to the story of Jonah. He said that as Jonah was in the fish for three days, so the son of man shall be in the ground for three days until God raises him up. Jesus linked the story of Noah to his second coming. He said, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be for the second coming of the son of man. If Jesus believed that the story of Noah was fictitious, why would he link it to a future probability and certainty. You don’t link a future certainty with a past allegory.”

Bill O’Reilly is currently planning on writing a new book called Killing Jesus: A History. Bill O’Reilly’s previous books have been criticized as having errors. Combine this with the fact that Bill O’Reilly consider the Bible to be allegorical, and you have to wonder what Bill O’Reilly will say about Jesus.

What do you think about the Bible discussion between Bill O’Reilly and the pastor?

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102 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly Argues With Pastor Whether Bible’s Jonah, Adam And Eve Stories Are Real”

  1. Dave Mock

    O'Reilly does not speak for Catholic church doctrine.. Before writing his book, he's better check and make sure he has his facts straight… He creats controversy to keep his ratings up and to sell books….

  2. Barry K Jackson

    I consider the argument between Bill O'Reilly and Robert Jeffess a case of two despicable characters cancelling each other out.

  3. Pat Pavis Hicks

    While I respect Mr. O'Reilly for the stand he takes on politics, I must take him to task on this issue. By denegrating stories of the Bible, he is putting himself above Jesus Christ. If Jesus believed the Father, then so do I. I would hate to be in his shoes (?) the day of accountability. He alone will have to answer for his unbelief.

  4. Michael Malone

    How do we KNOW what the FACTS are concerning Jesus? Was any HISTORICAL record ever put down about Him? What we know about Jesus comes from the Bible. But, how accurate is the Bible that we have today? How many times was it "altered" (either through errors in copying or intentional to meet CHRISTIAN doctrine) throughout the ages, before it was standardized into the Bible as we know it today? Do you really believe that the Bible as we have it today was what the original authors wrote?

  5. Patrick Rodgers

    The Bible from my perspective is a book of spiritual psychology and for the most part is open to interpretation of each person who reads it. I do not hold the Bible in the same light as the Ten Commandments, because God wrote the Commandments in stone, but he did not write the Bible. The Bible itself has been edited and rewritten several times with the interpretation of men, primarily to allow "organized religion" to maintain a chokehold on it's followers. Parts of the original works were conveniently discarded (Lost Books), along with the revisions which coherce people into religion (Our way or the Highway -Hell). While the Bible does have many important clues as to how mankind should live our lives, we as a whole have done a pretty sorry job of following them. That said, the Bible is merely one spoke in the wheel of spirituality and my living life one day at a time, being the best person I can be. Perhaps, I am wrong and one day before long, when my tasks are finished on Planet Earth, I will discover the truth? But for now this feels right.

  6. Nenad Tufekcic

    Religion is the opiate of the masses….It ought to be an allegory…Adam and Eve – I thought that was a story perpetuated by puritanical Christians who are ashamed of having sex…lol O'Reilly – for once in his dear quasi-Catholic existence makes a decent enough point…

  7. Janette Smith

    I think they both got it wrong..they clearly, don't really understand the all comes down to one thing!

  8. Peggy Daniel Vossler

    WE need to remember that Jesus was crucified(killed) during Caesar's time. He was a minister(Rabbi), he spoke of passover in Luke 22:8(not a parable (allegory) He was accused Luke 23 of perverting the nation and forbidding them to give tribute to Caesar. Pilate asked him, "Are you the King of the Jews?" And he answered him, "you have said so," Pilate said to the chief priests and the multitudes " I find no crime in this man" They said" He stirs up the people throughout Judea….He was sent to Herod and Herod sent Him back He thien was put before the people to chose Barabbas or Jesus. They chose Barabbas. The Romans Killed Jesus because of his religion and the people didn't like his religion. In John1: 38 he was called Rabbi. As we know, the Rest is History.

  9. Beverly Gouker Stoker

    Bill O"Reilly is a big " know it all " on politics and religion. He is a loud mouth that thinks he has the answers to everything. I cannot stand him or Fox "News". It is a bullshit channel.

  10. Beverly Gouker Stoker

    Bill O"Reilly is a big " know it all " on politics and religion. He is a loud mouth that thinks he has the answers to everything. I cannot stand him or Fox "News". It is a bullshit channel.

  11. Juan T Muthafukin Rav

    With all do respect to everyone who has commented or has yet to comment, I agree with Bill. HAS MUCH AS IT PAINS ME TO SAY SO! To me, he's correct. Many people look at the bible's stories in a literal sense. It doing so, I feel as though the people aren't getting the true meaning. Therefore, are not learning the lesson. If everything was meant to be understood and followed as it is written (laws, rules, etc), we would just be existing and not living. I don't think that is what The Creator wanted for us. If so, why were we given the ability to make choices? This is the very first time that I have ever agreed with anything that Billy Boy has ever said. I'm not saying that I agree with it all, but I do understand his point. Here's something that some of you may know… The number of man or mankind is 9! IF YOU KNOW, PLEASE EXPLAIN!

  12. Dorothy Rhodes

    Great comment. I think the bible is like the telephone game…it starts out one way and by the time it's been forwarded/repeated several times, it takes on a whole new look or aspect of the story. And as such, organized religion can bend it to fit.

  13. Dorothy Rhodes

    Great comment. I think the bible is like the telephone game…it starts out one way and by the time it's been forwarded/repeated several times, it takes on a whole new look or aspect of the story. And as such, organized religion can bend it to fit.

  14. Michael Ciccone

    Obviously they are real. I mean they lived to like 800 years old before medicine was even around.

  15. Michael Ciccone

    Obviously they are real. I mean they lived to like 800 years old before medicine was even around.

  16. Linda Sadler Pritz

    They are just their thoughts and theirs only! No one has to pay any attention to their thoughts! Just believe what ever you feel in your heart.

  17. Juan T Muthafukin Rav

    Correct… He said something like, "I come for my people and my people believeth me not"! Also, the name Ceasar meant "ruler" or "king". How can Jesus be the king when Ceasar is the king? You are absolutely correct Ms. Peggy… Thx!

  18. Maryann Stensrude

    I read what the pastor had to "say". I found it odd that he thinks a whale is a fish instead of a mammal, and that Jesus is the "son of man", when he's supposed to be the "son of God" making his appearance as man. As for the bible, Catholics do not "study" the bible. They were probably afraid that we would start asking questions! Do I believe it is the Word of God? How the heck do I know? I think it was written as parables and is left open to interpretation… since God gave us free will. Do the right thing, that's what God has taught me.

  19. Nancy Stroud

    if you say you don't believe in some things in the Bible then where does it end I believe every chapter and verse it was all written buy God through man. Gods word is there for us to know what went on before man and what happened to man because of his sin and what is to come.

  20. Steve Gilmore

    @ Pat Davis Hicks. No offense meant, but you look like you've been around awhile so I am compelled to ask; Do you also still believe in Santa Clause?

  21. Karen Wallace Addison

    O'reillys opinion is his own. For myself, I believe 110% in the Bible. There are many things we may not understand, but we're not suppose to understand everything…..only the basics! People believe what they want and as long as the Bible supports their belief they are satisfied. When it doesn't they criticize those that believe and call the Greatest Book known to man as fiction! The Bible is written by many men but men guided by GOD. That is good enough for me! I have never seen a dinosaur either but know they existed!

  22. Kathryn Leal

    I have news for the Inquisitre. No one, in fact, thinks that O’Reilly is a right-wing fundamentalist, especially right-wing fundamentalists such as myself. Although many people like him because he offers fights on both sides of an issue, I think he is nothing more than a wishy-washy know-it-all whom in fact knows next to nothing on most issues. Pick a side already! As far as the Bible is concerned, whomever this pastor is, he is absolutely correct. You cannot pick and choose which chapters of the Bible are true and which are fiction. If O'Reilly would spend any real time on an issue, he would know this. I hope his book receives the lukewarm response it deserves, based on his lukewarm faith.

  23. Peggy Daniel Vossler

    I would say more accurate than our history books given our penchant for re writing history.(or correcting history??

  24. Juan T Muthafukin Rav

    That depends on how long a year was. October was the 8th month; not the 10th and December was the 10th month (not the 12th). Julius and Augustus Ceasar added July and August. Who knows how many months there were and/or how many days were in each month. Many people put their own additions and subtractions to the calendar…. including Pope John I. In 525, he commissioned Dionysius Exiguus (Dennis the Little), to calculate the correct dates for all future celebrations of Easter.

  25. Andrew Patience Strømmen

    Did god give us free will? Does he know everything? Did he know everything when he created the universe and set everything in motion? If so, then we don't have free will.

  26. Betty Verret

    I believe the bible is written by men who were inspired by God so I believe it is true. I think Bill O'reilly and the pastor were having a dicussion, not an argument. Now the exchange with Combs was an argument.

  27. Betty Verret

    I believe the bible is written by men who were inspired by God so I believe it is true. I think Bill O'reilly and the pastor were having a dicussion, not an argument. Now the exchange with Combs was an argument.

  28. Peggy Daniel Vossler

    There are many verses in the Old & New Testament that speak of Him "coming and his people not believing" and while like many of us do believe in the Bible, I also believe it is a fabulous history book and many things can be proven. I believed long before those things were proven. So sad that there aren't those who don't believe not even the things that have been proven. What will they say when the time comes when they find that Jesus really was and is?

  29. Peggy Daniel Vossler

    There are many verses in the Old & New Testament that speak of Him "coming and his people not believing" and while like many of us do believe in the Bible, I also believe it is a fabulous history book and many things can be proven. I believed long before those things were proven. So sad that there aren't those who don't believe not even the things that have been proven. What will they say when the time comes when they find that Jesus really was and is?

  30. Kathryn Leal

    Wow, Steve. I guess one would expect this kind of boorish response from someone whom attends or attended a community college. Why would you feel it necessary to denigrate this woman for her profound views? Grow Up! No offense meant, but are you lacking in any sort of manners or what?

    Pat, kudos to your response!

  31. Charles Miller

    Michael Malone The Old Testament prophet Isaiah made several prophecies about the coming Messiah in 700 B.C. One of the most significant was that the Messiah would come from the house of David.
    “In love a throne will be established; in faithfulness a man will sit on it – one from the house of David – one who in judging seeks justice and speeds the cause of righteousness.” (Isaiah 16:5) The oldest copy of this prophesy dates back to 120 B.C. It’s preserved in one of the Dead Sea Scrolls known as the Great Isaiah Scroll. The house of David is written about on the Tel Dan Stele, which is an inscribed stone discovered in 1993/94 during excavations at Tel Dan in northern Israel. Its secular author was a king of Damascus, Hazael or one of his sons, and it contains an Aramaic inscription commemorating victories over local ancient peoples including "Israel" and the "House of David." The inscription has been dated to the 9th or 8th centuries B.C.
    Isaiah also prophesied about the death of Jesus, 7 centuries before it happened. “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.”
    David himself predicts Christ’s crucifixion “…they have pierced my hands and my feet.” Psalm 22:16
    In many places in The New Testament references are made to Jesus as the Son of David, but there is also additional evidence outside of the Bible that Jesus lived, and that He is from the ancestry of King David. Eusebius of Caesarea, an ancient source, reports what happened to the descendants of Jesus’ brother Jude at the end of the 1st century A.D. He wrote “The descendants of Jude…were related to Christ himself…were brought to the Emperor…and he asked them if they were descendants of David, and they confessed that they were.”
    Josephus Flavius, A.D. 37-100
    A first century secular historian who wrote about Roman crucifixion, and even though he was not a follower of Jesus, also wrote of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus…
    “The Roman soldiers amused themselves by nailing their prisoners in different postures; and so great was their number, that space could not be found for the crosses, nor crosses for the bodies.”
    “Now there was about this time, Jesus…Pilate had condemned him to the cross…”
    “…Those that loved him at the first did not forsake him; for he appeared to them alive again on the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold.”
    A misconception among unbelievers is that the Bible today cannot be trusted because of the number of times it has been copied. The idea is compared to the school game called telephone, in which the children will all sit around the perimeter of the classroom and the teacher begins by whispering something in the ear of the first child. Then it gets whispered to the next and so on, and by the time it reaches the end, it has changed drastically from what it was at first.
    It is commonly thought that in the beginning, each new copy of the Bible was written only after the previous copy had begun to fade, and that if the person making the copy didn’t like the way something read they would simply alter it or delete it altogether if they determined it was too controversial. According to Greek linguist Dr. Christophe Rico, who is an expert authority on the reliability of the Bible, this is simply not the case. Dr Rico states that as the church began to spread across the Roman Empire they needed thousands of manuscripts in the beginning, so that there are approximately 6000 copies that go back to antiquity that are either in Hebrew for the Old Testament, or in Greek for the New Testament. Then if you are talking about the different versions, there are approximately 40,000 copies which is amazing. There isn’t any other single book in antiquity with so many texts. When describing the probability that the Bible became corrupted with so many versions, it is impossible according to Dr Rico. He says that because very soon after the original manuscript was made, thousands of copies were then made, and any significant changes made to a copy compared to the rest, would stick out like a sore thumb.
    When verifying the Old Testament, one only has to compare it to the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls were written before the birth of Christ and the birth of the church, and were not discovered until 2000 years later, so it gives us a chance to look at the history before any possible changes could have been introduced. The comparison tells us the texts remain unchanged. There’s nothing different between it and the translation from which our modern Bibles come. Dr Rico says that regarding the New Testament, the research clearly demonstrates we are talking about the best ever well known book of antiquity and the difference between what we know about the New Testament and any other book of antiquity is amazing. He said when we compare all the ancient copies of the New Testament we have, the differences are very small and cannot be demonstrated this way by any other book. He elaborated by saying “the differences are so tiny they don’t take away from the substance or meaning,” and he compared it to instead of saying “but,” using the word “however.”

  32. Janice MacKenzie

    Never thought I'd agree with Blow-hard Bill, but I do this once. Jesus taught using allegories, and ancient people including the Hebrews used allegory to explain about their culture's rules of conduct and the origins of sacred rituals. Why do modern believers have such a difficult time grasping the concept of the metaphorical? Is their belief so fragile that they need to cling to Bible stories as literal fact? How about the more important lessons that these stories represent? We could use more good Samaritans, for one! And "Love your enemy as you love yourself" is far more important than any story in the Old Testament, imho.

  33. Kathryn Leal

    Hey, Patrick. The Bible is comprised of 66 Books written over a period of about 1,500 years by over 40 authors from all walks of life, with different kinds of personalities, and in all sorts of situations. It was written in three languages on three continents, and it covers hundreds of controversial subjects. Yet, it fits together into one cohesive story with an appropriate beginning, a logical ending, a central character, and a consistent theme. No other book written can make that claim. The old testament was written by Jewish scribes who, if an error was made, such as copying a letter incorrectly, would be tossed out to begin again. We still have these original versions available for reference! But perhaps the most persuasive argument can be found in the area of prophecy. If a book accurately and repeatedly predicts the future, it can safely be said that something special is going on, perhaps even something supernatural. And there are so many prophecies in the Scripture that it should be easy to take a look and decide if the Bible is divinely inspired. Jesus himself fulfilled over 300 of them. Please take the time to research an issue before offering an opinion!

  34. Kathryn Leal

    The evidence of God is all around us, but most importantly in that still small voice that you have pushed aside in favor of a lie, Andrew!

  35. Gloria Brenda Jones


  36. Dette Fannin

    everyone just needs to pray for Mr. O'Reilly, he needs all the prayers he can get. And he is most definitely trying to sell his book, publicity and controversy, that is all it is about. Shame on him!

  37. Dave Mock

    not to start any arguments, but king James took out 7 books that he didn't agree with back in the day..

  38. William Ingramm

    How do you know the 10 commandments were literally written by god? Seems like a strange disconnect there, as if Moses couldn't have chiseled that out himself in the 40 days he was on Mount Sinai…..or maybe god is simply a painfully slow author.

  39. Myrna Bolton

    I have questioned myself if I want to answer this information. I try to stay away from Bible issues and political issues because we believe what we want to anyway. I haven't read what this pastor said and really don't care. I can only speak for myself not others. I have to say I am Catholic since 1995. I have been in few Bible classes at the parish. I do study the Bible and I'm not alone. I do have Free Will and have chosen freely. Its up to everyone I feel to investigate what they want to and decide where they want to take it. I say all this with love.

  40. Lisa Schultz

    Why can't people just believe whatever they want to without this constant arguing? As long as people aren't preaching hate or killing in the name of 'their God'….let it go! If we recognized our similarities more than our differences, maybe there wouldn't be so much senseless violence in the world.

  41. Julie Jenkins

    Ouuu…that segment on O'Reilly with Pastor Jeffress made my blood boil and I was yelling at O'Reilly during the airing at my tv…well, I guess there are just things too hard for God, huh, Mr. O'Reilly? Even tho' you claim you believe in something called a "higher power" whatever that is and that "power" is no God at all. Grrrr….*sarcasm off*

  42. Janice MacKenzie

    Consider the inconsistencies in the Gospels. Like reporters who have only an incomplete story – take Jesus at the Temple – and filled in the missing details because they had a deadline:

    Matthew has most of this in 21:28-22:46 but with important differences. He adds the parables of The Two Sons and the Marriage of the King's Son into Jesus' discussion with the priests but does not have Jesus telling the teacher he is not far from God, leaving the man in Matthew looking more hostile to Jesus than Mark does. He has Jesus with a much more elaborate discourse condemning his opponents in 23 but no widow's offering and Jesus discusses David with the Pharisees, not the crowd.
    Luke keeps the same sequence as Mark in 20:9-21:4 but also has slight differences. Jesus tells the parable of the husbandmen to all the people, not just the priests. Unnamed spies from the priests challenge Jesus about the taxes and there is a longer discourse on marriage. Luke does not have Jesus telling the teacher the greatest commandment. John skips from Jesus' teaching after his arrival in Jerusalem in John 12 to the Last Supper in chapter 13.

    Would there be fewer inconsistencies if God was the Editor-in-Chief?

  43. Janice MacKenzie

    Sorry, this seems to have posted twice. Not intended.

  44. Carol Medeiros

    The Bible is the word of God as far as it has been translated correctly. A few mistranslations have occurred – some on purpose, some accidental…. For example, when it says that God hardened the heart of Pharaoh, that is mistranslated, if God hardened the heart of Pharaoh, then Pharaoh is guiltless…. Pharaoh hardened his heart against God….

  45. Joel Keith Germany

    There is a major historical record of Jesus. It is the Bible. There are also many extra-biblical references to Him. There are also thousands of early copies of the Bible. Not sure but I think there are more than any other document that old. The Textus Receptus was used for the King James translation. The Byzantine Text, Alexandrian Text and other lines are so similar to the TR that it is obvious that few errors were made in them. Most of the differences are spelling and grammar errors. No errors that could lead to doctrinal differences. There is more historical evidence for Jesus than most other historical figures. I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and must be accepted by faith, but faith is not necessarily blind. Find some good appologetics sites and don't just go by the old, "I believe," "I don't believe" arguments.

  46. Angelene Frederick

    Steve Gilmore You are a mess! Do you believe in Santa, you don't look that great yourself.

  47. Angelene Frederick

    Michael Malone Whether or not it is the original; there is much to be taken from the Bible for daily living. When one truly wants to know the truth, they go to the source, Jesus Christ who will lead and guide you in the right direction, if you believe. I would rather belive and receive eternal life with Christ than to not beleive and get to that day, only to find out that I should have beleived. What would I lose for believing? Nothing. What would I lose for NOT believing, my eternal peace in Christ. And that is enough for me to believe in Christ and stay focused in the Word and dedicate to prayer for guidance. IJS

  48. Angelene Frederick

    Peggy Daniel Vossler They will cry, scream, beg for forgiveness and burn.

  49. Deborah Hoff

    That pic's a littel off. Eve had a tatoo? And they both had bellie buttons? LOL!

  50. Julie Jenkins

    No, but a serpent can and so can a donkey if God allows it…it is obvious you don't know what's in the Bible either, honey and it shows.

  51. Julie Jenkins

    "I hope his book receives the lukewarm response it deserves, based on his lukewarm faith." Amen, sister! The upcoming book deserves to tank and badly.

  52. Pat Pavis Hicks

    Mr. Gilmore you are absolutly correct. I have been around the block more times than I care to remember. No sir, I donot believe in Santa Claus, nor have i ever. I do believe that when I gave birth to my children, I had the comfort of my faith. When I lost my lifes companion, I also had the comfort of my faith,. What ever befalls me, I do have the comfort of my faith.l My faith lies in the belief that Jesus Christ, son of God loves me, and when He says He believes, then my faith is my belief.l It is sad to know that there are those who do not share belief, for there is nothing for them to believe. I will pray for you.

  53. Donald R Hansen

    it's true if you believe that Adam & Eve are Aliens that got stranded here and made the best of it while waiting for a rescue ship.

  54. Julie Jenkins

    Apparently the original models were unavailable for the shot. You have to imagine it.

  55. Deborah Hoff

    The original models eh? So, the serpent was actually owner to a small modeling agency. Hmmm, I did never imagine that. And he must also have owned hair dye manufacturing.

  56. Penny Wells

    I totally agree with you and have said pretty much the same thing for many years. I told my children when they were struggling with these issues. If you follow the ten commandments faithfully you will be a good and honest person. Give more than you take and accept before you condemn for you are not perfect either. So far they have both made me so proud as a mother and a person who knows them….

  57. Penny Wells

    It makes me wonder what would happen if Jesus walked the streets today…I makes my blood chill to think of the reception he would get from the so called Christians that spend most of their time judging people and using God to legislate laws against people who do not believe the way they do…

  58. Patty Snyder

    M. Malone, yes there are historical writings about Jesus outside the Bible. A Jewis historian by the name of Josephius (not sure I spelled that correctly) lived about the same time as Jesus and he wrote about him in his histories of the time period. Josephius thought historians should present the true facts of history without interjecting their own opinions. I have read some of his works but it is pretty dry because he is trying to just give the true facts. (Mark)

  59. Steve Harvey

    There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.(Proverbs 14:12)

    All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits.(Proverbs 16:2)

    He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered. (Proverbs 28:26)

    I believe these verses had people like you in mind. 1 Tim 3:16 says: All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in

  60. Sammie Echols

    oh baloney, when you're dead you're dead, there are no pearly gates, no st peter, no floating around on clouds or burning in hell.
    The bible was written by man to control the masses with fire and brimstone, the 10 commandments were written by man as the first laws, now we have millions of laws.
    If god created everything, who created god?
    When you can answer me why your god allows babies to be born with diseases, or children to be shot by madmen, I might listen to you, but I'm still not going for the mythology that is religion.
    Oh, and before one of you believers decides I'm angry with god, you should know that one can't be angry at something they don't believe exists.
    There's a reason you are called his "flock", you are sheep blindly following the shephard.

  61. Sammie Echols

    yeah, that's why it's the # 1 cable news channel for over a decade, because it's bullshit!

  62. Danita Leidigh Johnson

    Straight from Mormonism . . . again as others have stated- you (or church ldrs) can't decide which parts have been "translated correctly". God is either the author of all or of none. Why would He allow His Word to be translated incorrectly? Why have The Word at all then?

  63. Philip Coon

    Big Mistake believing That Lie. study the Dead sea scrolls, these are some of the Oldest copies from originals, proving the Old testament we Cherish Today is Dead on.GOD said Heaven and Earth shall pass away but My Word will never Pass away, If he is Powerfull enough to Create Everything surly he can Protect his Word>

  64. Philip Coon

    No Offense Steve but do you Really believe Everything came from Nothing, and one day Something that was nonliving material became Living? Now Just who is asking who about Santa?

  65. Philip Coon

    NOT!!!!!!!!!Jeremiah 17:9
    King James Version (KJV)

    9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

  66. Philip Coon

    PLEASE!!!!Dont fall for Satans LIES.. look at the Chart, look how lives were shortened after the Flood, is that because they were learning to count correctly? NOT.file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/OLK7FA/omniology%20com.htm

  67. Philip Coon


  68. John Salvi

    Bible stories coincide with surrounding societies records like mesopatanian historical writings. But you still will probably not see.

  69. Rick Jelley

    Hey Michael, Check out the writings of the Jewish-Roman historian Flavius-Josephus of the 1st century. He mentions both Jesus and John the Baptist as historical characters.

  70. Beverly Gouker Stoker

    You must be a republican and believe all the bullshit that comes from bullshit mountain. LMAO They make up their own "news" to fit the story they want their republican viewers to believe. Their ratings are falling and that is because some people actually want to know the truth. Here is a clip on a Fox news review : " ONLY among "news" (and I use that term advisedly, they are actually merely propaganda!) and only among "base" programming…ALL open channel TV newscasts outrank, outshare, and outscore them on all counts, and so do other "premium" and base channels. Also, when one removes the collection of liars even FOX calls "commentary", their real new rate, share, and ratings is considerably lower than CNN. Their overall rankings as a channel are, overall, higher than CNN, but their "news", such as it is, isn't even close to the heaviest viewed. The seriously useful time breakdowns–and bear in mind, it is ADVERTISERS who mainly use this information–in the overall systems do not show ANY Fox News cable show in the top twenty in ANY time slot. So their careful editing of terminology is another misleading aspect and example of their reputation for being "unfair and unbalanced"

  71. Al DeLeon

    Two nudniks arguing over how far to take some fairy tales. CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT. Btw, nice tat, Eve.

  72. Al DeLeon

    Two nudniks arguing over how far to take some fairy tales. CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT. Btw, nice tat, Eve.

  73. Al DeLeon

    Two nudniks arguing over how far to take some fairy tales. CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT. Btw, nice tat, Eve.

  74. Al DeLeon

    Yes, Sammie Echols, because popularity = credibilty, amirite? Here's some homework… Google yourself up some info on informal logical fallacies, especially "Appeal to Majority"– or," argumentum ad populum," if ya want to get fancypants librul elitist about it.

  75. Al DeLeon

    Julie Jenkins, it's so obvious you don't anything about how rationality, logic, biology or the basic physical laws of the universe actually work and it shows, hunnybuny kitten cupcake babychild dear.

  76. Al DeLeon

    Actually, the Catholic Church considers stories like this to be largely symbolic. They also accept evolution as fact. Y U NO RESPECK THEIR BELIEFS

  77. Al DeLeon

    Philip, you superstitious numbskull, we can't access folders and files on your HDD from here. Christ. ComputArs, how do they work??!

  78. Al DeLeon

    Or worse, forming one, single, gestalt despicable man-blob.

  79. Jen Coe

    So, if someone lives in a village in Africa, and is a good person, does good deeds all their life, but has never read the Bible, do they burn in hells fiery furnace? Does that seem like a loving God to you?

  80. Kim Schoen Wall

    To all of the people who believe he bible has changed and evolved through the years, how do ou explain the Dead Sea Scrolls? These scrolls were written hundreds of years BC and yet comparing the scrolls to today's Hebrew Bible, they are 95% accurate and the 5% differences are not fundamental differences or things that change the message in any way.

  81. Denis Rionnet

    Exactly, humans did not come from Nothing: they were actually created by Elohims. Everyone should know that. I feel so comfortable knowing that Elohims love me and care about me from above. My neighbour argues that Elohims do not exist. Well, how does he know about that? He doesn't even bring any proof that Elohims do not exist! He says that humans were rather created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I'm right, and he's wrong, and I feel sorry for him being so wrong, and I feel so happy that my belief is the only genuine belief. I wish he & you could share my belief and be as happy as me. You would see how the only true faith makes people happy. And I wouldn't want to be in your shoes the day when Elohims come down to earth and judge humans.
    Now, let us come back here in 2,000 years, and let's see if we have made any progress in this discussion, OK?

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