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NRA Hires Internet Sensation Colion Noir As Newest Contributor [Video]

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The NRA just unveiled its new gun rights contributor – YouTube sensation Colion Noir. The new National Rifle Association does not fit the rural middle-class white guy stereotype often associated with gun owners. Noir considers himself an urban gun enthusiast and is most often adorned in a cool t-shirt and not a camo jacket.

Colion Noir has a “cult following” on his YouTube and Facebook pages, according to The Blaze. The new NRA News contributor’s 174 YouTube videos focus on dissecting the argument for gun control. Noir also shows off his shooting skills and reviews gun equipment in his extremely popular videos.

One of the NRA contributor’s latest videos takes on a Colorado lawmaker who reportedly suggested folks defend themselves with a pen and not a gun. Colion Noir’s videos infuse witty retorts along with information regarding the gun control debate. He recently took on Vice President Joe Biden’s notions about shot guns.

Some of Noir’s other popular gun rights YouTube videos include, “What’s an Assault Rifle for Dummies,” “Why are Black Leaders Anti-Gun,” and “How to Stop Mass Shootings.” Noir with be voicing his views on NRA News on Friday mornings.

Colion Noir recently had this to say about gun control:

“Just a normal guys perspective of concealed carry, guns, Second Amendment and the Law.”

Noir is being touted by some as the first “diverse” contributor hired by NRA News. The enigmatic young man does not appear to hold back or stay between the narrow lines of political correctness when sharing his views about gun control.

In one recent video he pondered what type of “backward society” we live in when mass shooting sociopaths are so well-known and law-abiding citizens who support the Second Amendment are “vilified.”

Are you a fan of the NRA’s newest contributor Colion Noir?

[Image Via: Colion Noir’s Facebook page]

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13 Responses to “NRA Hires Internet Sensation Colion Noir As Newest Contributor [Video]”

  1. Ben Re

    This is the first intelligent thing the NRA has done in about 10 years.

  2. Jeremey Kroh

    Immeasurably more competent to speak about guns and gun rights than any fool on the opposite side of this debate.

  3. Tim W Blue

    Good move NRA! A fresh new look at the issue at hand.

  4. Oliver Wendell Douglas

    i would say warning us about obama and holders plans was a pretty intelligent thing. they also warned us about sotomayor and kagan, bot have shown they have NO intention of respecting the 2A. the NRA has done a lot of good lately, that is why the other side hates them so much.

  5. Evie Ryan

    He's cool but I don't trust anyone who won't give out their real name. Is the NRA using this Youtube sensation Colion Noir to sell magazines? He has a good "Shitck" and he is city cool urban. I was uneasy about Obama and I am having the same feelings here. What we are seeing may be illusion. Be brave; man-up and give your real name!

  6. Charlie Lavalleur

    Comparing him to Obama? Really cousin? C''mon, so are all actors who don't use their real names bad?

  7. Sean Anderson

    Why so some sociopath can kill him. It is not the name but the message. My name is Sean Anderson if this makes you feel better.

  8. Julie Sells

    Evie, the problem is that it's not just *his* name. It's his parents and siblings as well. There are crazies out there. Not too difficult to find his name if you really want it. Colion Noir is a pen name; a practice in wide use. I certainly wouldn't put up my real name on the Internet unless I lived in the boonies or a gated community. Doubtful Colion is in either.

  9. Barb Kolkebeck

    That's exactly why. Apparently some anti-gun idiots have been harassing him and his mom.

    It is a cool pen name.

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