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Tara Dodrill is a political, environmental and entertainment writer focusing on national, Ohio and Florida news. Dodrill's credits include USA Today, Yahoo News, Gadling, Gotham Reel and Visit South magazine. Dodrill has also served as a newspaper editor and regional bureau chief for Ohio newspapers. Dodrill is also an upcycling artist who gives new life to vintage jewelry and furniture pieces. Email: Tara@Inquisitr.com

ISIS: Teen Girls That Ran Away To Join The Islamic State Now Pregnant

Islamic State

Teen girls that fled Austria to join ISIS are now reportedly pregnant. Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Seimovic, 15, posted to their social media accounts that they had left Europe and are now living in Syria. Kesinovic was thought to have been killed in during Islamic State combat until reports emerged earlier this week that… Read more »

EMP Attack Threats Discussed By Senate During Power Grid Cyber Attack Hearing

power grid

Electromagnetic pulse attack threats were among the possible terrorism scenarios discussed with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during a Senate hearing on Wednesday. While the primary terrorist attack concerns revolved around both physical and cyber attacks by “radical Islamists” like ISIS, EMP threats were also a topic of conversation during the meeting. Wisconsin Senator Ron… Read more »

ISIS In West Virginia, Intelligence Centers Monitoring Movements


ISIS terrorists may be in West Virginia. Investigators at the Fusion Intelligence Center in Charleston are reportedly researching classified information related to the whereabouts of Islamic State militants on a daily basis. During an interview with Mountain State news outlet WCHSTV, the intelligence center staffers refused to get into specifics regarding how many ISIS militants… Read more »

Ferguson Kids Make ‘Hey White People’ Video To Discuss Racism In 2014

ferguson racism

Kids from Ferguson have made a “Hey White People” video in conjunction with a “for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart” to address the issue of racism in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting by police officer Darren Wilson. Although claims of a racially motivated shooting abounded during the Ferguson riots, as of yet,… Read more »

Facebook Bans Gun Rights Activist Over Holocaust Post

facebook bans guns post

Facebook banned a gun rights activist due to a post entitled, “Connecticut’s Gun Ban Is Worse Than Hitler’s Gun Ban.” A recent video of a kitten in a burning bucket was deemed to be in line with the social network’s “community standards,” but the pro-Second Amendment article was not. Gerry Emery received an alert that… Read more »

Junior Jihadis: ISIS Tweets Of Children In Islamic State Garb Shock Viewers

ISIS threat

Photos of “junior jihadis” adorned with ISIS flags and weapons have been popping up on Twitter, and shocking nearly all who have viewed them. The disturbing photos are also often accompanied by equally upsetting messaged written in English. The junior jihadis photos were reportedly taken by the parents of the children and Islamic State fighters… Read more »

NORAD Scrambles Fighter Jets To Investigate Unresponsive Aircraft

unresponsive aircraft

N900KN Socata UPDATE 2:38p.m.: The unresponsive plane reportedly crashed of Jamaica. Still no information about the pilot or possible passengers onboard. Ghost Plane UPDATE 2:11 p.m.: The unresponsive airplane NORAD jets were scrambled to monitor is about to leave Cuban airspace. The F-15 fighters are expected to resume following the Socate TBM-700 once is overshot… Read more »

Maine Mom Fights State To Keep Sick Baby Alive

aleah peaslee DNR

A Maine mom is fighting the state to get a DNR order pertaining to her brain damaged baby girl, Aleah Peaslee, lifted. Virginia Trask, the teen mom, lost custody of the baby to the state, which sought the do not resuscitate order. Aleah Peaslee, 1-year-old, slipped into in a coma last December. The Maine mom’s… Read more »

ISIS Power Grid Threat Voiced By Electrical System Experts

Islamic State

ISIS is threatening to destroy the power grid, which would likely cause a tens of millions of deaths. The power grid failure itself would not kill Americans, but what will likely happen in the days that follow. Politicians in Washington, D.C. have long been warned about the vulnerabilities of the country’s most fragile piece of… Read more »

VA: Oscar The Grouch Used To Depict Veterans In Training Manual

veterans oscar the grouch

A new VA internal training guide used Oscar the Grouch to reference veterans. The use of the Sesame Street character, who is rarely pleasant, has angered many vets and Veterans Affairs staffers who have also served in the military. Oscar the Grouch was reportedly used to reference veterans that were likely to attend town hall… Read more »

Douglas Mcauthur McCain: Who Was The American ISIS Fighter?

American ISIS

American ISIS fighter Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, was killed supporting the Islamic State in a battle in Syria over the weekend. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the ISIS member is from a Minneapolis suburb. Douglas McCain’s close friend since high school, Troy Kastigar, a fellow Muslim convert, was killed fighting with an al-Shabab in… Read more »

Concealed Carry: Crime Rate In Chicago Drops Once Permits Are Issued

second amendment

Concealed carry permits increase self-defense abilities and prompt crime rate drops, according to Second Amendment advocates. The violent crime rate in Chicago has dropped since such permits became legal to issue late last year. City officials credit “better police” work with the drop in violent crime and theft in the city. One significant important crime-deterring… Read more »

ISIS Demands $6.6 Million Ransom For American Woman

Islamic militants demand ransom

ISIS is demanding $6.6 million in ransom to stop the threatened execution of a 26-year-old American woman. The family of the hostage has asked the media to withhold her name, but note that the woman was involved with humanitarian relief in Syria when she went missing in 2013. The demand from Islamic State militants comes… Read more »

Feds Spend $1 Million To Track ‘Misinformation’ And Hate Speech On Twitter

twitter monitoring

The federal government spent $1 million to create a database to track hate speech and “misinformation” on Twitter. The National Science Foundation is behind the creation of the online government monitoring project. The database will reportedly include searches for “suspicious memes,” “false and misleading ideas” and will place particular focus on online political activity. The… Read more »

D.C. Area Schools Brace For 6,000 New Illegal Immigrant Students

unaccompanied minors

Washington D.C. area schools are rushing to make educational arrangements and classroom placements for approximately 6,000 illegal immigrant students. Since the beginning of 2014, about 40,000 illegal immigrant children have crossed the Texas Border. Many of those children now reportedly live with their parents or other relatives who are allegedly illegal immigrants themselves. Schools in… Read more »

Michigan Teacher Compares Ferguson Riots To Boston Tea Party

michael brown

Michigan teacher Mike Kaechele compared the Ferguson riots and looting to the Boston Tea Party,which spurred American colonists forward, determined to declare independence from England. The Grand Rapids, Michigan teacher is not the first to make national headlines due to classroom activities based upon the Michael Brown shooting. An unidentified Alabama teacher instructed middle school… Read more »

Michael Brown Funeral Draws Thousands, Including Celebrities [Video]


Michael Brown’s funeral took place Monday morning at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis. The temple seats approximately 2,500 people. The eulogy at the funeral was delivered by Reverend Al Sharpton, who is also an MSNBC television personality. Sharpton has been accused of “race-baiting” by some who have watched his speeches about… Read more »

ISIS Hijacks California Earthquake Hashtags To Post Threats On Twitter


ISIS supporters hijacked California earthquake hashtags on Twitter to presumably garner a larger audience for threatening posts. Popular earthquakes hashtags such as #napaearthquake and #sfearthquake were filled with graphic images and terrorism threats against America. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, northern California experienced a 6.1 magnitude earthquake on Sunday. Many of the California earthquake… Read more »

Darren Wilson X-Rays: CNN Claims Ferguson Cop Not Beaten Badly By Michael Brown


Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson did not sustain an orbital fracture or damage eye socket before the Michael Brown shooting, according to CNN. News producer Julian Cummings posted multiple tweets on Twitter claiming that all statements about Mike Brown severely injuring the Ferguson officer were entirely false. The CNN producer said this in his August… Read more »

Texas Go Topless Day Is A Bare Breasts VS Second Amendment Fight

second amendment

Go Topless on August 24 has prompted many protests and events nationwide, but the Austin, Texas go topless march is less about gender discrimination and more about guns and the Second Amendment. Women in several Texas towns are planning on letting it all hang out in an effort to prove that breasts are less dangerous… Read more »

U.S. Marine Nick Powers Sends Message To ISIS

ISIS in America

U.S. Marine Nick Powers sent what many have deemed a subtle yet powerful message to ISIS. The upset veteran authored the online letter after the beheading of American photo journalist James Foley. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Texas Governor Rick Perry has been warning that the lack of border security has created an easy… Read more »

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Has Embarrassing On-Air Exchange

ben ferguson

CNN anchor Don Lemon experienced what many have deemed very embarrassing moment on-air earlier this week. While discussing the Ferguson riots, the Michael Brown shooting, and police militarization, Lemon said that he once bought an automatic weapon in just 20 minutes. As many gun owners and Second Amendment activists already know, the sale of automatic… Read more »

Fatal Police Shooting In Florida Prompts Few Headlines And No Riots

police millitarization

A fatal police shooting in Florida has gone largely unnoticed by the national media. Tampa resident Jason Westcott was shot inside his home after a presumably “no-knock” warrant was issued for alleged marijuana dealing. A Florida SWAT team fatally shot Jason Westcott during the raid that garnered about $2 worth of pot. Prior to the… Read more »

AR-15s Now Allowed At California School … Sort Of

gun free zone

AR-15 semi-automatic rifles will now be “at the disposal” of Compton, California campus police officers. The keyword being “disposal.” The trained campus police officers at the K-12 Compton Unified School District will only have access to the semi-automatic rifles in case of emergency and must keep the AR-15s in their trunks until a situation warrants… Read more »

Michael Brown Shooting Reenactment In Class Gets Teacher Suspended

michael brown shooting reenactment

A sixth grade teacher was suspended for having students reenact the Michael Brown shooting in the classroom. The Brantley Elementary School teacher in Alabama allegedly had the white students “play the police officer” Darren Wilson in the Ferguson shooting, and the black children play Brown, according to student accounts shared by parents. The teacher who… Read more »

Ferguson: Darren Wilson ‘Badly Beaten’ By Mike Brown, Police Source Says


Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was “badly beaten” by Michael Brown, an unnamed “department top brass” source told the media. According to a new bombshell report, Wilson was beaten so badly he was nearly unconscious and suffered an orbital fracture which impaired his vision. The Ferguson police source also maintains that rock “solid proof” of… Read more »

Illegal Immigration: New Poll Shows Hispanics And Democrats Oppose Obama Plan

illegal immigrants

Illegal immigration is not just a border state problem anymore. Approximately 60,000 illegal aliens have crossed the Texas border and been transported to all 50 states so far this year. About one-third of those who crossed from Mexico into the United States were unaccompanied children. President Barack Obama’s plan to deal with the immigration crisis… Read more »

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Sneak Peek: Record High Score Achieved This Week

NatGeo Doomsday Preppers

Doomsday Preppers upcoming episode features a self-reliant couple who earns the highest score ever on the NatGeo series, a tactical inventor, and a teenager who has just begun his journey into preparedness. Last season there was a slightly higher score, but the scoring system used was geared specifically to building projects – a concept included… Read more »

Rick Perry Booked On Abuse Of Power Charges

texas governor

Rick Perry was booked on abuse of power charges late Tuesday in an Austin courthouse. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Republican Texas Governor was indicted last week on felony charges which alleged he was attempting to force Democratic district attorney from office by issuing a funding veto. District attorney Rosemary Lehmberg had been… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants: Mexico Upset National Guard Sent To Texas Border

mile after mile of border fence

Mexico is upset that Governor Rick Perry sent the National Guard to the border to stop illegal immigrants from crossing into Texas. A statement from Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said in no uncertain terms that the country “rejects” tactics being used to secure the border. Texas Governor Rick Perry has been very vocal in his opposition… Read more »