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Tara Dodrill is a political, environmental and entertainment writer focusing on national, Ohio and Florida news. Dodrill's credits include USA Today, Yahoo News, Gadling, Gotham Reel and Visit South magazine. Dodrill has also served as a newspaper editor and regional bureau chief for Ohio newspapers. Dodrill is also an upcycling artist who gives new life to vintage jewelry and furniture pieces. Email: Tara@Inquisitr.com

Longshore Union Members Accused Of Threatening To Rape Manager’s Daughter

longshore union

Longshore union members are accused of threatening to rape a manager’s daughter and harming the children of other executives. The Port of Vancouver, Washington, labor dispute has been going on for more than a year. The situation between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the United Grain Corporation has reportedly taken a menacing… Read more »

Ebola Kits Sent To National Guard Units In All 50 States


Ebola bio kits have been deployed to National Guard units in all 50 states, according to a Committee on Armed Services report. According to the government document was created in April to address mounting concerns that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus could spread outside of Africa. The portable Ebola kits are reportedly designed for “low… Read more »

Soldier’s Home Demolished While On Active Duty In Iraq

jesus jimenez

A soldier’s home was demolished over alleged code violations while he was on active duty in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Jesus Jimenez has been embroiled in two major fights over the past seven years, the war on terror in the Middle East and one back home with Miami-Dade County in Florida. Jesus Jimenez, 37, was in… Read more »

Southern Accent Reduction Class Ordered At Government Facility

accent neutralization

Southern accents are apparently not highly regarded at the U.S. Energy Department’s largest research facility, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The government workers were ordered to lose their southern accents and the agency hired a speech pathologist at taxpayer expense to initiate the “accent neutralization” process. Accent neutralization classes are reportedly commonplace for workers hired… Read more »

EMP Attack By North Korea Possible, Former CIA Director Says

north korea

EMP attack threats from North Korea should be taken very seriously, according to former CIA Director James Woolsey. The long-time foe of the United States will reportedly soon be capable of launching an electromagnetic pulse attack against America, if the former intelligence expert is correct. Pry is calling for the Obama administration and Congress to… Read more »

Pentagon ‘Lost Track’ Of $626 Million Of Weapons In Afghanistan

pentagon missing weapons

The Pentagon has lost track of $626 million of weapons that the agency provided to Afghan security forces. The misplaced firearms amount to more than 43 percent of those the taxpayers funded and the governmental agency handed out in Afghanistan. A Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) repot says that the Defense Department information… Read more »

Obama Amnesty Executive Order Allegedly Imminent

obama amnesty

Illegal immigrants may soon be granted amnesty in the form of work permits by the stroke of President Barack Obama’s pen. A Democratic Senate aide said the president is planning to allow millions of illegal aliens to remain in the United States courtesy of an executive order, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. President Obama is expected to… Read more »

Family Of Five Found Shot To Death In Maine

murder suicide maine

A family of five was found shot to death in their Maine apartment on Sunday. Local law enforcement officers have stated that the husband and wife were in their 30s and the children were ages 4 to 12 years old — two boys and one toddler girl. Maine Police Sergeant Chris Harriman said the identities… Read more »

Summer Camp For Grown Ups: Survival Expert Rick Austin Hosts Prepper Camp

prepper expos

Best selling author and off the grid living expert Rick Austin and a dedicated group of preppers have been busy “herding cats” for several months in order to pull off perhaps the most hands-on self-reliance event ever hosted in the United States. Prepper Camp™ will be held the picturesque North Carolina hills and could easily… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants: 90 Percent Of Unaccompanied Children Are Actually Teens [Study]

secure the border

Illegal immigrants walking across the Texas border which have been deemed “unaccompanied children” by government officials and the media are not necessarily unsuspecting and vulnerable youngsters, according to a new Pew poll. The report by the research center found that approximately 90 percent of the illegal immigrant children are teenagers. Pew utilized government statistics and… Read more »

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Season Premiere Sneak Peek

doomsday preppers season premiere

Doomsday Preppers Season 4 returns on Thursday night. The new season of the hit NatGeo preparedness series will feature a “Back to Basics” theme. National Geographic has urged the nation to tune in to watch “everyday Americans as they bug out, bunker down, and prepare for the worst.” Season 4 Doomsday Preppers will also dig… Read more »

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Star Jay Blevins Hosts Prepper Convention [Interview]

doomsday preppers

Doomsday Preppers star Jay Blevins was inspired to educate others after his appearance on the National Geographic hit show. Blevins is once again playing host a prepper expo rooted in self-reliance training and informational presentations. Blevins is a former DC area Deputy Sheriff and SWAT officer, current author, business consultant, speaker, prepper, father, husband, and… Read more »

Obama Administration Says U.S. Needs More Immigrants To Create A Younger Workforce

obama immigrants

The Obama administration said the president’s policies are not to blame for the ever increasing number of non-working individuals in America. President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers feel the trend was “inevitable” and caused by an aging United States population. To combat the issue, the president’s advisers suggest allowing more immigrants into the country in… Read more »

Pneumonic Plague: Three More Diagnosed With Deadly Disease

colorado plague

Three more Colorado residents have been diagnosed with pneumonic plague. Those who have contracted the rare and deadly disease are believed to have become ill after having contact with an infected dog. As previously reported by The Inquistir, the dog’s owner was hospitalized after presenting with a life-threatening form of the plague. The Colorado Department… Read more »

Pro-Life Nurse Files Lawsuit Over Job Denial


A Florida pro-life nurse maintains a health center refused to hire her because she is pro-life. Sara Hellwege has filed a lawsuit over the employer’s decision to end the interview process after reportedly discovering Helwege’s religious views about certain types of birth control and membership in a pro-life organization. Sara Hellwege was seeking a position… Read more »

Ohio Vet With PTSD Ordered To Remove His Therapy Ducks

darin welkers pet ducks

Ohio veteran Darin Welker was ordered to remove his therapy ducks from his West Lafayette home. The Army veteran was wounded in Iraq and suffers from PTSD. Welker says his 14 pet ducks are therapeutic. The Ohio Right To Farm Act could help protect the Ohio vet’s small livestock if he chose to engage in… Read more »

‘Machine Guns’ Fired At Border Patrol Agents Along The Texas Border

secure the border

Border Patrol agents were fired upon by high-powered weapons being deemed “machine guns.” The.50 caliber rounds were fired from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. The American law enforcement officers attempting to secure the border were forced to immediately seek cover when the firing began on Friday evening. Although the exact type of weaponry… Read more »

Rick Perry Ordering National Guard To The Texas Border

rick perry

Rick Perry is ordering the National Guard to the Texas border. Governor Perry appears to have grown tired of waiting for the federal government to secure the border and is opting to take the actions he deems necessary to protect his state and its citizens. Governor Perry is expected to give details regarding his plans… Read more »

Homeless Man’s Original Song Amazes Crowd, Video Goes Viral

doug seegers

A homeless man’s original song stuns the crowd, as well as those who have watched the viral video of the chance encounter. Doug Seegers has reportedly had a rough journey through life, one that ultimately ended in homelessness. The homeless man’s song has been widely praised as the next great blues title and has given… Read more »

Power Grid: American System Fails More Than Any Other In The World


The power grid in the United States has more blackouts than any other country in the developed world. Americans face more power grid failures lasting at least an hour than residents of other nations, according to statistics provided by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation — NERC. Recent power… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants: Multiple Bills Introduced To Combat Massive Border Crossings

secure the border

Illegal immigrant children from noncontiguous countries cannot be turned around at the border or immediately deported. Approximately 60,000 iillegal aliens have crossed the Texas border so far this year — about one-third of them children. Congress has begun drafting bills to address the issue which some consider a humanitarian crisis, others an invasion, and some… Read more »

Texas Tea Party Protests Against Illegal Immigrants

central texas tea party

Central Texas Tea Party members organized a protest to urge local lawmakers to pass a resolution banning the transportation of illegal immigrants to the town of Temple and Bell County. The illegal immigration protest was just one of many similar events going on around the country as the federal government buses and flies illegal aliens… Read more »

Florida Dad Beats Teen He Found Raping His Son

child molestation

A Florida dad beat the man he found raping his son. Accused child rapist Raymond Frolander was found inside a Daytona Beach home with multiple knots on his head and bleeding from his mouth when police arrived. The unidentified 35-year-old Florida dad reportedly walked in on Raymond Frolander sexually battering his 11-year-old son around 1… Read more »

Chemical Insecticides Blamed For Massive Bird And Bee Deaths


For the first time, scientific researchers have tied the most popular and commonly used insecticides to the reduction in farmland birds. The report findings represent an increase in the already realized dangers of chemical agricultural products, such as those made my Monsanto, Bayer, Sygenta, Dow, and Dupont. The report also warns that the pollution created… Read more »

Israel Ground Invasion Of Gaza Strip Just Began [Breaking]

netanyahu announces invasion

Israel’s ground invasion of the Gaza Strip just began, according to breaking news reports. A five-hour cease fire has ended and any hopes of peace talks now appear dashed. Prime Minister Netanyahu has confirmed that a ground invasion was ordered. Power has allegedly been cut in the region. Live video of the invasion is being… Read more »

Gun Rights Restored In Washington, D.C.

second amendment

Gun rights were restored to Washington, D.C. residents after an amendment passed by the House of Representative this week. The legislation would prohibit the District of Columbia from spending money to enforce local gun laws, effectively nullifying statutes. The bill also applied to fingerprint requirements and registration processing for gun owners. Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas… Read more »

Marijuana Banking: Legal Pot Shops Free To Conduct Business After House Vote

legalize marijuana

A House of Representatives vote made it far easier for marijuana banking from legal pot shops and medical marijuana providers to conduct business. The 236 to 186 vote blocked plans by Louisiana Republican Representative John Fleming to stop the Treasury Department from offering banks guidance on dealing with marijuana businesses. In February, the Treasury Department… Read more »

Murrieta Protesters Deemed Terrorists By Amnesty Group Calling On DOJ To Prosecute

somos independents

The Department of Justice and the FBI have been asked to investigate and prosecute the Murrieta residents protesting illegal immigrants, as terrorists. The Tequila Party, a pro-amnesty group, reportedly formed in opposition to the Tea Party. The group is reportedly leading the effort against residents of the California town that blocked busloads of illegal immigrants… Read more »

Illegal Immigrant Recently Released By Border Patrol Charged With Murder

obama amnesty

An illegal immigrant recently released from a U.S. Border Patrol holding facility was reportedly charged with murder. Pedro Alberto Monterroso-Navas allegedly murdered an American woman just a few weeks after being given a “notice to appear” for a deportation hearing and sent on his way. The illegal immigrant murder suspect was reportedly processed at the… Read more »

Hobby Lobby Reversal Bill Stopped By Senate Republicans

Protect Women's Health From Corporate Interference Act

Senate Republicans stopped a reversal on the Hobby Lobby contraception decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. Democrats attempted to approve legislation which would force companies to offer all forms of contraceptive coverage to their workers, regardless of the religious beliefs by the owners. Democrats in the Senate wanted to push the Protect Women’s Health From… Read more »

Foster Immigrant Children Ad Offers $6,000 Per Month To Guardians

illegal immigrant children

An ad for foster parents for illegal immigrant children in California promises $6,054 per month for those who sign up and successfully complete the 45-day approval process. The migrant children ad appeared in a Penny Saver in Murrieta. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, hundreds of protesters stopped busloads of illegal aliens from being transported… Read more »

Did Google Intentionally Bury ‘America’ Movie In Search Results?

google America movie

Did Google intentionally bury America: Imagine a World Without Her in its search results? That is exactly what award-winning producer Dinesh D’Souza wants to know. The political movie focuses on Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Saul Alinsky and the impact the policies of progressives and views President Barack Obama have had on the United States. The… Read more »

Utah Woman Stuck In Quicksand For 14 Hours

arches national park

A Utah woman was stuck in quicksand for 14 hours. The 78-year-old woman was reported missing after she failed to show up for an event at the local library where she was expected. Fortunately, the woman had some water with her, and was able to be rescued before sustaining any serious injuries. Grand County Sheriff’s… Read more »

Obama Parade Float Under Investigation By The DOJ

obama parade float

An Obama parade float is under investigation by the Department of Justice. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Nebraska 4th of July parade float poked fun at President Barack Obama. Eric Holder sent members of the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service team to question the creators of the Norfolk Independence Day float. The Obama… Read more »

Transgender MTV Reality Star Loses Most Of Lawsuit Against Christian College

transgender student

A transgender student and MTV reality show star lost most the lawsuit filed against a Christian college. The student was expelled after revealing his true biological identity on MTV’s True Life: I’m Passing as Someone I’m Not series. Domaine Javier, 27, had filed a lawsuit against California Baptist University for an alleged violation of the… Read more »