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Tara Dodrill is a political, environmental and self-reliance writer and social media consultant. Dodrill's credits include USA Today, Yahoo News and Gadling. Dodrill is also the author of 'Power Grid Down: How To Prepare, Survive & Thrive After The Lights Go Out. Email: Tara@Inquisitr.com

Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Arrives At Federal Court

Boston Bombing Suspect Federal Court

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has arrived at federal court. The Thursday court appearance was the first such court hearing scheduled for the accused Boston bomber in 17 months. Boston federal courthouse security was reportedly enhanced significantly before arrival of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Jury selection in the Boston bombing trial is expected to being on January… Read more »

Charles Manson’s Son Claims Star Burton Is After Serial Killer’s Hidden Fortune

star burton

Charles Manson’s son, Matthew Roberts, called Afton ‘Star’ Burton a “pariah” concerned only with the serial killer’s hidden fortune. Roberts, 47, is a musician. His mother was reportedly raped by Mason. Matthew Roberts opted to develop a relationship with Charles Manson, 80, even after learning that the convicted murderer raped his mother. Roberts believes that… Read more »

Russell Brand Terrorism Claims Against The United States Sparks Backlash


Russell Brand accused the United States of “terrorism,” and related his beliefs to the Pakistan school shooting. The controversial comedian took to Twitter to rant about the political policies of America and the prison at Guantanamo Bay in particular. Brand interviewed a British citizen who was detained at the Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) for three years…. Read more »

Alan Gross Released From Cuba, ‘The Cuban Five’ Prisoner Swap Alleged

alan gross

Alan Gross is being released from Cuba after spending five years in a prison cell. The terms of the 65-year-old Maryland native’s release will be discussed at a noon press conference with President Barack Obama. Fox News’ host Bill Hemmer said that White House sources indicate three Cubans being held in America will be exchanged… Read more »

Man Haron Monis Identified As Sydney Siege Gunman: 5 More Hostages Escape

Man Haron Monis

Sydney Siege Hostage Update: Five more Sydney siege hostages have escaped from Man Haron Monis inside the Lindt Cafe. Australian police officer have helped the men and women away from the Sydney cafe and are currently debriefing the escapees. The Sydney siege hostage taker has reportedly been identified as Man Haron Monis, a self-described sheik… Read more »

Sydney Hostage Videos Posted Online [Videos From Sydney Siege Hostages]

sydney siege

Sydney hostage videos have reportedly been posted to social media websites. Australian law enforcement officials are currently working to validate the videos allegedly created by hostages inside the Lindt Café on Martin Place. An ISIS lone wolf attacker is reportedly in control of at least 15 hostages inside the Sydney café. The gunman wants to… Read more »

Vicki Gunvalson Nude Photo Shared On Instagram

vicki gunvalson

The Vicki Gunvalson nude photo shared on Instagram has left the Real Housewives of Orange County reality show star in a very apologetic mode. The RHOC original cast member accidentally shared the nude photo on a December 11 “Throwback Thursday” post. The Real Housewives of Orange County star said that she was attempting to post… Read more »

Oregon School Shooting: Shots Fired At Rosemary Anderson School

oregon school shooting

Rosemary Anderson High School reported shots fired at the Northern Oregon alternative. At least two people were shot at the Portland, Oregon, area school. Three patients have been transported to a local hospital due to the Oregon school shooting. The small alternative high school reportedly has a 90 percent graduation rate. Many of the students… Read more »

Lennon Lacy Death Might Be A Lynching Not Suicide, FBI Says

lyncihng north carolina

Lennon Lacy, 17, was found hanged with a dog leash and a belt on a swing set in North Carolina in August. His death was initially ruled a suicide, but an FBI probe into the matter indicate Lacy’s death may have been a lynching and a hate crime. The FBI launched an investigation into the… Read more »

Facebook Dislike Button May Be Coming Soon

mark zuckerberg

A Facebook dislike button may be coming soon. Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly considering adding a button to the popular social network so users can express “dislike” for a post. Zuckerberg did note that it is unlikely the feature will actually be a thumbs down icon with the word dislike beneath it. Mark Zuckerberg said, “We… Read more »

Illegal Immigrant Sues Border Patrol Over Dog Bites Sustained During Drug Arrest

Jose Manuel Marino-Najera

Illegal immigrant Jose Manuel Marino-Najera is suing the Border Patrol over dog bites he sustained after entering America illegally and carrying drugs into the country. Marino-Najera claims his human rights were violated after United States Border Patrol officers unleashed canine agents on him before he was arrested on a “cartel controlled” section of the Mexican… Read more »

ISIS Selling James Foley’s Body For $1 Million


ISIS is selling James Foley’s body for $1 million. Foley was an American freelance journalist beheaded by the Islamic State last summer. BuzzFeed’s Mike Giglio spoke with a former Syrian rebel who told him about the ISIS plans to sell the body of the American reporter. The former Syrian rebel told Giglio that ISIS asked… Read more »

Charlie Hunnam Talks ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Ending And The Fate Of Jax

sons of anarchy

Charlie Hunnam thanked Kurt Sutter for the freedom he gave the actor while playing Sons of Anarchy (SOA) lead character Jax Teller. Hunnam said that playing Jax in the final two episodes of SOA was an “emotional crescendo” for him. “The emotional crescendo that happens for Jax certainly in this season’s story, but really in… Read more »

Green Monday Deals Abound At Amazon And Walmart

green monday sales

Green Monday is the new kid on the Christmas shopping deals block. The massive online post-Black Friday deals have been described as “the poor man’s Cyber Monday.” Green Monday is now the third biggest online shopping day of the year. The second Monday in December is Green Monday. The phrase was coined by eBay in… Read more »

Berkeley Protests: Woman Goes Into Labor While Stuck In Traffic

i can't breathe

Berkeley protesters closed down I-80 with “I Can’t Breathe” demonstrations and caused a woman stuck in traffic to go into labor in her car. Attempting to reach the woman in labor amid scores of stopped cars and hundreds of Eric Garner protesters was first responder’s nightmare. Ultimately the Berkeley Fire Department was able to reach… Read more »

Obama Fears Sasha, Malia, And His Future Grandsons Will Be Racism Victims

president obama

President Obama is worried about Sasha and Malia, as well as his future grandsons, becoming victims of racism and “constant bias.” During an interview with BET, Barack Obama said he fears that his children and grandchildren will be made to feel that America “is not their home.” The president discussed the state of race relations… Read more »

L.A. Fire Deemed ‘Criminal Fire’ By Los Angeles Fire Department

LA fire

The L.A. fire that engulfed an apartment building tower that is larger than a city block is now being treated as a “criminal fire.” Los Angeles Fire Captain Jaime Moore said roaring blazes of “this magnitude” are always treated as criminal fires, but added that it is extremely rare for an entire building to become… Read more »

Furry Convention Gas Leak Deemed A Deliberate Attack

midwest furfest

The furry convention gas leak in Chicago has been deemed an intentional attack. Local police officers stated that the process by which the gas was released “suggests an intentional act.” Thousands of people attending the Midwest FurFest convention dressed in furry animal costumes were evacuated from the Hyatt hotel in the Rosemont area after the… Read more »