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Obama Banning Social Security Recipients From Owning Guns?

second amendment

Is President Obama attempting to ban Social Security recipients from owning guns? Millions of Americans who receive disability benefits each month may soon no longer be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights. If the recipient has a “representative payee,” meaning that they permit another person to handle their financial affairs, the Obama Administration wants… Read more »

Where Is Bernie Sanders On The Second Amendment?

Bernie Sanders is a mixed bag on gun politics.

Bernie Sanders is taking a position on the Second Amendment that aims to straddle both gun rights and gun control, with protections tailored to needs. Sanders says that guns in locales where hunting is a way of life, and in states where gang violence is a way of life, are two completely different cultures, and… Read more »

Mass Shootings And Racism In America: Something Needs To Change

Mass Shootings And Racism In America: Something Needs To Change

Last week’s shooting of nine black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina, has shocked the nation and inflamed the debate on race in America, gun control, and the Confederate Flag, but change is far from certain. The knee-jerk reaction about these topics from many Americans is to deny the need for change, but that doesn’t… Read more »

Lindsey Graham: America Has A Long Way To Go On Race Relations

Lindsey Graham: America has far to go.

Don’t count Lindsey Graham among the Republican Presidential hopefuls who think that mass shooting in Charleston was about something other than race. He spoke out this weekend to address the murders, and his statement differs sharply from what some of his colleagues are saying. Unlike Rick Santorum and Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham isn’t pretending the… Read more »

San Francisco Gun Control Law Upheld By U.S. Supreme Court

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A San Francisco gun control law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. The justices rejected a Second Amendment challenge by gun rights advocates. The activists were fighting a San Francisco gun regulation that mandates gun owners keep their firearms disabled or locked away while stored in their own homes. The San Francisco… Read more »

U.S. Capitol Cops’ Guns Left In Bathrooms, One Found By Child

U.S. Capitol Cops' Guns Left In Bathrooms, One Found By Child

In the U.S. Capitol, cops’ guns left in a bathroom stall and other locations were found by at least one child, and lawmakers are very upset how often this has been happening in 2015. In a related report by the Inquisitr, when teenage girls started brawling in a park, one man responded by whipping out… Read more »

Gun Control Group Opens Fake Gun Store In NYC [Video]

Fake Gun Store

As part of efforts to raise public awareness about the risks and dangers of owning guns, a gun control group called States United To Prevent Gun Violence (SUPGV), decided to open a fake gun store for two days in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Washington Post reports that the group set up a fake gun… Read more »

Pat Sajak Mocks Gun Control Arguments: ‘Ban Sleds Now!’

Gun control? Pat Sajak calls for sled control.

Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, can occasionally be outspoken on political issues, and gun control is one of those. It’s been a major public conversation since the Sandy Hook murders, after which President Obama promised to do what he could to improve gun control, with or without Congress. The latest controversy in gun… Read more »