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US Post Office Is Buying Bullets, Lots And Lots Of Bullets

post office bullets

The US Post Office is now counted among the federal agencies posting advertisement to purchase copious amounts of bullets. Some Second Amendment advocates are concerned about the large amounts of ammunition being purchased, according to a NewsMax report. The USPS posted a notice on its website requesting bids for various types of bullets. The notice… Read more »

Second Amendment: Arizona Approves Four Pro-Gun Laws

second amendment

Arizona lawmakers just gave approval for four “major” pro-guns laws in the state senate. The state house of representatives approved Second Amendment related bills which allow concealed carry permit holders to take their firearms into government buildings which do not have security measures. HB 22339, the gun bill which would allow concealed carry permit holders… Read more »

Florida Senate Approves “Warning Shot” Bill

Florida Senate floor

The Florida Senate approved a bill last Thursday, dubbed the “Warning Shot Bill”, that would allow gun owners to fire warning shots at a person, or persons, if they felt threatened. The bill passed with a 32-7 vote and now goes to to desk of Florida Governor Rick Scott to be signed into law. Partly… Read more »

Gun Control: New Jersey Going Forward With High-Capacity Magazine Ban

gun control

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney has changed his mind about the state’s high-capacity magazine ban. Last year State Senator Sweeney was a vocal proponent of the gun control law which angered Second Amendment supporters. Now, the lawmaker has reconsidered enacting additional and more stringent limits on magazines gun owners can possess. Beginning last Spring… Read more »

Wells Fargo Fires Branch Manager For Carrying A Gun


Wells Fargo Bank fired Tampa-area branch manager Ivette Ros for bring a gun to work, and now she’s suing the financial giant. Ros, 37, a single mother of three and a licensed concealed carry gun owner, said she had the 9mm pistol in case she ever need to protect her employees from bank robbers. She… Read more »

AR-15 Rifle Gets New Design, Now SAFE Act Compliant

semi-automatic rifles

News reports relating to a redesigned AR-15 began circulating last week. Since the semi-automatic rifle, which many gun control advocates often refer to as an “assault weapon,” does not possess more firing power than a hunting rifle, specific cosmetic features can be removed without reducing the functions of the firearm. Features such as an adjustable… Read more »

Gun Ownership By Women Is Booming

woman shooter

Women gun owners are becoming a significant constituency in America. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the number of women participating in gun sports, such as target shooting and hunting, has steadily increased over the last decade. Estimates of the number of US women who are purchasing and learning how to use guns range from 12… Read more »

Gun Control: Police In Upstate New York Refuse To Enforce Safe Act

gun control

New York Assemblyman Bill Nojay believes that the state’s SAFE Act is just the beginning of a movement in the state to infringe upon Second Amendment rights. The gun control legislation was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo one year ago this month. Nojay does not seem to be ready to concede defeat to… Read more »

Gun Control Laws Prompt Firearms Companies To Relocate

Gun Control

Anti-gun lawmakers seem determined to chip away at the Second Amendment despite the loss of millions of dollars of important tax revenues and hundreds of jobs. As a result, several major firearms companies have made a rapid exit from Colorado and New York since the passage of new gun control laws. Less than a year… Read more »

Twelve Attorneys General Take Up 10 Amendment, Gun Control Fight

10th amendment

A dozen attorney generals believe the 10th Amendment has essentially be overturned by more than a decade of “incorrect court rulings,” and are calling on the US Supreme Court to address the damage to the Constitutional protection of states’ rights. The state officials pushing the highest court in the land to protect 10th Amendment rights… Read more »

Gabby Giffords To Mark Shooting Anniversary By Skydiving

Gabby Giffords Skydives On Third Anniversary Of Injury

Gabby Giffords plans to go skydiving to mark the third anniversary of being injured by a gunman. The former Arizona Democratic House Representative says the jump will serve to mark how far she’s come since being shot. In 2011, a mass shooting claimed the lives of six and injured 12 along with Gabby Giffords in… Read more »

Connecticut Gun Control Law Sparks Lawsuit By Firearms Group


A new Connecticut gun control law spurred long lines as residents rushed to register their semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. The Gun Violence and Children’s Safety Act went into effect on January 1. The law requires all residents to register any firearm that the state now considers a “assault weapons” before the beginning of… Read more »

California Gun Control Laws Spark Controversy

California long gun registration

A controversial gun control bill may have been vetoed by California Governor Jerry Brown, but a statewide long gun registration law will take effect tomorrow, and the City of San Francisco approved its own high-capacity magazine ban. City officials recently approved a similar version of the statewide ban on the local level, and the National… Read more »

Gun Control: Graves Act Mandates BB Gun Registration

BB gun control

BB gun control laws in New Jersey could make the classic childhood took a thing of the past. The popular youth guns may be gathering dust on store shelves in the Garden State due the enactment of the Graves Act. The law requires BB guns to be registered and subject to the exact same laws… Read more »

Second Amendment: Texas Professor Calling For Repeal Of Right To Bear Arms

Professor Mary Margaret Penrose

The Second Amendment should be repealed, according to Texas professor Mary Margaret Penrose. The Texas A&M School of Law professor has now joined the ranks of other some progressives and gun control activists who deem the Constitution and outdated, antiquated document. Professor Penrose made her Second Amendment comments not at Texas A&M but at a… Read more »

DHS And FBI Memo Claims Stockpiling Ammo Might Indicate Terrorist Activity

FBi terrorism memo

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI memo sent to state and local law enforcement agencies that included a warning about individuals who possess “large amounts” of ammo. According to joint Roll Call notice, citizens who buy or own significant amounts of bullets and guns could be potential terrorists. The joint agency bulletin urged… Read more »

Colorado Secession Vote Today Will Probably Succeed

Colorado Secession Up For Vote

Today a Colorado secession proposal is being voted on in 11 counties out of 64. These counties want to secede from the state to form “North Colorado.” Ten of them are clustered in the north of Colorado, with the eleventh in the northwest corner. They plan to ditch Denver and the left-leaning Front Range region…. Read more »

Gabby Giffords Attending First Gun Show Since Shooting

Gabby Giffords Gun Show New York

Gabby Giffords will attend her first gun show since she was shot in the head during an assassination attempt in 2011. Giffords, the former US Rep. from Arizona, will tour a New York gun show along with her husband, Mark Kelly. Giffords and Kelly, a former combat pilot and astronaut, will take the tour with… Read more »

Obama: Gun Control Is Necessary, But Won’t Come From Me

Gun Control: Obama Says New Regulation Is Important

Obama says gun control and the battle for a “common sense” middle ground is not over. The president touched on the subject while speaking before a memorial gathering for the victims of the recent Washington Navy Yard shooting on Sunday. However, Obama was careful in his choice of words, saying that gun control changes must… Read more »