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Gun Control: Cleveland Law Would Strictly Limit Gun Buys And Create Registry

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Cleveland gun control laws will be perhaps the most strict in the United States if the city council approves Mayor Frank Jackson’s ordinance proposal. Cleveland recently celebrated the return of Lebron James and scored the Republican National Convention, a big economic boom to the northern Ohio town. But now the city is incurring backlash from… Read more »

Chicago Protesters Call Obama ‘Worst President’ And Cite Modern Day Slavery

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Chicago protesters deem President Barack Obama the “worst president ever elected.” South Side black residents gathered over the weekend to register their disgust with President Obama. One black male protester said Bill Clinton was the “African-American president,” not Obama. The South Side Chicago protest was held in front of the city’s police department headquarters. The… Read more »

Three Killed In Pasadena Shooting

Police responding to the Pasadena shooting.

Three people were killed and two injured on Saturday in a Pasadena shooting. The tenant of an apartment building shot his landlord over a long-standing dispute, killing two others and injuring two more in the process. According to CBS Los Angeles, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez has identified the shooter as 35-year-old John Izeal Smith,… Read more »

‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Has A Gun Control Agenda?

Dawn of The Planet of The Apes gun control

When Rise of The Planet of The Apes hit the theaters, moviegoers were surprised to see that the action filled movie actually had an important message about animal testing. The film largely focused on animals in captivity and those that are currently being tested in different medical labs. Now the sequel Dawn of The Planet… Read more »

Trayvon Martin Gun Control Laws Attacking Stand Your Ground In South Carolina

Trayvon Martin Gun Control Laws Attacking Stand Your Ground In South Carolina

So-called Trayvon Martin gun control laws are still being supported by family lawyer Benjamin Crump, who has been traveling the nation campaigning against the expansion of Stand Your Ground laws in various states. At the same time, Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy martin, have been active in helping with the Trayvon Martin Foundation. In… Read more »

Second Amendment Group Set To Sue Connecticut School Over Political Bias

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The Connecticut high school accused of political bias because of blocking conservative websites, is about to be sued by the Second Amendment Foundation. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, student Andrew Lampart found the alleged partisan research limits while working on a senior paper at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury. The internet firewall utilized by… Read more »

Trayvon Martin’s Marijuana Usage Made Him Violent Against George Zimmerman?

Trayvon Martin's Marijuana Usage Made Him Violent Against George Zimmerman?

Did Trayvon Martin’s marijuana usage make him violent against George Zimmerman? Some reports are posing that controversial question now that marijuana legalization is quickly spreading across America. But while some police officers may support that contentious message others believe the controversy over Trayvon Martin, gun control, and drugs does not match up with the facts…. Read more »

Most Liberal And Conservative Towns In America [Study]

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A study by the Clarity Campaign revealed the “Most Liberal and Most Conservative Towns” in the United States. A detailed map and an online tool guides users to find out more about the political make-up of their hometown, or to help them relocate to an area more receptive to their governing mindset. Business Insider created… Read more »

Gun Control: Why Passing More Laws Will Not Stop Mass Shootings

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Passing more gun control laws will not prevent the tragic mass shootings and school shootings which have sadly become commonplace in America. The state of California and the city of Chicago have had some of the most stringent gun laws on the books for years, yet both continue to be home to mounting crime rates…. Read more »

Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen On Gun Control, America

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Gun control is again a hot topic in American public spaces (namely social media) after the most recent deadly shooting — and quite soberingly yesterday, many were struggling to keep up with which random kill-fest was indeed the most recent. Over on Facebook, I shared a link about gun violence in America, a commenter commented,… Read more »

Cops Met Killer Elliot Rodger How Many Times Before Shooting?

Elliot Rodger and Richard Martinez

Elliot Rodger, the misogynistic, virgin serial killer whose rampage reignited the national discussion about gun control, faced down cops three times before his lethal rampage…and the subject of his gun ownership was never broached, the New York Daily News reports. Rodger, who was armed with three legally purchased handguns and over 400 rounds of ammunition… Read more »

Yep, Maya Angelou Liked Her Guns

Maya Angelou Beliefs On Guns Have Left Seething

COMMENTARY — After Maya Angelou died on May 28, the web was abuzz with more about the author and cultural icon than it had probably posted since its inception. Looking over The Inquisitr site alone, I count six stories since the bad news broke of her passing. But one story you haven’t heard as much… Read more »

Joe The Plumber: ‘Guns Are Mostly For Hunting Down Politicians’

Joe The Plumber on Guns

Joe The Plumber is back — two days after penning an “open letter” to the grieving parents of the Isla Vista mass shooting victims, in which he told them that their “dead kids” were less important than his unfettered gun rights. This time, Joe The Plumber, whose real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher, has authored another… Read more »

Gun Crime Is Way Down, Though Americans Think The Opposite

Gun Crime Not That Big Of An Issue, Study Claims

New gun crime statistics reveal that the issue of gun violence could be overblown. According to a new study, the volume of gun crime is way down from where it was in the mid-1990s. (By “gun crime,” the study authors are including “killings, assaults, robberies, and other crimes,” the L.A. Times reports.) In spite of… Read more »

Gun Control Laws Are Stupid! This Is Better.

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Today I woke up and, like most people I know went straight to Facebook to see how everyone I know was doing. While I was yawning and skimming over the content, I saw a picture that I read, then verified via other online sources to be an undoctored and legitimate piece. Before I go on,… Read more »