Windows 8 Blue Rumors Trigger Windows 8 Fire Sale

Windows 8 Blue Rumors Trigger Windows 8 Fire Sale With $100 Discounts

Windows 8 Blue rumors say that a new Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade called Windows Blue will be coming out in August of 2013. The upcoming Windows 8 Blue is triggering a fire sale for current generation Windows 8 based PCs and laptops.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Windows Blue is the upcoming upgrade to Windows 8 launching this fall, with a free consumer preview to be available soon. Microsoft is said to be making the Windows Blue upgrade free for current Windows 8 users, but that has not stopped a Windows 8 fire sale from happening now.

InforWorld reports that manufacturers and retailers are trying to clear out their Windows 8 stock in anticipation of the release of Windows 8 Blue. They point out indicators that stores are “swollen with Windows machines” and the best-selling Windows 8 machines from Lenovo are discounted from 30 to 40 percent.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Best Buy is offering a $100 discount on touchscreen laptops and desktops running Windows 8 for the next two weeks:

“[Best Buy reportedly] decided to launch the promotion after recent surveys the company conducted showed the consumers who bought touchscreen Windows 8 devices were significantly happier than those who bought PCs with a typical [non-touch-sensitive] … 74 percent of people who had bought a touchscreen device said they liked Windows 8 ‘somewhat’ or ‘very much.’ About 53 percent of respondents who bought a conventional Windows 8 PC said they liked the operating system.”

When Windows 8 first launched, Microsoft sold a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for only $39.99, but that expired on January 31. For those who bought a Windows 7 machine from June 2, 2012 through January 31, 2013, there still exists the opportunity to upgrade to Window 8 Pro for only $14.99 but that deal expires on February 28. After Thursday, Windows 8 upgrade prices will skyrocket to $119.99 for the regular edition and $199.99 for the Pro version.

Will you be buying a Windows 8 machine when they’re on sale now or wait until Windows Blue is available?