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Man Arrested For Smoking Girlfriend’s Back Pain Patch

Fentanyl Pain Patch

A man was arrested after allegedly smoking his girlfriend’s medicated back pain patch.

Authorities explained that they received a call from a woman claiming her boyfriend was having a bad reaction to the Fentanyl patch he was applying to her back. However, paramedics discovered something else entirely when they arrived on the scene.

According to The Huffington Post, the 40-year-old man was experiencing a drug overdose from smoking his girlfriend’s back pain patch. He was found gasping for air at the couple’s home.

The woman told police that her boyfriend had been drinking when he began applying the Fentanyl patch to her back. She explained that she had a prescription for the patches since she suffers from chronic pain. The Greenfield Patch reports that the woman believed her boyfriend became ill when the drug seeped through the skin on his hands.

Officers quickly realized the woman’s story wasn’t adding up. In addition to finding a crack pipe in her boyfriend’s jeans, they also discovered metal scraps they believe were used to cook drugs. The girlfriend was soon arrested for having drug paraphernalia in her home.

The boyfriend confessed to smoking the back pain patch at the hospital. He told police that he cooked the patch on a piece of metal before smoking it through a straw.

As for the crack pipe, MSN explains the man hadn’t used the drug in nearly three years. The man said he had simply forgotten about the pipe tucked inside the pocket of his jeans.

At the end of the day, both the man and his girlfriend were arrested on separate. While she currently faces drug paraphernalia possession charges, the boyfriend was arrested for possessing a Schedule II narcotic.

What do you think about the man who smoked his girlfriend’s Fentanyl back pain patch?

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5 Responses to “Man Arrested For Smoking Girlfriend’s Back Pain Patch”

  1. Anonymous

    I hope I live long enough to see this country stop squandering our tax dollars all over the world and start making available help centers here in this country for our own people with problems like these two people obviously have. Help for alcohol and drug problems should`nt only be for the rich. Drug addiction and alcoholism effects us all, not just those who are addicted.

  2. Ann Beauregard

    It is a very sad situation, that it is because of STUPID asinine decisions like this, that puts EVERYONE under suspicion. The ones that truly need some assistance to get through each day because of pain they have is a pain others can never even begin to imagine. We have to fight twice as hard, When you live with RSD/CRPS which is rated the most painful disease known, were there is no cure, and the best you can hope for is a little relief from meds, or another treatment, People say the worse way they can imagine dying is in a fire, well those of us with RSD live in that fire 24-7. We are unable to be touched or hugged by a loved one, or have a cool breeze blow on us, showers feel like glass, EVERYTHING HURTS! So when we see things like this, knowing there are sufferers out there that it takes years for some to get the right diagnoses due to the lack of education, and many medical personal still not knowing what it is, even though it has been around since the civil war. Then they are afraid to give us to much because of people like them, believe me if you hurt like we do, you do not get the high, the med is busy doing what it needs to do instead of going to our heads, He is darn lucky he was not killed! as for his GF, if she is in pain, and she let him do that, then she deserves to go without! Everystep forward we make, a move like that throws us back to a huge battle.

  3. Ronald Boggess

    no amount of $ cn fix stupid. u gotta b f'd up n th head n th 1st place 2 use dope. i dont thnk they hav centers 4 tht.

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