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Big Ten Expansion: North Carolina Reportedly Has Offer To Move From ACC

Big ten expansion rumors are flying again

It might be Big Ten expansion time again. It wasn’t all that long ago that the Big Ten unofficially became the Big 14. New rumors are swirling that the conference is making another push to become a 16 team conference.

16 teams has long been the “magic” number that many of the BCS conferences are looking to attain. The Big Ten took a couple of steps towards that magic number when they signed up Rutgers and Maryland in November of last year.

Both of those teams will officially become a part of the conference in July of 2014. Reports have started to surface that show that the Big Ten might not be done trying to raid the ACC for teams.

Jeff Erman 247Sports recently tweeted Virginia, Georgia Tech and North Carolina are all being courted to one degree or another by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney.

Erman said that North Carolina has already gotten an official offer while Virginia and Georgia Tech are still in the initial stages.

The Sporting News points out that Erman was the one who correctly broke the story that Maryland was moving to the Big Ten but that there appears to be some push-back on this particular story.

According to another tweet, this time by USA Today’s Dan Wolken, North Carolina officials are claiming that a move is not imminent. This does not mean that they don’t have an offer.

That also doesn’t mean that Georgia Tech and Virginia aren’t on the wish list for the conference.

There were reports back in November that Delaney wanted to get the conference to 16 in one fell swoop. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’s continuing that work.

Will Big Ten Expansion occur again so soon? Who would you like to see come out of the ACC?

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4 Responses to “Big Ten Expansion: North Carolina Reportedly Has Offer To Move From ACC”

  1. Nick Somarakis

    Has the Big 10 ever talked about reaching for Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State? I am just curious if it was ever a possibility.

  2. Eddie Atkinson

    Big Ten going west or southwest would mean that Kansas, Missouri and Texas were the targets. Hard to see Tech, OU or OSU being Big Ten targets.

  3. Phil Sorensen

    There is one important flaw in this article. That is the statement that 16 has long been the "magic number that many of the BCS conferences are looking to attain". To my knowledge, no BCS conference has ever had 16 as a goal in mind as a desirable number. Rather, 16 has been the number that fans and writers have speculated as being the magic number that leagues are seeking. If Virginia, UNC, and Georgia Tech are all indeed targets for the Big Ten, that would obviously bring the league to 17. It seems obvious then that Delaney and the rest of the Big Ten leadership do not see 16 as a stopping point. It seems obvious (in my own mind at least) that 17 would be an even more obviously undesirable stopping point. Even numbers are much easier on the poor schedule-makers at the Big Ten office, so if these three teams are to be added, I would expect the league to want to have 1 or 3 more teams ready to join the league the same season that those three would. If I were working in the scheduling office, 12 would be the best number to work with (other than 8-10). Since that ship has obviously long since sailed, factors of four and pods seem the best route to me. It would allow each team to play each other team at minimum once every three years. So if these three teams either have offers in hand or in the immediate future, I strongly suspect that JD and company have their eyes on three more as well. Furthermore, I seriously doubt that the Big Ten would send an invitation to any school (at this point in time, Notre Dame in 1999 was a long time ago) if they had any doubt at all that the invitation would be accepted.

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