Why are the Redskins dangling Jim Zorn in the wind?

The Washington Redskins are reportedly interviewing some of their coaching staff for their Head Coaching position. The problem with hat is they already have a Head Coach in Jim Zorn, and rather than delay the inevitable they should just fire the guy now. Come 2010 there is virtually no chance that Zorn will retain his role with the Redskins, but this classless organization would rather interview people on his own staff, than do what many have called for, for some time. The 2009 season is over for the Redskins, and instead of interviewing assistant coaches for a position that is likely to go to Mike Shanahan anyways, the Red skins should fire Zorn let one of the assistant coaches run the team for the last two weeks, and then conduct the entire interview process in the off-season.

There are reports out of Washington DC that both Defensive Coordinator Gary Blache and Secondary Coach Gary have interviewed with new General Manager Bruce Allen for the Head job. Once again the Redskins are botching up the way business is done in the NFL. Zorn isn’t your guy, fine, fire than man already. Why should Zorn have to answer questions about who is interviewing for his job? Why should anyone else have to deny reports that they have already interviewed for the job.

Ultimately this is the problem with the Redskins; owner Daniel Snyder has no clue how to operate a NFL organization. First of all Jim Zorn wasn’t hired to be the head coach, he was hired to be the offensive coordinator, when word leaked that he was set to hire Jim Fassel as Coach Redskins fans became irate, and that plan was scrapped. By the way since not getting the Redskins job Fassel went onto win a Championship in the UFL, while the Redskins seems to be in the same place they were when Joe Gibbs retired.

Whoever they end up hiring, he will become the seventh head coach since Daniel Snyder ought the team in 1999. If that doesn’t prove this man has no idea how to run a NFL organization, nothing does.

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