Old Media Takes A Beating As New Media Sites Grow In November

Old media websites took a beating in November as traffic to new media sites grew, according to new figures from Nielsen Online.

In the top five news sites online, CNN saw a drop in traffic vs the same month of last year of 12%, MSNBC 16% and the New York Times 20%. Yahoo, which remains the most popular online news site saw no change from November 09, while AOL News grew 9%.

In the next five, Tribune Newspapers dropped 14%, Fox 14%, ABCNews Digital 3% and Gannett Newspapers 15%. Google News grew 10%.

In the full top 30 list, other notable drops included CBS News at 17%, McClatchy Newspapers 19%, USAToday 20%, and the BBC with a drop of 27%.

New media sites in the Top 30 picked up at least some of the traffic, with The Huffington Post growing 27%, and Examiner.com growing a staggering 228%.

It wasn’t all bad news for old media, with some outlets growing: The NY Daily News grew 21%, NBC Local Media 148%, The Guardian 33% and The New York Post up 10%. In new media, the only decline in the Top 30 came from news aggregator Topix, which dropped 37%.

While the composition of the Top 30 sites remains mostly unchanged over recent times, the reduction in numbers may demonstrate that the audience is fracturing, with some turning to smaller new media plays in place of traditional heritage media outlets.

(Figures via Editor and Publisher)