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Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan To Launch February 18

Nvidia GeForce Titan February 18 Release Date

The Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan will debut on February 18. Leaked details suggest that the company will unveil the GPUs official specifications within the week.

The new GPU will be the new flagship device for Nvidia, and it will receive a hefty price tag to match its high end features.

The team at TechPowerUp has listed the GeForce GTX Titan as the GK110, a production name for the model. In its database, the company claims the GPU features 6GB of memory alongside a GPU clock of 875MHz and an effective memory clock of 6GHz.

The Nvidia Titan also features 7 billion transistors at the 28nm level.

Nvidia is expected to include 2688 stream processors, 224 texture units, and 48 raster operating units. The Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan is also expected to feature a theoretical floating point performance of 4,700 GFLOPS.

While Nvidia is expected to launch the Titan on February 18, the company is only expected to begin with 10,000 units which have already been manufactured.

The GeForce Titan will not be cheap with a price tag over $1,000 expected on the retail side. Serious gamers will likely clamor for the new GPU while everyday users steer clear.

Do you plan to pick up the GeForce GTX Titan when it is finally released?

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6 Responses to “Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan To Launch February 18”

  1. Thomas Hock

    I'll end up picking up another gtx680 on the next few days. As my current system my gtx is clocked @ 1206gpu and 6.5ghz ram. I think another 680 at the same clock speeds will be a much better buy. I wish I had 6gb of VRAM but I can't see the titan worth replacing my gtx680 over SLI. Maybe if I was doing a new system build I sure as hell would be at pressing f5 over and over to get the Titan, as I did for my gtx680.

  2. Leslie D Fry

    I would expect the price to be between the 680 and the 690 sence the prefermance lies in between them. I wouldn't pay a grand for it, if it comes with a waterblock mabey. if the 690 is cheeper and preferm better, hmmmm which one will I buy?

  3. C Harald Hansen

    Sticking with my HD6970. I don't play that many games nowadays enough to justify throwing that much money into a GPU.

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