Mountain Dew Set To Unleash ‘Kickstart’ Breakfast Drink

Mountain Dew is set to unleash Kickstart, a new breakfast drink that combines the iconic beverage with extra vitamins, caffeine, and a little bit of juice.

PepsiCo hopes to stock retail shelves with the drink later this year. According to The Associated Press, Kickstart will not be classified as an energy drink. Although the beverage contains an extra boost of caffeine, it still contains less than other like-minded drinks.

The company explained that Mountain Dew fans are apparently in the market for a new kind of breakfast drink. Consumer research revealed that fans of the carbonated beverage are looking for an early-morning alternative that doesn’t involve coffee.

USA Today reports that Mountain Dew’s Kickstart drink was announced last August. The new product was mentioned in the same release as the breakfast beverage offered by Taco Bell. Although the two items are essentially the same, the fast food restaurant’s offering is only available at participating locations since it is mixed on-site.

The breakfast drink offered by Taco Bell combines Mountain Dew with orange juice. The concoction was introduced last year as part of the restaurant chain’s new breakfast menu items. In addition to the beverage, early risers can snag what NBC News describes as a combination of “scrambled eggs, cheese, a hash brown and bacon or sausage in a single tortilla.”

Fortunately for those don’t have a Taco Bell right down the road from their home, Mountain Dew is bringing its breakfast mixture to the masses by bottling the drink and offering it to retailers.

Although Kickstart is now scheduled to arrive on shelves later this month, PepsiCo hasn’t said when fans of the carbonated drink can get their hands on the latest variation. As with most announcements nowadays, there’s a very strong possibility the company could announce the availability through Facebook or Twitter.

Are you a fan of Mountain Dew? Will you check out the new breakfast drink?