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Obama Lawn Sign Battle Tears Community Apart

Obama Lawn Sign Battle

An Obama lawn sign battle has lasted four years and cost a community more than $400,000 — and it’s still not over.

The battle began in Alexandria, Virginia after Sam and Maria Farran planted and Obama for President sign in their years for the 2008 election. The action sent them on a collision course with their homeowners association.

The sign was four inches taller than the association’s covenants allowed, prompting one neighbor to email the association, claiming:

“Need I say more! This would lead to chaos. Our property values would be put at risk.”

The Washington Post reports that the battle, according to Maria Farran, “destroyed our community.” The homeowner’s association sent the Farrans a letter saying that the sign was not allowed. Instead of taking the sign down, the couple cut it in half.

But the homeowner’s association didn’t appreciate the couple’s humor. Instead, they fined them $900 for the Obama lawn sign, inciting the battle that left the homeowner’s association bankrupt.

The board also rejected the couples’ proposals for roof and deck renovations under what the Farrans considered less than legitimate circumstances. The Atlantic Wire notes that, because of the three dismissals, the Farrans sued the homeowner’s association, saying that it didn’t have the authority to impose fines, adding that the HOA rejected their home improvements. Maria Farran stated:

“It’s like we weren’t living in America. You are always one board election away from a tyranny. They wield enormous power.”

During the legal proceedings, the Farrans have found bullets in their yard. Someone even asked a priest at their church to prevail on the couple to stop their lawsuit. A real estate agent in the area claims that the battle has scared off potential home buyers.

Through the course of the lawsuit, the HOA increased yearly dues from $650 per year to $3,500, mostly to cover its legal fees. Both sides have also claimed they tried to settle the matter, but the other side was unwilling to do so.

The courts sided with the Farrans in both 2010 and 2011, forcing the homeowner’s association to come up with $100,000 to cover legal fees and damages. They have yet to pay the full amount, because of bankruptcy.

The battle sparked by an Obama lawn sign has torn apart the community, with its square — the literal center of the community — put up for sale by the HOA’s bankruptcy court to cover the cost of the lawsuit.

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354 Responses to “Obama Lawn Sign Battle Tears Community Apart”

  1. Karen Meek-Shew

    Are you kidding they screamed because it was taller than it should be? Or is it more importantly because it was an Obama sign? I'd bet on the later!

  2. Robert Lawson

    How ironic. An Obama sign that cost the community a whole bunch of money and is tearing the community apart. It appears that even Obama signs accomplish the same goals as the man himself.

  3. Dave Hissom

    No kidding… Pay for the property and house, but have to ask permission to renovate or decorate? It's their fault for moving there, you reap what you sow.

  4. John McCommas

    There used to be something called private property rights. I will add that if the couple were Republicans, the media would not have reported this story.

    Some Obama pukes vandalized my car in a college parking lot. They would not run a story but they did run a story of two Obama lawns signs gone missing. The media has very slective standards when it comes to this kind of thing.

  5. Keith Hinkel

    No matter HOA or not, the election is over take down the sign. Obama a fool and liar anyway. There must be some way to jail this Farran couple. I support the Constitution but there are exceptions should be allowed, anything supporting Obama must be one of them.

  6. John McCommas

    Its the same thing with "Historic Districts". One poor SOB was arrested for putting siding on his own house in Dayville Connecticut.

  7. Cuyler Edwards

    I would bet that it was because it was an Obama sign, I am a republican but I also believe in freedom of speech, we sit here fighting for our 2nd amendment rights, which Ii believe in while we lose our other rights, you know the one that said their property values would plummet would not have had a problem with it if it were a McCain sign, My property, my taxes I pay on it, my right to put what I want on it within reason, this sign would was not unreasonable, HOA are like Nazis.

  8. Mikal Baker

    Jesus Christ…$400,000 lost and dues raised to $3,500/year over a lawn sign? You fucking HOA dummies…are you that bored and bereft of common sense to start a feud over a lawn sign? Your're free to join the rest of the world here in the 21st century anytime…

  9. Amanda Kendall

    I feel like maybe rich folks should worry about real problems, not someone's stupid lawn sign.

  10. Mikal Baker

    Assuming it's a political move, it's funny to see that republicans preach a slogan of freedom of speech & expression but if someone uses that freedom to express something they don't agree with THAN it's a problem…Guaranteed 150% if that was a Romney sign no one would've said a damn thing….pathetic counter intuitive monkeys with suits…

  11. Marilyn Yoak

    May I suggest binding arbitration at this point. ??? Reasonable responce or thinking are entirely out of the question. Have you ever noticed the rules of reasonableness are never applie to political situations.

  12. Dave Hissom

    They were in the HOA, I'm sure they were given a rule booklet, and they didn't deem it necessary to follow the rules. If the sign was considered an eyesore, then I'm certain that a cut-in-half sign would fit the same category. That about fits your definition of "something they don't agree with THAN it's a problem…" It's you who is making this political by trying to spin the story to suit your political affiliation.
    Is it a stupid rule? I would say yes, but then I would never live in a HOA area. They chose to live there, let them follow the same rules as everyone else.

  13. Mikal Baker

    I wasn't trying to spin, someone had mentioned that it was co-incidently an Obama sign which is why i led the post with saying "assuming it was a political move"…b/c if it had it would prove the attitude my original point was talking was just a clever "what-if", thats all…not trying to spin, im not a news reporter

  14. Marquita Facen

    Obama Rules…. hmmmmmm its that why he was elected again… MORON……that is what you are….bwahahahahaha and that's where this ends……. no need to respond……….

  15. Mikal Baker

    besides the couple lowered the sign to the HOA's desired height and that still didn't suit them so one is left to wonder……..

  16. Gary Ernest Palanuk

    This further cements my belief that all home owner associations should be stripped of all powers save painting the entrance sign to the gated community for idiots! This is proof that exclusory groups will cut their own throats to prove a point! May they all catch the clap!

  17. John Von Rader

    You're calling people out for hypocrisy, and then insulting them, based on on something you admit is an assumption without a shred of proof or information to back it up? Can you teach ME how to be a tough guy on the internet?

  18. Mikal Baker

    But David your 100% correct they did have a rulebook or guidebook and they should've followed it or not have boughten a house there if they didn't like the rules

  19. Dave Hissom

    Gotcha. It's impossible to know the "what-ifs" of a Romney sign being planted in the yard. No one else in the HOA had any campaign signs up, so it pretty much just looks like the home owner either didn't know the rule or just refused to follow the rule. Either way, they were asked to take it down and decided instead to cut it in half.

  20. Anonymous

    HOA is one big Joke, it's for people who love to tell people how to live…
    in my neighborhood, the HOA has some of the dumbest rules ever..
    1. only certain plants are allowed.
    2. no solar lights are allowed in the grass.
    3. not allowed to own a truck with a camper shell.
    4. only one car is allowed in the driveway at anytime.
    5. no canopys allowed in your backyard.
    6. if you want to build something, you have to get permission from every stinkin neighbor around you.

    and many people that live in the area are snitches who call on you if you fart the wrong way…

    I cant' wait to move to an area with NO HOA.

    oh yeah, HOA a-holes drive around and spy on homes, like rats.

    they can all lick my a–

  21. Ted Beckley

    Hmmm…Lets see…the battle between the man with the Obama sign in his front yard; and the HOA board going bankrupt and raising the dues from 650 a year to 3500 per year; running off potential home owners, kind of like taxes on the rich home owners and: devaluing real estate growth potential be because no one will want to own a home there? Homes will lose value. The HOA attempting to enforce rules a fines with out the authority? Sounds to me just exactly like what going on in our nations Capitol Washington DC. They are using this same scenario; It's like they have a blue print of a mouse and they are building an elephant. Make sense to me…..

  22. Anonymous

    HOA took it to a political level instead of serving the association. That will always backfire. Not about Obama. It's about the HOA.

  23. Mikal Baker

    True…irrespective of political or class affiliation, any time you have one group of people who try to tell another group of people how to live without any mitigation, your're gonna get that backfire…but it's kinda like joining a union i guess, you want their protection, you gotta play by their rules…i have no idea how the idea of an HOA managed to keep its momentum over the years…

  24. Christian Lambert

    Obama Rules ,WTF are you talking about? Unemployment the highest it's been since the great depression, spent more money than ALL the other presidents combined, your children's great,great,great grandchildren will still not repay this debt and YOU think he's great. Lady, the ONLY reason he got re-elected is the people who VOTE for a living outnumber the people who WORK for a living! Be truthful to yourself and the only reason YOU voted for him is because he's black, what used to be the greatest country in the world is going to hell in a handbasket is because of ignorant people like YOU!!!!! I HOPE YOU READ THIS AND TRY TO DENY WHAT I SAID !!!!!!!!

  25. Permar Parker

    If they cut it in Half…then why the fuss? Seems to me regardless of their politically affiliation they are wackadoodle crazy to waste the residents money on such a thing. HateObama hate is wife and kids and the government all you want but the Board memebers need to be held accountable for this waste of MONEY and time..period. But what cracks me up even more? Are those that go into auto-victim mode..The folks that say "ya know if this was someone of the other party..then it would not be covered..Lousey excuse and very weak…

  26. Christopher Johnson

    I think its great that they took on the home owners association. I am glad the HOA went bankrupt. We need more of this in America.

  27. Mark Salas

    Hi LeMarquita, I am sure you were happy that Bush spent 8 years in the White House. How do you feel about his reelection. Did you quote "Bush Rules….hmmmm its that why he was elected again..Moron… Oh, and LeMarquita, your grammar sucks!

  28. Ted Uniss

    as a registered republican since 95 its a political sign it should be exempt. Nobama

  29. Louie LittleCreek

    People have the right not to recognize any president, and therefore the right not to respect the man.
    Look at what they did to Bush, it was wrong then too?

  30. Anonymous

    BRAVO! The HOA took itself much too seriously; they should be bankrupt and then sued for their incompetency and violations of federal law!

  31. Don Cook

    the racist pricks in this country will never cease in the pursuit of their own hatred. When they find it; I hope they realize their own insignificance.

  32. Garry Lee

    People should've recorded the addresses of each and every neighbor who posted the Obummer signs, then "reminded them" each and every time someone lost their job, or their house, or their retirement savings, or saw their insurance costs rise. Rub their noses in it. Get in their face and remind them of their stupidity. After all, that's what Odumma demanded of his followers in 2008- "get in people's faces and argue". And the stupid among us obliged.

  33. John Awunganyi

    Christian Lambert , how sad only whites can run the country. How dare a black is elected president, the voters must be stupid. Those days of set asides for whites and whites only are gone and they are not coming back. Wake up and smell the coffee and stop insulting intelligent voters

  34. John Wickum

    If the HOA wants to dictate what these people are allowed to do on their property than they should be willing to pay their property taxes for them.

  35. Ruben Torres

    racist conservatives prefer to go down in bankruptcy than to allow an obama sign on someone's yard. typical racist republican actions, and a waste of home owners money. they woudn't say anything if it had been a mitt romney sign.

  36. Scott Sizemore

    I am sure she got a free cell phone to say that. The only thing that idiot rules at is tearing the country apart.

  37. Paul Brown

    The HOA has the right to ask them to take the sign down, afterall Odummer has hurt property values all over the country. And this woman says its like we're not living in America anymore. Well what planet has she been on lately, we aren't living in America, we're living in Odummmer's country now, thanks to her and her moronic views of things. The HOA should ask them to leave the community, or throw them out saying, " No Demoncraps Allowed".

  38. Marty Monson

    Obama Rocks. You GOP pansies need to get busy NOW to try to figure out who in the HELL would claim to be a Republican after that last election (convulsing in laughter………..OMG!)

  39. Jason Gibbs

    Hahaha! Obama has yet another costly expensive way with americans through his stupid signs now besides high taxes, high deficits, high inflation… talk about adding to the deficit problem. What else can you say? This would make the Guinness Book of World Records as being the most money wasting american president we ever had…. and america voted him in for a second term…. if I was this careless with my own money like this president is with this countries money , I would be a poor man already today living on the streeet.

  40. Pappy Hurt

    I had some rightwing pukes tear the Obama bumpersticker off my car and kick in my veteren's licence plate, news teams never showed up. Vandals are vandals I dont care what their political stripe. Could have been worse,they could have tried to make it difficult or impossible for me to vote.

  41. Marya Clarissa Dillon

    Oh Scott, so misinformed. The Lifeline policy was put in place in the the 90s and it was your beloved Pres Bush who added cell phones to this policy. Learn your facts.

  42. Bill Ritter

    Obama does the impossible. He sucks and blows at the same time. And THAT is where it ends, liberal money grubber. Funny how he is half black and half white when dealing with white people, but miraculously changes to full on black when dealing with black people. Well said Christian L. Well said.

  43. H Dennis Allen

    Again you want to blame the president ? You're some kind of doofus. What exactly did the president have to do with this ? It sounds to me like the head of the HOA was a Goper and didn't like the sign and wanted it removed. I would think this would be covered by the Bill of Rights. When does the power of the HOA exceed the rights given you by your country ? You know, life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  44. Anonymous

    Hey lets blame the sign not the fact that the HoA wanted to fine people for a stupid reason which caused their crisis. No lets just blame Obama; sounds like the republican way of thinking.

  45. Tom Maher

    Ahh, Yes; it has only torn apart those who reject a legitimately-elected President.
    Oh, wait – he was elected twice, right?
    Let me ponder – your wear a tinfoil toque – right?

  46. Renee Berry

    I can understand why the neighborhood would not want the sign up, he's a terrible president but I also can't stand HOA's and will never, ever buy a house in a neighborhood with one again.

  47. H Dennis Allen

    Dave Hissom The HOA position was that the sign was 4" too high. who measured it to see if it was too high or not ? After it was cut into 2 pieces the HOA still wasn't happyand wanted to fine the homeowners ? There's a hell of a lot more going on here then simple violation of the HOA agreement.

  48. Anonymous

    I think HOA's should be illegal anyway! This is just another example of corrupt power. The HOA started it and they got what they deserved. Boo Hoo!

  49. Mary Larsen

    trust me it has nothing to do with what sign it was. These people suffer from napoleonic syndrome!! My homeowner association sued me because I had a 3ft strip of dead grass. Now mind you, I lived in florida and we had a heavy freeze for several days that winter, and st augustine grass's root system does not go down deep. To bad re-sod it!!!!

  50. Rene Walker

    Maria Farran and Sam Farran….are true "It's ALL about ME LIBERALS. IF you don't WANT to follow the HOA rules when you buy your house…THEN…don't BUY in that community. NOBODY FORCED these slime LIBERALS to buy there and you certainly KNOW the rules before singing on the dotted line. These idiots are just the run of the mill trouble making Liberals that are so common in today's society.
    They feed on causing trouble. It is a passion with them. IN THE ENTIRE community….THEY are the FOOLS. NOBODY FORCES ANYONE to LIVE in HOA community….so DON'T buy in one if you are an IDIOT and don't want to follow the rules.

  51. Cindy Johnson

    You buy a house with an HOA you know what you are getting into. This couple obviously feels that they above the rules. The fact that it is costing everyone else is just selfish. Grow up!

  52. Mandy Wagner

    Oh really?? What about George W Bush?? I suppose he was fantastic?! May I remind you all that Bill Clinton came in and cleaned up George H.W. Bush's deficit, left with a surplus and then "JR" comes in after him and runs the tab up so high…Obama was left holding his bag of SHIT!! Get the facts straight before you start pinning all the ills of the world on Obama!! And for all you racist republican fearmongering haters…thank god you all are Obsolete: Out of date; fallen into disuse; no longer useful; outmoded. Praise God!!

  53. Tim Dinsmore

    More like… Morons who obsess over our President have once again proven their immaturity and inability to accept what they cannot change! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT 8 years worth of him! I could care less anymore if he does anything! Conservatives have gone off the tracks because of him! GOOD JOB Barack! IDIOTS!!! Bankrupt Foolish Conservative IDIOTS!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Have another cup of Tea… or… throw it in the Bay?!? I 'll drink mine in a nice liberal atmosphere of Entitlements and New Taxes on all you Morons! HAHAHAHA!!!

  54. Anonymous


  55. Jason Gibbs

    Thats right, its those dam republicans again… your post sounds like a typical democrat liberal way of thinking…. love wasting money, and kissing Obama's ass, and being Obama's bitch… typical liberal…

  56. Tim Dinsmore

    Obama is living large! You Suck; FOOLISH CONSERVATIVE WHINER!!! We lived with Bush! You die over Obama! We are right again! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL! UNITED STATES!!! VOTERS WIN!!!

  57. H Dennis Allen

    And Cindy, you know for a fact that everyone else is abiding by the homeowner rules ? Do you run around with a tape measure and make sure everyones fence is the right height ? And has everyone planted only the correct flowers ?

  58. Anonymous


  59. Tim Dinsmore

    ^You are full of Crap Mr. Anderson!^ You respect nothing but your moronic conservative agenda! LOL… Obama is in for four more years! He did his job just by making all of you conservative morons lose sight of anything but him! He also has stripped you of any meaningful direction or dialogue; bunch of whiner memies running in circles biting your tails!!! Peace! Love! Obama and Gay Marriage!!!

  60. H Dennis Allen

    What I'd really like to know is, how do the rest of the homeowners feel about the increase in the fees? An increase of 2850.00 would be grounds for another law suit I would think. I also think it would make it extremely hard to sell your home with dues that hight.

  61. Tim Dinsmore

    ^that's right, you block head conservatives just keep on kicking your own to the curb^ Mark Salas is now the one who says who is a Republican Folks!!! Go to Mark Salas and get approval! Mark… you and HOA Prez? Peace and Love Mark! Don't lose any voters Pal… you teabags are becoming a lonely little nut in your own shell!!! HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the entertainment tonight REPUBES!

  62. Matthew Pettola

    I agree with the Farran's. The homeowners association made too big a deal out of it. I can't stand Obama but I stand by the Farran's on this one.

  63. Tim Dinsmore

    Frank Burns… You make Indiana look bad! I am sorry! America! You make America look bad! Did your Hoa take your head off your Lawn and shove it up your Ass??? LOL! You fools are so funny to read!!! Peace and Love People!

  64. Tim Dinsmore

    WOW ^Ted^ You far reaching and totally void of any merit little conservative, wrapped in my Flag! You Fools make all of us thinking Folks Laugh! Keep up the comments Pal. Oh and nice Shirt! I have a Flag just like it! Peace Teddy Bear! ARIZONA??? OH NOW I GET IT!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  65. CrankyHamster Farmer

    It's just too funny. A campaign sign that is 4 inches too tall will hurt their property values. ROFL. Yeah it sure did, they should have dropped the whole mess before it cost them so much. Any way they can evict the idiot who started the whole mess with her whining. BTW not an Obama supporter, but sheesh, election year, sign was not huge or obnoxious, if I had neighbors in my yard measuring my signs, I'm sure I wouldn't be too happy.

  66. Tim Dinsmore

    WOW Mr. Hinkel… you support the Constitution… but only if it is when you like the People it protects!!! What a MORON YOU ARE!!! There are exceptions to everything right? When you want something… make an exception! May your Taxes go sky high (with your blood pressure), Democrats run your every governmental office and jurisdiction and your Constitutional rights dissolve! Just kidding; if you are an American; you have a right to your ignorant and assinine opinion! LOL PEACE AND LOVE KEITH! Can I call you Keith?

  67. Raytha Hand- Poland

    Well apparently they are idiots twice over in supporting the socialist POS. Maybe there is hope they will move eventually because I certainly wouldn't want to live near them. Of course, the sensible people should counter with signs that support America, in compliance with the stupid HOA rules of course. 😉

  68. Tim Dinsmore

    Paul Brownhole, did you make up the new twist on my President's name? I don't think you were smart enough to think that up… I bet Rush or your Tea Bitch Organizers lent that one to you… right? America is open to all even an idiot like you Mr. Brownhole! Peace and Love! God Bless America and all the People in it. Even if they are Moronic Conservatives who are brainwashed and ignorant! The curved part goes to the inside when you put your shoes on tomorrow Paully Boy Brownholio! HAHAHAHA

  69. Tim Dinsmore

    How could he bring idiots like your side to the table? Peace Moron! You guys had a chance to put a candidate out there… you all messed up 2 (more than two) times in a row! Maybe the guy who brought us WMD's and invaded the wrong Country over 911 is why we have Obama??? HAHAHAHA peace and Love Brother!

  70. Rick McPherson

    Tim Dinsmore…..Another ignorant Lib-tard. Just another stupid sheep drinking the kool-aid.

  71. Tim Dinsmore

    You are one simpleton Pal! Put in new sign… Andy Trimble totally out of answers! LOL PEACE AND LOVE PROBLEM SOLVER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! You FUNNY!!!

  72. Rick McPherson

    How can they be concerned about a tyranny and then vote for a tyrant…..

  73. Tim Dinsmore

    Renee Berry… how simple you are ! Thanks for your awesome opinion! Bet it took a lot to come up with this commentary of immense depth!?

  74. Cindy Johnson

    I would venture to guess that people adhere to this strict HOA's rules. You are giving a copy of your CC&R's upon closing. What is so hard about that? And yes, I do know of neighborhoods that do go around measuring. Bottom line…Don't like it, don't buy your house there.

  75. Bob Apichell

    The election is over. It looks hideous in the front of a house in a nice neighborhood. Yes, he won 2 elections because there are so many low lifers on government programs that voted for him and the rest of you who work and pay taxes are just plain stupid because you are paying for those programs.

  76. Shane D Meyer

    Fuck off nazi. You racist. Are you that brain washed by fox news, that you think that FAKE Romney , who ran 3 companies bankrupt, would be better? I bet you voted for Mcain and that idiot Palin. You republicans are all the same, and racist. I DID NOT vote for Obama, all you republicans do is filibuster and block everything he tries to do. I don't agree with the gun laws, but I have 4 hand guns.The bush era tax cuts to the wealthy, and giving a tax break to companies to move over seas, is the MAIN reason we are in debt. Suck W BUSH'S dick. After all He is the worst President in history.

  77. Tim Dinsmore

    I could probably buy and sell your no nothing ass! I voted for him… because you morons hate him so much! HAHAHAHAHA!!! PHUQ Bobby!

  78. Tim Dinsmore

    Tell us! Who instated the Patriot Act? What morons you conservatives are! No wonder you are all losing in everything these days!!! LOL!!! Peace Ricky!!! Go Obama GO!!! 4 more then comes the liberal President to follow!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  79. Anonymous

    normbelluso Someone should kick your skull in for saying that. Oh yeah….that's right! Democrats aren't loopy, inbred, violent, forceful aholes who are intolerant of everyone elses rights. Never mind.

  80. Kevin Carroll

    Which means, in effect that you do not respect 51% of the American voters?

  81. Robert Lawson

    I was making a joke and you guys got all serious. I'm not a Republican but I didn't nor would I ever vote for Obama. That fact that you guys are defending him just lets me know you are not paying attention to anything he is doing or saying. And if you are you lack the mental capacity to understand the destruction he is causing to this nation.

    Besides HOA's could have only come from the mind of a Nazi Socialist Progressive twit.

  82. Melissa Stusinski

    Personally, I would have reported on it no matter who the sign was supporting. Either way, it is news worth reporting. Some media outlets have selective reporting for both conservative and liberal things. I strive to be unbiased.

  83. Rick McPherson

    I'm not crying. I'm laughing. Ignorant Lib-tards are so stupid that they're funny. I am waiting for lib-tards to reduce their carbon footprint by holding their breath……..indefinitely

  84. Christina Johns

    They were simply comparing the sign to how our current president is tearing apart the country. They did not say that obummer had anything to do with putting the sign there. It is simply another issue created by one of his misguided sheeple.

  85. Christina Johns

    The media is extraordinarily biased in their reporting on almost anything towards the direction of the current presidential administration and his supporters.

  86. Angel Brown-Rush

    Christian Lambert so sad. the reason you hate him is because he's bk so deny that. you need to go back and fact check too. how much money was spent in Iraq seeking weapons of mass destruction? he put an end to that and he was pr assigned to office because the country voted him in. is the country going to down because we have an african american president not hardy. its going down because of aII of the hate. the HOA is a prime exampIe. BIack white hispanic asian native american, it doesnt matter we aII have the same probIems peopIe are peopIe and untiI peopIe get it straight we are AII going down

  87. Christina Johns

    Rules are rules, the problem is our current administration and their supporters don't believe in enforcing the rules that are on the books. They want to create new ones and generate media support for themselves instead of doing what is right.

  88. Christina Johns

    Obummer isn't hated by many because of his race. In fact, he is damned near the whitest black guy ever known. He is hated by many because he lies constantly, and maintains his presidency in spite of the facts. He is so talented at being an entertainer, and promoting his image that he has the sheeple convinced he is not tearing the country apart and ruining our chances at being a country that has influence in this world.

  89. Danny Allen

    i bet you watch fox news think beck and rush are great thinkers , you should try finding the complete facts before you spew half truths did you know the rep include retirees on ssa , retired milatary drawing a pension in that 46 % living off the government as a retiree im entitled to " live of the government "

  90. Jeff Duncan

    The problem isn't who the sign was for when people buy a house in a conrtolled subdivion they agree to follow the covenant set by the housing association. sure it was only a few inches taller than allowed but thats were thinges start then the neighbor put in one a little bigger than the first one just remember its only a few inches bigger, by the time its over you have a couple of full size billboards in the subdivision. bottom line is if you want to do whatever you want don't buy a house in a controlled neighborhood!!!

  91. Bay Truther

    Tyranny? That's Obama's administration! Amazing they can't see Obama's tyranny! STUDY NAZI Germany and Stalin's Russia! Find out what the NDAA is! Obama's legislation to indefinitely detain ANY American citizen at his whim with NO TRIAL. Americans are ASLEEP! We have a DICTATOR IN THE HOUSE. Obama amoung the few dictators to do this to the people is Stalin'sRussia, Nazi Germany, North Korea and Cuba. Obama has a lot in common with these countries with this NDAA legislation. THAT"S NOT FREEDOM OBAMA SUPPORTERS! ARE YOU ALL ASLEEP?

  92. George Hay

    I live in an HOA neighborhood in GA and served for a few years on the architectural control committee. I volunteered because we needed a voice of reason among a few over zealous nit pickers who weren't above letting personal feeelings toward some in our community cloud their judgement on issues. One of the things that happens in the 'hood is when you have work or a renovation done, usually the contractor will put a sign out front of the house. A little advertising, as well as a little evidence that your neighbor is working to maintain or increase property value. Nice. And the sign is only there a few days. Some time back the HOA sent out a nasty gram threatening to fine anyone who had a contractor sign in the yard because the covenants clearly state that "Only signs advertising a home for sale were allowed. Absolutely no exceptions.' So when the last election cycle came around and the proliferation of political signage started popping up all over, in many cases with a sign for every candidate of either party putting as many as 5 to 7 signs in a single yard……. I decided to test the HOA's resolve. So I sent a letter to the HOA asking where the fine threats were for those violating the no exceptions to the signs in the yard rule. 2 weeks went by, no response. I sent a second letter – which brought a response from the HOA attorney who I know from serving on the committee…… explaining that the rule was pretty much unenforcable. A freedom of speech issue that would cost the HOA dearly if they decided to fight it.

  93. Andy Mathis

    Well, it's plain to see you didn't waste your money on an education. Republicans speak of W or DUBYA as if he were a god. Just about eveything that happened during his two terms was a mistake. First by letting channey and rumsfeld make all decisions, they were only looking out for their interests. I never hear republicans never mention the 2 wars they got us into or record high gas prices allowing the oil corps. to make record profits. Or how they allowed the real estate market to collapse and causing unemployment to soar You never say anything about lying about w.m.d. or iraq supporting terrorist. You don't ever mention Karl Rove, the most dishonest person ever in government. With all the crimes and lies he commited, they should have hanged him. All with with dubyas blessings. President Obama will never get the mess that dubya created straightened out, especially with the republicans resisting anything that is good for America. All American citizens should come to getter and demand the that they work together to better our country. Everyone should treat their fellow Americans with dignity and respect regardless of their beliefs if they are good for our country. All I see in our society is adults acting like children or brats and bullies. Disrespect and name calling only divides us in a time we should be united. The government is not going to save us. It is up to us, the American people, to insure our liberties and freedom are preserved. We need to weed out the self-serving crooks in office and vote them out. Good luck folks.

  94. Robert Reed

    HOA's are so stupid.They give power to people who don't desearve it.I would like to hear about just one that the people in the community like.These poor people had their dues raised from 650, reasonable to 3500, unreasonable.I know alot of people that can't afford that type of increase.

  95. Anonymous

    Christian Lambert Great Depression? Unemployment was much higher under Reagan's first term. 10 straight months over 10% Look it up you ignorant fool. And Clinton was still able to pay off the debt, that is until Bush took office and racked up 8 trillion in wars and tax cuts!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Baxter Braum

    Hey, Robert Lawson!

    You are a MORON if you really think that President Obama is destroying America. President Obama, in his SECOND term, will be doing great things to keep America on the road to full recovery including, but not limited to, gun control reform, infrastructure (that Republicans blocked last term and probably will again), immigration reform, and working to lower the National debt (which has nothing to do with the "Debt Ceiling"), and long term solutions for own need for energy.


    Stop watching Faux (Fox) News and pay attention to actual facts, not made up "truths" put out by the likes of Rush (Oxycontin junky) Limbaugh, Sean (I'm a Right wing Nutjob) Hannity, and Glenn (I'm a crybaby) Beck.

  97. Sam Spencer

    People sin HOA agreements and then renege on their word to abide by the terms of said agreements are no better people buy a car and then don't make the payments per the contract. There instances where some residents erect massive flag pole in contradiction their HOA agreements and then attempt to drape themselves in the Flag sayin it's "fre speech" when all in all it's really only another form of eyesore.

  98. Tony Nelson

    Would your friends at Fox News not report on it? If we're going to cover selective media, how about the largest news organization in the country (who acts like a minority while they are the majority) only gives you the select one sided "news" (I use that term loosely) for their own benefit. Though I'm sure you are completely against the news sources like them that also cover news from a one sided fashion right?

  99. Tony Nelson

    Yeah it's a shame the downturn all started during a Republican rule and hasn't been good since the last Democrat in charge…

  100. Tony Nelson

    They complied by cutting the sign in half making it fall under the "4 inches too high" at that point the HOA was out of excuses… They complied with the HOA. It's the HOA that kept going…

  101. Dwayne Talkington

    Melissa Stusinski good reply, people throw blanket statements out bashing the press all the time. Glad to see one journalist actually replay right in the forum with honesty.

  102. Dwayne Talkington

    Sorry the sign was four inches taller than it was supposed to be. Honestly who pays that much attention to a sign that they were able to determine by eye that it was 4 inches too tall? Or did they go on the home owners property and measure it? I could understand them complaining if the people had a 8' x 4' sign when they only allowed a 36" x 24" or a 24" x 18" or something along those lines but 4" too tall? They thought this was worth a fine and then court?

  103. John Smith

    I am absolutely not Obama's biggest fan, but I'll be the first to say that if my neighbor wants to keep an Obama sign on his lawn, then it's his business. It was stated that originally the sign was four inches too tall, then the HOA should have shut up when the problem was correced. Instead they got mounted their high horse and bullied themselves into bankrupcy.

  104. Tim Budzik

    First Mistake Buying a home where there is a Home Owners Association, These should be Illegal! Home Owners Association only means Uptight home owners that think they are better than anyone with thier noses up in the air thinking thier shit don't stink. RULE #2 NEVER BUY A HOME WHERE THERE IS A H.O.A. I Have Proof Positive in that fact, I have a sister and brother in law that live in California and she is the so called President of thier H.O.A. They Both think that thier shit don't stink.

  105. Dave Sohl

    These Nazi homeowner associations and zoning boards are totally out of control. Crime runs rampant in America, yet time, money and energy is devoted to some small flaw in or on someone's rightfully owned property.

  106. Mike Bhan

    And lets blame Bush for killing all the folks that went to Iraq and gave their life for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" which was never found!! And 911 happened on his watch where over 3200 people got killed so lets bring him for a senate hearing.

  107. Anonymous

    H Dennis Allen I might agree with you if the President, that you so dearly defend, was one that lived and governed by the bill of rights. I am no fan of HOA's but this couple support a man that has no idea what being a President is all about.

  108. Rhet Kidd

    For that kind of money I'm betting everyone in the hoa could've got themselves a hot tub, stretched out in it and SIMMERED THE HELL DOWN! Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Obama (or Romney, or the next pair of jokers they dangle in front of us), but good Lord! People honestly believe that ONE man is making or breaking our country? THAT'S the real problem! P.S. I'm in favor of people starting hoa's if they want (after all, it's a free country!), there is enough room here for us to live in selective environments (if we can afford it!), but if I lived in a neighborhood that was bankrupting itself to fight me over a little cardboard sign, I think I'd find some better neighbors…

  109. Tim Koob

    H Dennis Allen – Wait until another 4 years passes, and then see for yourself where your "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT; LET US KNOW HOW THAT WORKS FOR YA.

  110. Robert Bartlett

    Over an Obama sign? I think mama was finally right, HOA is the devil!

  111. Anonymous

    What he's saying is that obama is bankrupting the country. This couple using the obama sign is doing the same thing to the HOA. And….it IS a free country. The Couple KNEW they were moving into a neighborhood that was governed by an HOA. HOA's have rules to protect the property values and the people's investments. That's how it works.

  112. Matthew Haas

    Just wondering who proofreads this? Looks like my son's school report.

  113. Jeff Kristof

    I may not like the guy and I may not have voted for him but this is after all America. If somebody wants a sign in their front yard that screams "An idiot lives here"… Let them do so. The election is over and it has been settled. Suck it up people. A sign isn't going to ruin your life, it's the man on the sign that will.

  114. Richard Watkins

    who in the hell is the home owners association anyway? what give's these people on that board the right to say shit about anyone's front yard? let them try that shit where I live. I bought and paid for my stuff, not them. someone should tell those people to go get a real life. a sign don't take away property values. you give some people a little power, and bamm right to their heads it goes…

  115. Jeff Blank

    The sign didn't bankrupt the HOA and tear the community apart. The Farrans did. Instead of following the bylaws and doing what was asked, they decided to act like children and play games. All they had to do was replace the sign with a slightly smaller one and that would have ended the matter.

  116. Darin Sams

    Baxter, so are you suggesting everyone watch MSNBC? Nimwit. Oh yeah, when you use ALL CAPS!!!! to write something you only come across as someone that is screaming out another's words because their own arguement can only go that deep. Get a clue, read the Constitution, get to know the reasons for our Bill of Rights (hint: you will not find this in the history of our country alone, read some world history over the 1000 years before the birth of our country), and finally…. spend some time thinking (if at all possible) about how you really feel about your's and your families responsiblities with regard to your home, relious bias in government, personal protection, finances (more importantly the financial situations of the other 300 millions US citizens and non-citizens) then make a decision on how you feel.

  117. Anonymous

    The HOA is going bankrupt because of an Obama sign? hmmm Sounds familiar, like Obama Bankruping America…

  118. Anonymous

    The HOA is going bankrupt because of an Obama sign? hmmm Sounds familiar, like Obama Bankruping America…

  119. Mikel Inabnit

    HOAs are inherently a terrible thing. The little "good" they do is not worth the headaches that they cause. Being able to fine you and put leans on your property is one of the biggest jokes around.

  120. Darin Sams

    Yep, this is America and these people made the decision to join the HOA. It's their own fault, so to go crying to someone when they get called out for breaking the rules is the epitome of b* i*t *c * h-a* s *s moves!!!

  121. Darin Sams

    WOW! This is America and these people made the decision to join the HOA. It's their own fault! So to go crying to someone when they get called out for breaking the rules is the epitome of b* i*t *c * h-a* s *s moves!

  122. Charlie Marlow

    HOAs should be illegal.They are a violation of the American principles of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. A man's home is his castle. If I want a purple door on my house (as one of my neighbor's have) it is nobody's business. HOAs claim to be protecting home values when in reality, they are a bunch of unhappy busy bodies that have a Napoleon complex trying to make themselves out to be important. It's time American stand up to them and run them out of business!

  123. Wayne Jones

    Christina Johns Obummer? That's real brilliant. Before you call someone a "bum"…at least be an academic equal to the individual you're trying to call a bum. Now back to the trailer park with you. All this sign nonsense is rooted in RACISM. End of story. This country still has a long way to go. I never saw CONservatives preach so much about bankrupting or dividing the country when it was a Republican president spending like drunken sailors.. i.e. Reagan, Bush I, Bush II. It's always when a Democrat is in office. When was the last time a Republican balanced a budget. Oh, wait. *eye roll*

  124. Lindsay Wayne

    Rules are rules…we were just following the rules…isn't that what all the captured Nazis said?

  125. Lori Ostmeyer

    Obama destroys everything really American. Hope that family gets what they deserve in the end. Yukky sign.

  126. Charlie Marlow

    This is neither a conservative/liberal or democrat/republican issue, but rather one of property rights. Small, non-governmental organizations are attempting to take property rights away from the homeowner. It is time for another American Revolution against such practices. If you own the property and pay the taxes, no one other than a duly elected GOVERNMENT has the right to dictate what you can and cannot do with it.

  127. Charlie Marlow

    This has nothing to do with Obama. HOAs have been terrorizing homeowners for years. It's time to outlaw them.

  128. Charlie Marlow

    Isn't it ridiculous? That is YOUR property and baring safety issues (which the local government should regulate) you should be able to do anything you want with that property.

  129. Charlie Marlow

    This has nothing to do with Obama. HOAs have been terrorizing homeowners for years. It's time to outlaw them.

  130. Anonymous

    Homeowner Associations should be outlawed! I would never buy a house if a HOA was involved, having a bunch of p ri cks telling me what I can and can't do with my own property would not fly by a long shot!

  131. Dwayne Oxford

    I thank God for there being no HoA here. They're just one more useless layer of anti-freedom "government" infested with idiots apparently "governing" idiots.

  132. Kevin Gallagher

    Wow, the people responding to you are complete idiots. Robert did not blame Obama himself for this situation. But I have never seen educated people still supporting him after these 4+ years of failure so I guess it's expected.

  133. Anonymous

    Christina Johns-The rule that the HOA enforced said the sign had to go because it was 4 inch too tall. So when the Farran's cut out the logo making it compliant with the rule it should have been done. Instead, they fined them $900. That is being a bully. The fact that this is a story and so many people are so worked up about a freaking sign concerns me for the future of our country. We are polarizing and tearing this country apart arguing over petty stuff like this. Do I agree with the HOA? No, they tried to knuckle someone under by levying a fine on them. Do I agree with the Farrans? No, I would never have taken it to this level. Common sense is gone in this country.

  134. Bob Sladewski

    Respect the position. But the position holder must EARN the respect. What do you feel the Pres has done to earn respect?

  135. Eric DjUnderground Cummings

    Soooooo, let me get this straight, you are willing to go bankrupt over a damn sign? Pathetic…. HOAs are the worst……

  136. Michael Alvarez

    I do believe and please do your own research that election signs are legal for specific dates to be posted anywhere even in HOA's My hOA states that 8 weeks prior and 1 week after they may be palced on lawns but fines are impossed after those dates. The only provision is that they do not block the line of sight for drivers, DOT right of ways, sewer, proteced land etc. or infringe over anothers property line. needless to say we had all sorts of candidates through out our neighborhood. It was kind of cool. For this HOA. I am speechless and want to know. So how did being stupid work for you?

  137. Jackie Yount Welsh

    Why doesn't some one just set fire to the sign and get it over with?

  138. Dwayne Oxford

    I thank God there's no HoA here. They're just one more useless anti-freedom layer of "government", and most seem to be severely infested with idiots apparently attempting to "govern" idiots.

  139. Lown family maple syrup

    I couldn't care less about a campaign sign. What irriates me is someone choosing to live in a HOA then complaining abuot the rules. The same mentality gets people to move from the city to farm country then complain about farm activities.

  140. Anonymous

    So, you have an extreme statement (“Need I say more! This would lead to chaos. Our property values would be put at risk.”), a ridiculous legal battle over something so insignificant, a community "destroyed", and a bankrupt homeowner's association. Just another day in this our world of stupidity.

  141. Gary McDowell

    Tom Maher . Well if it weren't for millions of illegals voting he would be x-potus. obama won by 7.9% of the popular vote in 2001. In 2012 he won by 3.1%. That's tell us ther were somewhere around 12 million voters who voted for him in 2008 that didn't in 2012. And yes illegals can vote thanks to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The only requirement is they prove they live in the polling district they're voting in.

  142. Anonymous

    The moral of the story should be that the lawyers received over $400,000 for about 4 hrs in court I bet. The legal system is what's killing this Country. And once they retire from the legal system lucky us they become politicians.

  143. Gary McDowell

    Pappy Hurt …hey leftwing puke…how do u know they were right wingers?

  144. Ric Baker

    What poor editing. The second paragragh has two errors that should never have made it to the final print.

  145. Anonymous

    I can't believe I even read this. Yet another useless waste of media space and time. And to think of all the money that was raked in just to publish this article. The world has truly gone to shit.

  146. Terry Jackson

    that's awesome I hate HOA's they are a bunch of f'up liberal do gooders getting in the way of common sence. I hope this family owns this neighborhood one day.

  147. Anonymous

    Baxter Braum nothing proves your argument more than calling someone a moron, does it? It's a typical response, you don't agree with me so you're a moron mentality. we don't think obama is doing a good job at all, but instead of attacking our argument you attack us? what is that? as for the sign…seems like the HOA is making a big deal out of nothing, but then the people who own the sign fight so hard to keep it they bankrupted the HOA and wrecked the community. All over a sign.

  148. Brian Applegate

    Why are there so many errors in this paragraph ""The battle began in Alexandria, Virginia after Sam and Maria Farran planted and Obama for President sign in their years for the 2008 election. The action sent them on a collision course with their homeowners association." Seems rather strange for a writer or reporter not to notice all of the errors?

  149. Derrick Spearman

    Funny how this article is about a dispute between home owners and HOA but in reading the comments below, you would think it was about the President. People you need to stop blaming the President for your shortcomings…FYI the President has LIMITED power and his scope of authority is controlled by the Constitution. So instead of looking at someone to blame because of your lack on success…look in the mirror and see what you can do to change your situation.

  150. Jesse Meehl

    I can't stand Obama. I didn't vote for him and never would. But this is a private yard and this is America. Did it ever occur to this pathetic Homeowners Association that after the election it would be taken down. Way to be dumb.

  151. Mary H. Collins

    I've lived in a restricted subdivion where lawn signs are not allowed. You have to admit, it is tacky. Some people don't have the good sense to keep a neatly manicured lawn so someone has to make that decision for them. As most obama(I choose not to capitalize his name) followers, the home owner sounds spiteful and uneducated. If he wants to put trash in his yard let him move to the ghetto. Anyone with any common sense knows obama didn't win the election…it was a fraud. With all the crime he's commited, not to mention how he's brainwashed the weak-minded people into thinking he is something other than the criminal he is, he should be in prison. I'm not a racist, nor do I disrespect the positon of the president of what used to be a great country. obama has made a laughing stock of America, with his cocky attitude and disrespect for our constitution and military. It's evident he has our congress brainwashed. I pray the people who follow him will soon wake up and help us get rid of him and save our rights. Of course, if all else fails, we could call in the KKK.

  152. Leslie Henry

    If the HOA wasn't being a jackass about this families constitutional rights then they wouldn't be in that situation. Those ppl have a right to remodel and upgrade there home as well as put a sign in there yard if they so please, and just because you don't like it does not give you the right to change it. The HOA lost in court twice, what that tell ya! If you don't like something what gives others the right to make their life hell because of it. MIND YOUR ON BUSINESS!

  153. Anonymous

    Tom Maher, and you base this on what facts. It was based on the size of the sign that violated HOA policies not who they supported for president.

  154. Anonymous

    Thank you for being a reasonable member of society. Unfortunately, I read the post 2 above yours (reverse chronological) first, so I have still suffered a net loss on my confidence in humanity scale.

  155. Mac Donald

    Boys and girls obama only won in states without voter ID.That is why the dems fight this so much.Gloating is not the thing to do.He is for every nation but not for the USA.wake up you lazy welfare phucks.

  156. Anonymous

    Tom Maher
    if you want to call those elections sure he won twice
    but remember cheaters cheaters never beaters
    caution the muslims are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the muslims are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. James Rowland

    Christian Lambert you are wrong. Unemployment is NOT the highest it's ever been and since the debt went from 10 Trillion to 16 Trillion how do you figure he spent more than all the other presidents combined??? He was voted in because the US has realized that making the rich more wealthy does NOT create more jobs.

  158. Anonymous

    It seems everyone want to go off into other worlds. The issue has nothing to do with free speech, it's about rules that a person agrees to live by. The HOA had rules on the size of signs, the Farrans decided to ignore the rule. My guess is that the Farran family is in some sort of "high up" status in the DC political community. They probably felt that with their status, they should be immune from such trivial rules. If they had any common decency, they would have put out a smaller sign when asked to do so. If this had been a Republican doing this, I would have said the same thing. If they didn't like the rule, they should have tried to have it changed, or should have moved. Breaking the rule should have brought consequences to only them.

  159. Mac Donald

    Get off the welfare facen.he only won in states without voter ID.If it was legal he would have lost.A bunch of countys he got over 100% of the vote! explain that one?

  160. Mark Billings

    These people think the Homeowners Association is bad, Obama is building and larger, more powerful and intrusive government! Wait until his government intrudes on their lives. They will wish they were dealing with the HOA.

  161. Lin Antalek

    perfect lets see how the Farrans like be told to stop being an American. Sooner or later when the "rules" hit you personally it's "unfair". So for all those who say get rid of guns, even though the 2nd amendment guarantees your right, you may be next. Something you hold near and dear will be under attack… lets see how you react.

  162. Dylan Myers

    “Need I say more! This would lead to chaos. Our property values would be put at risk.”.
    because someone put a sign in their yard? If the HOA would have politely asked them to remove the sign, I bet they would have obliged. But when you try to bully someone, most people will push back.

  163. Mac Donald

    Marquita Facen Moron.Get off the welfare and get a job.He only won in states without voter ID.Don't shout to loud for that hunk of crap.Did you get your free phone that the working class paid for?

  164. Barbara J. Campbell-Munck

    Angel Brown-Rush you like Obama because he is black, deny that? You need to go back to school and do grammar check. He was put into office because of his gang of Chicago crooks and the promise of change. Too bad he didn't follow through with the hope and change that he lied about. As for the second election he just out and out stole that election, and by the way, moving FORWARD may not be like you and your liberal friends would like but you are so ignorant that by the time you figure out what bit you in the butt it will be too late for all of us. What you and other morons don't realize it that he is working toward a ONE WORLD ORDER just like all the presidents before him were, his tactics were just different, but the end is going to be the same, unless we put this RACE crap behind us and face the real truth. Try watching BBC news for a real media approach to the news, the crap we have on our TV isn't reporting facts they are propaganda machines. And before you tell me I am GOP or White, let me save you the trouble on both comments; I am not Rep. and I couldn't care less if the president was Green, or from outer space, but what I do care about is the direction this country is going, and it is due to UNINFORMED idiots that don't any real research before they vote that makes me worry.

  165. Joe Reid

    Well… seems like your boy barry can screw up stuff without even being there….He seems to be real good at that….At least he's good at something….Oh wait…I digress…he's a great lier…he's turned that into an art form. However, he THE worst pres this country has ever had. It's a shame that it's gotten to the point that POTUS and POS are synonomous….

  166. Cinda Ratzlaff-Nichols

    @Kabba – YOUR president, not ours! And respect is earned, not accorded for showing up. Just waiting for the American Spring coming to your town soon!

  167. Anonymous

    Home Owner association communities SUCK! You always have some nosy butt kisser and another rule breaker and then this association group that is voted by your community looking to steal your money.

  168. Steve Finley

    normbelluso And thus, the brilliant normbelluso proves Pappy's deeper point about irrational anti-Obamaism. Thank you, normbelluso.

  169. Steve Finley

    Yes, John. You know exactly what "the media" would have or would not have done, based on your anecdotal experience. Except that I can find you similar stories over the years regarding various signs, shirts, etc., worn or displayed to support Republican candidates. I can also cite my own experience with my car being vandalized — repeatedly — for having a Kerry bumper sticker on it. Never got reported in the media. So now what do we do?

  170. Pamela D Long

    No, it isn't YOUR property and that's the problem. I live in a condo, and the rules state that the lawns/grounds around each building are "common grounds." It belongs to the association, not me. And yes, my condo is up for sale. This is worse than living in an apartment. The monthly hoa fees keep going up because the board doesn't know how to run things. If there's money in the account, they spend it instead of keeping a "reserve" in case a roof, etc needs to be replaced. They call the snow removal company if there's an INCH of snow on the ground. What a waste of money, my money!

  171. George McMillan II

    Please recognize the article was about a HOA willing to cut its nose to spite its face, not about politics. HOAs wield arbitrary power. This shouldn't descend into a left/right argument which are all just annoying and not clever at this point. If you must, resume your "tard"-suffixed insults now.

  172. Steve Finley

    I'll deny it. You don't know crap about what you're talking about, and anybody who does would destroy you in a debate — not that you'd ever know it or admit it.

  173. Steve Finley

    Let's see: Unsupported polemic — check. Personal attack — check. Off-point to the actual article — check. Yup, you've checked all the boxes on the Ignorant Right-Wing Nutbag test. Congratulations.

  174. Kathy Pickett

    I have no problem denying what you said. You are wrong. Your hysterical ranting is the same over-used, ridiculous BS the conservative right tried to shove down the voters' throats last year. It's nothing but meaningless tripe and look what happened. You lost. Grow a brain and try very hard to start thinking for yourself.

  175. George McMillan II

    I hold having sex with 14 year olds near and dear. Constitution says it's okay, but I still can't do it. Gubment already took away my grenades. We should work together to get guns/grenades/14 year old girls legalized, and tell the gubment to give us our freedom back!

  176. Anonymous

    Homeowners Associations suck. I know everyone gets together and they have certain rules that they all agree to, but there are always gray areas and "inbetween situations" that always arise. Stuff like this happens all the time, with condo associations too. Buying a home? I suggest avoiding these two types of places if you can.

  177. Kathy Pickett

    It seems to me the HOA was run by some very small-minded, power hungry idiots. Through intimidation, they tried to unfairly force their will on the Farrans and it didn't work. Clearly, the HOA was being unfair because the court ruled in favor of the Farrans TWICE. The HOA was wrong and should never have forced the issue and put the Farrans in the position of having to defend themselves. If you want to point a finger at someone, it should be pointing at the people on the HOA board who did this.

  178. George McMillan II

    Just needed to vent? I'm assuming so b/c it had nothing to do with the intent of the article.

  179. Nick Mullinix

    It is important to recognize that it is the HOA who elected to continue the legal action that caused them to become bankrupt. All they had to do was drop the fine and allow the sign after it was altered to fall within their guidelines. Instead, they pursued a course of action that ultimately cost their members dearly.

  180. George McMillan II

    "I'm not racist, I just believe the KKK is a great solution."

  181. Roger Yount

    To all of you that don't like HOA's DON"T MOVE INTO A NEIGHBORHOOD THAT HAS ONE! You are correct about this being a free country, so, you should ecercise your freedom and don't move into these places. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  182. George McMillan II

    If people cared this much about their legislators as they did the President, perhaps some substantive change could/would occur. I suspect most people couldn't tell you their congressional leadership if it were multiple choice, or haven't ever written them either.

  183. George McMillan II

    True. Continue to stay in one if you don't mind your dues increasing tenfold to pay for senseless legal bills.

  184. Jean Brook

    Danny Allen, what you don't understand is that the military retirement and benefits are part of the military employment package ….. why else would anyone work for such low wages? Retirees are not "living off the government", they're receiving the rest of the pay that they were Promised!!!

  185. Anonymous

    sure would like to know how that hope and change is working out for them.

  186. Anonymous

    Couldn't agree more!! I will never purchase property with a HOA. Its another Nazi/ Socialist organization. I have friends who, over they years had to deal with this bs. From planting trees (# of trees, size, type etc) to fences, house colors…etc, etc. Insane. I pay the mortgage and taxes, they do not.

  187. Dorrell Perry

    You move into a development, you know the rules. Family was wrong. courts were wrong. You don't like the rules, don't live in that development. No one forced you to buy the house.

  188. George McMillan II

    If you can afford to support the notion of having your HOA fees increase tenfold over a frivolous, temporary sign, then you should probably not complain about your taxes going up. Priorities, people…

  189. William Buttry

    democrat republican who cares they should have the rite to put up theyre sign and hoa's are nothing but money hungery sob's and they want to bully everybody around they are stupid freaking idiots.

  190. Daniel Morgan

    OK. I agree that the HOA is a group of idiots. But for all of you bleeding heart liberals who are too ignorant to see what our President is doing. Wake up dumb ass. How many of you voted for the first time in 08?

  191. George McMillan II

    They were allowed to have the sign, it was just four inches too high. Instead of giving them a chance to shove it in the ground further, they just fined them and them alone. Read more carefully. The court did, which is why the Farrans won…twice.

  192. Ryan Bald

    "The battle began in Alexandria, Virginia after Sam and Maria Farran planted and Obama for President sign in their years for the 2008 election." Who needs proof reading when you can just write for The Inquisitr?

  193. Kurtis Wichmann

    I like the idea of Homeowners not being smart enough to get it: YOU LOST, STOP BRINGING LAWSUITS! But, some people you just can't teach. They brought it ALL on themselves. A sign 4" too tall…really? bankrupt over a sign 4" too tall? Dumb as a box of hair.

  194. Mike Pags

    Tell them not to worry, Obama just announced a tax on lawn signs. The rest of us tax payers will pick up the tab for them. Losers!

  195. George McMillan II

    That is all after the Farrans cut the sign to bring it into regulation.

  196. Left Coast

    It is a dammm shame that first the pettiness of the person who reported it for being 2 inches too tall. Second when it was corrected the HOA for being idiots and third the homeowners who should have removed the sign within days of President Obama being elected. If they wanted to post it again for his re-election campaign then so be it. Unfortunately this is what you get when you move into an HOA controlled community.

  197. Anonymous

    Now this is an ironic statement from an Obama supporter: "“It’s like we weren’t living in America. You are always one board election away from a tyranny. They wield enormous power.”".

  198. Martha Jane Rozsi

    So did nobody else have any political sign up on their yard ever in this neighborhood?

  199. Edith Jones

    Paying attention to what is going on in your OWN home takes care of this situation! Funny….

  200. Serena Kirby

    ok, I'm not a fan of Barack Obama–or lawn signs for that matter, but if this is all it takes to 'tear apart the fabric of the community' the fabric of the community in question had a lot more issues to beging with than a mere lawn sign. Get a grip, America.

  201. Serena Kirby

    ok, I'm not a fan of Barack Obama–or lawn signs for that matter, but if this is all it takes to 'tear apart the fabric of the community' the fabric of the community in question had a lot more issues to beging with than a mere lawn sign. Get a grip, America.

  202. Daniel Morgan

    Oh. And to Mr. Tom Maher. Legitimately elected? A vast majority of his votes came from nonproductive members of society. Most of which are still living off of my tax dollars. Although they had never voted in their lives. There was an epic campaign to get these people registered to vote. I had make the effort to register myself at age 18 to vote. These people were registered on the street. This was done because they knew that they had to have these votes to have a chance. Maybe you're one of them. Nevertheless, " legitimatelty elected " is BS.

  203. Anonymous

    Why wouldn't you disband the HOA the second they tried to quintuple the fees to pay for a legal pissing match?

  204. Anonymous

    @ H Dennis Allen you want to call someone a dufus. Start with yourself I seriously doubt that there is anything in the "BILL OF RIGHTS" about HOA'S.

  205. Kim Zesiger

    Lady, you're crazy. You should get out of your little nutshell a bit and take a look around. BTW, as someone who HAS traveled extensively world-wide, let me say that what the rest of the world (or at least those who are not religious zealots) credits for making America a laughing stock is ignorant people like you….and the REST of the wrongwing. Besides, this article WASN'T about Obama, you idiot, but rather about a sign in a yard of a house located in a neighborhood with a HOA. Glad you see yourself as someone who is a decision maker. HA! as a woman, I hope you NEVER get to make a decision for me. Now, let me go throw some garbage around my lawn, in your honor, you nazi racist pig.

  206. Anonymous

    Say what you want about Bush , ( and no I didn't vote for him ) had to throw that in there because the libs throw that at you as soon as someone says anything negative about OBLAMO , anyhow this country was never this divided under his presidency. And that's a fact.

  207. Eric DjUnderground Cummings

    Indeed Derrick.. The complaints are so obviously bias and is simply "the same ole same ole" blame game tactics. Its pathetic…If it was a Romney/Ryan sign the comments would have been TOTALLY different, smh…

  208. Nick Mullinix

    Martha Jane Rozsi
    In Alexandria? No doubt… But I'm sure they were Romney signs, which is okay. You see, it isn't the signs themselves that they are afraid will decrease their home values. They think the biggest threat to home values is people knowing that liberals live there.

  209. Carl Herring

    Anyone who has ever lived in a community with an HOA knows…when you buy the home you sign an agreement to abide by their rules…so the idiots that signed it now don't hold up their end of the bargain… that's what caused the problem…just like who they support, only like the rules that work for them.!!!

  210. Marianne Zoricak

    It's about time these organizations are taken down a notch or two. They are all loaded with people who have no power anywhere else and try to tell everybody else what to do what THEY want. The entire borad should be fired. I'd just bet that themajority of these people are church going hypocrites who are as far from Christ-like as you can get.

  211. Dennie Daniels

    You all crack me up- you are like the people that buy a house next to a airport or a gun range and then piss and moan about the noise- when you buy a house that has a hoa, you signed the papers agreeing to the terms- why is that so hard to uinderstand? Who cares what the sign said-they signed a contract stating they woluld not put a sign that large in their yard- end of story.

  212. Arlene Murray

    Never fool around with HOA. They're like a bunch of Nazis! In my neighborhood they have one person that goes around pretending to jog everyday but in reality just trying to find reasons for HOA to write a nasty letter to you. On one occasion, I was overseas on a work assignment, my yearly HOA due was not received by them on time, they threatened to foreclose my home. I didn't realize that those bastards have that power to do so. I thought only your mortgage lender can foreclose on you if you default on your loan. The fee that is normally x amount a year was rebilled to me with additional processing costs, lawyer fees (as they apparently had to consult with a lawyer) etc. and it rediculously trippled the amount that was due. Bastards!

  213. Laura Heil Kinart

    Seriously, I would be PO'ed that my HOA didn't just drop it if my fees went up that much! And the people who shot their yard because of this….RIDICULOUS! You know what I say to these people, all of them…GROW UP!

  214. Anonymous

    I live in a neighborhood with a HOA and we have some idiotic rules also, but we also have some good ones. Bottom Line – know your covenants and restrictions – if you don't like them or HOA's in general, then don't live there. Personally, I think the sign rule is idiotic and would have worded it completely different to make it more related to the length of time it could stay up, etc. This whole thing just shows how divisive politics has become – when Bush was in there were some pretty ugly things said and done on the Left – with Obama in the WH – it's more of the same from the other side. People should expect that if they are going to put political signs in their yard or bumper stickers on their car, they could very well invoke some sort of negative reaction. The HOA in this case was completely idiotic taking themselves all the way to BK – they thought the sign was going to hurt values – how about a BK HOA and houses that won't sell.

  215. Anonymous

    This is why I chose not to purchase a home with a home owners association. I did not want to live according to their rules. These people knew what they were getting into when they purchased their home. I think all involved are really quite silly but I still say these people understood there were rules to abide by. That is what they signed up for.

  216. Anonymous

    they got what they deserved! Try and tell ME what I can put in my yard and see how quick u get a foot in your ass!

  217. Roland Deschain

    Can't stand Presbo, but, the HOA is out of line (yet again). Can't wait to get the hell out of mine. HOA's SUCK. Too many ego maniacal types on the boards.

  218. Tammy Hengst

    It is my opinion and a FACT that this family KNEW what they were getting into with rules and regulations that an HOA has and that they were to be governed in this manner. IF they didn't want these rules (whatever they were) then WHY in the world did they move INTO this home? You don't KNOWINGLY move somewhere like this and then proceed to repeatedly SUE…….. They're idiots………. It's SIMPLE, FOLLOW THE RULES OR MOVE THE HELL OUT~! Period.

  219. Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman

    What a bunch of pussies! Obviously they don't have anything better to do with their time or money than be a bunch of jerks. Never buy a home connected to a "homeowners association" it's just one more way people with no lives can feel free to bully you all they want.

  220. Donald W. Grab

    just another case of an obnoxious obama voter thinking laws don't apply to them. hope they are happy now they ruined the community just like obama is a cancer within the country.

  221. Anonymous

    I absolutely deplore the Obama administration and what it is attempting to do to our country. I believe Obama guilty of malfeasance and possibly worse, and think impeachment proceedings should be initiated. I am not partisan about it; I thought the same of Bush, and Clinton, and Old Bush. Obama is just the latest in a line of despicable miscreants occupying the Oval Office, and he has NO support from me.
    However, I TOTALLY SUPPORT this couple's right to display their Obama sign. The HOA is clearly acting tyrannically, and I am overjoyed to hear they face bankruptcy as a result. So, my hat's off to the young Obamabots; their choice may be misguided, but their courage and principles are beyond question.

  222. Kevin Stephens

    My neighbor's Mitt Romney bumper sticker is too big. It's going to drive down property values.

  223. Kevin Stephens

    Well, you have to understand, Kevin, Mitt Romney is determined to make you hate him.

  224. David Martindale

    HOAs are microcosms of facism give some little pinhead power next thing you know youre getting email for your christmas lights because not all of the tenants can put them up due to age et al there fore youre in violation.

  225. Helen Rhodes

    HOA are filled with Nazis who love to boss you around and keep "unsavory" types out of their communities. I think the HOA are the unsavory types and I am glad to never live where these people who have no lives drive around to spy on their neighbors and turn them in for every little thing they deem wrong. I bet they were hall monitors at school who ratted out their friends and were routinely beat up by the hardcore kids they turned into the office every day. They need to get over themselves and get honest jobs and lives and leave people alone. You are pathetic people.

  226. Brad Boe

    I hate both Obama and HOAs equally… they both think they rule over freedom, And take down your f-ing sign you stupid ass, way to raise everyones rates being a stupid stubborn douch.

  227. Cody Stafford

    a HOA is there to stop trailor trash from doing what they do, IE painting their house purple and green ,, or leaving rusting cars in the front yard next to the refrigerator and so on….

  228. Anonymous

    I can't believe how simplistic and irrational most of these posts are. Nothing is getting done in this country be cause too many (like the HOA) just can not stand to see the other side. As a left leaning GOPer I am embarrassed by the lack of intellect of the posters. Yea, its all Obama's fault. Whaaa. He was elected and guess what we lost. Now we are not going to play ball anymore. Whaa whaa whaa. Instead of sticking to misguided principles and illogical contracts with norquist WORK to make this country better. Act like this HOA who stood their ground (thousand points of light) and see where that gets us. On the HOA point it is obvious most of you do not know how an HOA works. Every year new rules and regulations are replaced and updated. To say they knew the rules going in is false, and as evidenced by the outcome of the lawsuit they may not have been enforceable. to Tim and Dennis – -peace & love – — -peace & love – –

  229. Anonymous

    I can't believe how simplistic and irrational most of these posts are. Nothing is getting done in this country be cause too many (like the HOA) just can not stand to see the other side. As a left leaning GOPer I am embarrassed by the lack of intellect of the posters. Yea, its all Obama's fault. Whaaa. He was elected and guess what we lost. Now we are not going to play ball anymore. Whaa whaa whaa. Instead of sticking to misguided principles and illogical contracts with norquist WORK to make this country better. Act like this HOA who stood their ground (thousand points of light) and see where that gets us. On the HOA point it is obvious most of you do not know how an HOA works. Every year new rules and regulations are replaced and updated. To say they knew the rules going in is false, and as evidenced by the outcome of the lawsuit they may not have been enforceable. to Tim and Dennis – -peace & love – — -peace & love – –

  230. Anonymous

    It's a Home Owners Association. You dumbocrats that think "Oh he must be a Republican" must have never lived in one of these tyrannical piece of crap neighborhoods. They look for ANY REASON to impose their will and illicit their so-called power! Democrats are so stupid! It's really kind of embarrassing to read your idiotic comments on every article that's printed. Please just shut up! You're guy won the election. Try to "win" with some class. We could have a Democrat for president for the next 50 years and you idiots will still blame a republican for all of the shortcomings of our government! Peace, love, live-and-let-live, kumbay-freakin-ya, you morons!

  231. Dennis Mallernee

    This only points out the stupidity of the electoral base of people that put this man in office. How utterly stupid must you be.

  232. George McMillan II

    If the sign read "Race for a Cure" or "Girl Scout Cookies for sale", would you still agree with the fine & lawsuit even after they brought the sign into code? I know rules are rules, but let's all agree there are underlying political considerations being made, and sometimes the letter of the law gets applied unevenly.

  233. David Luesley

    This is likely rhetorical but why does anyone willingly purchase a peice of property within the boundaries of an existing gulag run by a fascist home owners association? In america? Where you actually have a choice.

  234. Becca Sky

    People say they believe in freedom, but then they want to impose their own rules on everybody else and control every aspect of everybody else's life and property. Doesn't sound very American to me. Just what is the purpose of these "associations" again?

  235. David Luesley

    I experienced a HOA stalag once. Bought a house, really liked the house too, the first day I moved in I got a call from the little Nazi's because my Garage door was open. Some obscure rule about 2 min threshold to get door open , car in and door closed. Handwriting on the wall, even though I liked the house I sold it within a week and found a property where I did not have the gestapo nazis stalking me regarding my "acceptable" homeowner behavior.

  236. Edward Montandon

    Maybe they should have honered the right to free speech with the sign cut in half, but noooo, like all right wing extremists, they want it all their way or no way. Glad it cost them, the judge was educated.

  237. David Neff

    Sure is ironic how an Obama sign has divided a community. Much like the man himself. But I have to tell you, although I have not one ounce of like in me for the man they call President these 2 people are right. They complied with the HOA by cutting the sign in half. After all that is what the objection was about. The sign was to large. The HOA is getting exactly what they deserve. This is what happens when you give people the power to say no.

  238. Ric Seelbinder

    This just goes to show you that obama and his followers all break the rules and the laws. It is time they learned what the penalities are and pay the price.

  239. Anonymous

    Why don't the rest of the homeowners just kill them. Surely they could do this anonymously. Shows our population is a multicultural cesspool.

  240. David Gilbreath

    And apparently to tell you to put up the sign they want or else take it down…NOT!!!

  241. David Gilbreath

    Yes I hope they get what they deserve too…. A giant settlement

  242. David Gilbreath

    Curl they did abide by the rules, and two lawsuits confirmed it, who they support is their own choice, so quit whining

  243. David Gilbreath

    Hey Mary, didnt I see you in my yard measuring that grass that was growing???? The restrictions say no taller than 4 inches but I think I will "manicure" it when it reaches 3 15/16" …. Spiteful??? Maybe but if I comply, then you should mind your own effin business….Lady I would bet you are an HOA President somewhere and you would shit your Knickers if one of your homeowners posted about you the drivel you just wrote about the president… I dont agree with him but I sure dont think the KKK is the answer. You say you arent racist??? You need to pray for your own self cause you sound pretty screwed up to me

  244. Marianne McGarrity

    I wonder what neighborhood in Alexandria this was in? It doesn't say. The neighborhood I lived in definitely had plenty of Obama supporters, but I bet it also had a crazy HOA (i was renting so just guessing) because it's a historic district.

  245. George McMillan II

    I would have liked this article better if they had left the political identification of the sign unspoken. Partisan politics bring the annoying out of everybody, and it isn't even really that pertinent to the issue at hand.

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