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Sen. Lindsey Graham Refuses To Back Down On Benghazi

Lindsey Graham Talks Benghazi

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) isn’t backing down on Benghazi, or his vow to block all of President Barack Obama’s cabinet nominees until he gets the truth about the September 11, 2012 attack. Graham added that nothing changed, even though CBS News admitted it was wrong to trust a 60 Minutes source who claimed to be… Read more »

Iran Nuclear Talks End With No Deal, Though Officials Still Hopeful

Iran Nuclear Talks No Deal

Three days of intense talks about Iran’s nuclear program ended early Sunday with no deal. However, key players insisted that the process is moving in the right direction. Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif commented, “I think we are all on the same wavelength, and that’s important.” CNN reports that the inclusion of top diplomats like… Read more »

Super Typhoon Haiyan’s Death Toll Could Pass 10,000, Officials Say

Super Typhoon Haiyan New Death Toll

The death toll in the Philippines from Super Typhoon Haiyan could pass 10,000, according to a senior police official on Sunday. The storm, which could be the strongest to make landfall in recorded history, devastated coastal towns and the capital of Leyte province. Haiyan destroyed about 70 to 80 percent of the area in its… Read more »

Olympic Torch Goes On Spacewalk, With A Little Help

Olympic Torch Takes Spacewalk

The Sochi Olympic torch took a rather large detour this week, blasting off to the International Space Station and taking a journey into open space for the first time in history. While the torch wasn’t actually lit for the walk (it wouldn’t stay that way anyway), a pair of Russian cosmonauts took the silver-and-red torch… Read more »

Ex-Prosecutor Jailed For Withholding Evidence In Wrongful Conviction

Ex-Prosecutor Jail Sentence Withholding Evidence

Ex-Texas prosecutor Ken Anderson was jailed for withholding evidence in a wrongful conviction case from almost 25 years ago. Anderson accepted his 10-day prison sentence on Friday in front of the innocent man he helped put in prison more than two decades ago. Anderson will also be disbarred and has to serve 500 hours of… Read more »

Man Mauled By Pet Deer Swears Off Keeping Them As Pets

Man Mauled By His Pet Deer

An Alabama man mauled by his pet deer swears he will never try to keep the creatures as pets again. The man, Julius Dunsmore, was keeping seven deer as pets, which isn’t even legal in the first place. Dunsmore entered a fenced pen on his property to tend to the deer on October 30 when… Read more »

BlizzCon 2013 Draws Huge Crowds On Opening Day

BlizzCon Day One Announcements

BlizzCon 2013 drew a huge crowd on its opening day as fans of Blizzard descended on the Anaheim Convention Center, sporting epic cosplay costumes and waiting on news of the game maker’s latest developments. They weren’t disappointed. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime took the stage on Friday to kick off the 7th BlizzCon fan event, telling… Read more »

Microwave Popcorn Makers Face Long Road With Trans Fat Ban

Microwave Popcorn Makers Trans Fats

Makers of microwave popcorn could be the most affected by the FDA’s plan to ban trans fats from foods in the US. Popcorn is the source of much of the trans fats consumed by Americans each year. It will be a long process for manufacturers to rid the fats from their products, though some, like… Read more »

Train Carrying Crude Oil Derails, Explodes In Alabama

Freight Train Crash

A train carrying North Dakota crude oil derailed in a rural area of western Alabama on Friday, leaving 11 cars burning. Twenty of the train’s 90 cars derailed and several were still on fire by Friday afternoon. Local officials explained that those cars, which threw flames 300 feet into the sky, will be left to… Read more »

Mormon Church Will Be Florida’s Largest Private Landowner

Florida Land

The Mormon church will soon be Florida’s largest private landowner. The church made a deal to buy almost 400,000 acres of land in the state’s Panhandle region. A statement released by St. Joe Company, a Florida real estate firm, explained that the property purchased by the LDS church is mostly timberland, reports Reuters. The church… Read more »

World’s First 3D Metal-Printed Gun Can Hit A Target 30 Yards Away

World's First 3D Metal Printed Gun

Texas company Solid Concepts made the world’s first usable 3D Metal Printed gun. The pistol is a classic 1911 and functions “beautifully,” according to a blog post on the company’s website. The gun was made from more than thirty 3D-printed components using 17-4 stainless steel and Inconel 625 materials. This isn’t the first time a… Read more »

Sriracha Candy Canes Are The Perfect Prank For Christmas

Sriracha-Infused Candy Canes Debut

Get ready for Christmas pranks. Sriracha candy canes are available at select retail stores and several online retailers. The extremely hot candies in a package that looks suspiciously like your run-of-the mill peppermint holiday treat. J&D Foods, the Seattle company that brought baconnaise to bacon lovers everywhere, debuted the spicy candy canes in time for… Read more »

United States Loses UNESCO Voting Rights Over Palestine Row

UNESCO Voting Rights

The United States and Israel lost their voting rights at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) after the countries stopped paying dues to the UN’s cultural arm. The two nations stopped payments two years ago in protest when UNESCO granted full membership to the Palestinians. The US pulled funding in October 2011, citing… Read more »

Senate Passes Bill To Ban Workplace Discrimination Against Gays

Senate Passes LGBT Workplace Discrimination Ban

The Senate passed a bill on Thursday to ban workplace discrimination against gay people. The bill’s passage showed the United States has undergone a major shift in the past decade in public opinion. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 passed the Senate 64-32 with 10 Republicans joining 52 Democrats and two independents in the “yes”… Read more »

FAA Releases Updated Plan For Drones In US Skies

FAA Steps Allowing Drones In US Skies

The Federal Aviation Administration took steps on Thursday to allow privately operated drones to fly through the already heavily populated US skies. The FAA issued two documents that could pave the way for manned and unmanned aircraft to fly the skies together. One document outlines the steps federal agencies will need to take to make… Read more »

Asteroid Strikes Could Be More Common Than Originally Thought

Risk Of Asteroid Impact Higher

Asteroids like the one that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia in February could become more common, according to a recent study. The Russian meteorite shattered windows for miles and injured more than 1,000 people. Experts at first labeled the Chelyabinsk asteroid a rare event, explaining that the event could happen once every 100 to 200 years… Read more »

New Tyrannosaur Discovered In Southern Utah, Predates Tyrannosaurus-Rex

New Tyrannosaur Discovered In Utah

A new tyrannosaur was discovered in southern Utah four years ago, and paleontologists unveiled the beast on Wednesday. The discovery proves that giant tyrant dinosaurs, like the Tyrannosaurus rex, are about 10 million years older than previously thought. The Natural History Museum of Utah displayed a full skeletal replica of the massive carnivore, along with… Read more »

Grand Canyon Uranium Mine Work Put On Hold

Grand Canyon Mine On Hold

A uranium mining company drilling near Grand Canyon National Park put its work on hold because of market conditions and the cost of litigation. The company, Energy Fuels Resources Inc., paused the operation until December 2014 or until a ruling is issued in a federal case challenging the US Forest Service’s decision to allow the… Read more »