Lil Wayne Kicked Out Of Knicks Game

Lil’ Wayne Kicked Out Of Miami Heat Game After Cheering For The Lakers

Rapper Lil’ Wayne is claiming that he was kicked out of a New York Knicks game after he cheered too loudly for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Wayne was in general seating at American Airlines Arena when he was allegedly asked to get up and leave the main arena area.

This is not the first time Lil’ Wayne has gotten in trouble with an NBA team. During the playoffs last year, Lil’ Wayne flipped out after he wasn’t allowed into an Oklahoma City Thunder game. At the time of that incident, the Thunder said Wayne did not have a ticket for the game and therefore was denied access.

Lil’ Wayne had a very different take on the Oklahoma incident, claiming the team was racist because they wouldn’t give him free court side seats.

This time around, the Miami Heat have answered Lil Wayne’s claims, telling TMZ:

“In response to your inquiry, please note that Lil Wayne was not ejected from the building. He chose to leave.”

Here is the tweet Lil’ Wayne sent out following his ejection from his seat.

In the meantime, it is very unlikely that police asked Lil’ Wayne to leave the New York Knicks game just because he was rooting for the Lakers. Typically some other type of rowdy or obnoxious behavior must first be observed before a fan of either team is asked to exit the main arena area.