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Colin Kaepernick’s New Tribal Tattoo Represents Inner Strength, Humility

Colin Kaepernick’s new tribal tattoo will be the last one that he gets on his chest.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who already had “Against All Odds” written across his chest, got the rest of his upper body covered in a tribal tattoo over the weekend.

According to, the ink was done by San Jose-based tattoo artist Orly Locquiao.

Locquiao posted a few photos of Kaepernick getting his tattoo on Instagram.

One message reads:

“#latenightsession tattooed Kap till 2:30 in the mornin’. Did a piece for him to represent his family, inner strength, spiritual growth, and humility. Thanks again Kap for the collab with@cukui.”

Kaepernick, who took the starting job from Alex Smith midway through the season this year, brought the 49ers to the Super Bowl this year. Kaepernick wasn’t able to deliver a win but the young phenom should have a few more chances throughout his career. After all, the Super Bowl XLVII was only his 10th career start.

Here are a few photos of Colin Kaepernick’s new tribal tattoo.


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