Adobe Flash Malware Protection Update

Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Update To Stop Malware Attack

Adobe has issued an emergency Flash update for Mac and Windows. The new update fixes two new vulnerabilities that have already spread malware “in the wild.”

One of the exploits is capable of equally targeting Mac and Windows users.

The first attack tricks Mac and Windows users into downloading and opening MS Word files that contain malicious flash content. The second attack works in the same manner but only operates by way of Windows.

Hackers chose to attack Adobe on the very same day the company announced better security for its future update. Adobe announced that it would fight back against the very type of attack that was exploited on Thursday.

Microsoft Office 2010 and later users have a “Protected Mode” that warns them before an embedded flash players content can be played. The exploit attacks users with Office 2008 and earlier.

While the number of users still using older versions of Office continues to shrink, there is still a significant number of users with the older productivity platform installed on their older and even some newer Windows systems.

If you are using a Mac or PC with with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 on Windows, you will have your Flash install automatically updated to fight back against the malware attack.

If you are using a different browser, you should immediately disable flash and then update to Adobe Flash version 11.5.502.149. Linux users should grab Flash version

If you are not sure which version of Adobe Flash, you are currently using you can check immediately by visiting the Adobe flash page.