Baby Crushed By Car

Baby Crushed To Death By Car Belonging To Chinese Birth Control Officials

A 13-month-old baby boy was crushed to death Monday by a car containing Chinese birth control officials, according to reports from state media.

The tragic incident took place near Wenzhou in China’s eastern Zhejiang province. Eleven officials from the Ruian Town family planning office were at the child’s home in Dongshantou village to collect a fine from his parents.

An article by The Guardian writes that China maintains strict regulations on births. The young child’s parents were reportedly in violation of the country’s rules against multiple children.

China’s one-child policy has sparked numerous opposing viewpoints across the world. The country continues to defend its regulations on births as an effective deterrent against overpopulation.

The details of what occurred during the incident are unclear. Vague reports being made by state media officials indicate that Chen Liandi, the baby’s 39-year-old-father, became aggressive during the encounter.

The birth control officials allegedly requested that child’s mother, Li Yuhong, return with them to their office in Ruian to discuss possible outcomes to the situation. When she agreed to accompany them, the baby boy was reportedly left in his father’s care.

NBC News writes that what occurred next remains unclear. The group reportedly returned to their cars in preparation to leave the home. After starting their vehicles the boy was discovered crushed beneath the wheels of one car. Although the child was rushed to the Third People’s Hospital in Ruian, he did not survive his injuries.

Chinese officials have stated that they will continue to investigate what caused the baby to be crushed to death.