McDonald’s Serves Detergent Instead Of Soda In China

A McDonald’s location in Northeastern China accidentally served detergent to one of its customers.

A man recently ordered food for himself and his girlfriend at one of the restaurant’s locations. According to Kotaku, the man accidentally picked up a cup of detergent set on the counter by an employee. Thinking it was his soda, the man gave the cup to the woman to drink.

After consuming the beverage, the guy’s girlfriend began to experience a strong burning sensation in her throat and esophagus. Concerned about her well-being, the man took the woman to a nearby hospital for treatment. She was later diagnosed with erosive gastritis.

The man explained to Want China Times:

“This has caused great harm to me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend is still receiving treatment in hospital.”

The Shanghaiist reports that the man returned to the McDonald’s location to get to the bottom of the situation. After a quick discussion with the people behind the counter, he learned that one of the employees set a cup of detergent on the counter during the couple’s visit to the restaurant.

The man is reportedly asking the company to cover any hospital or medical bills that arise as a result of the accidental poisoning. McDonald’s representatives have since apologized for the snafu. The fast food chain also agreed to compensate the couple for their troubles. However, the amount of this pay-out was not disclosed.

Last month, McDonald’s and Yum! Brands Inc. agreed to work with Chinese officials after it was reported that the companies were suppling restaurants with potentially unhealthy chicken. According to Bloomberg, the companies were accused of feeding their chickens antibiotics and growth hormones.

What do you think about McDonald’s serving detergent to one of its customers? Do you think the company should cover all of the young woman’s hospital bills?