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Theresa is a contributing writer for The Inquisitr. She currently covers a wide variety of topics including news, entertainment, and trending stories. Theresa's background lies in the retail industry where she acquired over a decade of experience in sales, visual merchandising, and employee management/development. Most recently, she spent several years working in the business sector of the horse racing industry. Email:

Lion Tacos Pulled From Menu In Florida, Restaurant Responds

Taco Fusion

Public outrage led to lion tacos being pulled from the menu of a Florida restaurant this week. Taco Fusion is known for offering a revolving line of exotic meats such as ostrich, rattlesnake, kangaroo, and gazelle depending on availability. The South Tampa restaurant has served meats not typically offered in American eateries since opening its… Read more »

Toddler Missing After Triple Homicide, Presumed Dead

Lana-Leigh Bailey

A toddler still missing after a triple homicide in Kansas is presumed dead, according to local police. The body of the child’s mother, 24-year-old Kaylie Bailey, was one of three victims discovered on a rural farm on Monday. A suspect in the murders is currently being detained. During a press conference today, Franklin County Sheriff… Read more »

Runny Nose Turns Out To Be Leaking Brain Fluid

Brain Fluid Leaking

A perpetual runny nose turned out to be leaking brain fluid for a man in Arizona recently. What Joe Nagy assumed was allergies was actually a condition known as cerebrospinal fluid leak, caused by a small hole in the membrane surrounding his brain. One morning in 2011, Nagy rose from his bed to find a… Read more »

Is Duchess Kate Expecting A Boy? New Rumor Surfaces

William And Kate Baby

Duchess Kate is expecting a boy, according to a new rumor making its way across the internet. British tabloids claim that Prince Harry recently spilled the beans about the baby’s gender to a source close to the royal family. “Harry has been telling everyone Will and Kate are having a boy and how thrilled he… Read more »

Mother Shot Dead While Holding Baby

Alabama Mother Shot

A young mother was shot dead Monday afternoon while holding her newborn baby in her arms. According to local authorities, 24-year-old Sherri Williams was fatally shot and killed as she stood in the doorway of her Birmingham, Alabama home. The apparent victim of a stray bullet, the young mother died instantly from a single gunshot… Read more »

Ritualistic Burning Of Baby Leads To Four Arrests

Baby Burned Alive

The ritualistic burning death of a newborn baby led to the arrests of four cult members in Chile on Thursday. The child’s mother, who authorities believe sanctioned the murder, was among those taken into custody. According to local authorities, the three-day-old baby was tossed into a bonfire and burned alive as part of a human… Read more »

20,000 Students Sue California Officials

ACLU Student Lawsuit

The plight of 20,000 students has prompted the ACLU to sue California officials, according to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday. The American Civil Liberties Union claims the state has failed in its obligation to provide sufficient assistance to students learning the English language. Due in part to a substantial immigrant population, California currently estimates that… Read more »

‘Rachael Ray Show’ Sued By Obese Guest [Report]

Rachael Ray Lawsuit

The Rachael Ray Show is reportedly being sued by former guest Christina Pagliarolo, who claims that her appearance on the program resulted in anxiety and humiliation. Roughly two years ago, Christina agreed to participate in a series of segments on the Rachael Ray Show addressing teenage weight issues. When filming began, she was an 18-year-old… Read more »

Meat From Illegal Pangolins Found On Chinese Boat

Pangolin Meat

Massive quantities of illegal pangolin meat was found aboard a Chinese boat this weekend, according to Coast Guard officials. Pangolins, commonly referred to as scaly anteaters, are a protected species often targeted by poachers. An international ban against pangolin trading has been in place since 2002. However, poachers continue to kill the animals to meet… Read more »

Jailed Hermit Gets Marriage Proposal From Stranger

North Pond Hermit

The North Pond Hermit has received some unexpected offers since his recent arrest on theft charges made headlines around the world — including a marriage proposal. Christopher Knight earned the North Pond Hermit nickname by living in a homemade camp in the woods of Maine for nearly 30 years. He allegedly survived his life of… Read more »

Aubrey Plaza Pulls Bizarre Stunt, Gets Booted From MTV Awards [Video]

Aubrey Plaza Will Ferrell

Aubrey Plaza must have been experiencing an insatiable popcorn craving at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards last night. During the ceremony, the actress pulled a bizarre stunt that involved stage-crashing, actor Will Farrell, and one of MTV’s iconic popcorn-shaped awards. Will Ferrell was chatting up the crowd during his acceptance of MTV’s Comedic Genius Golden… Read more »