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Raven’s Confetti Snow Angel Highlights Super Bowl Celebration [Video]

Winning a Super Bowl can really bring out the kid in a 300 pound, 6-foot-something man. Last night, after the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII, cornerback Chykie Brown laid down in a pile of confetti and made a snow angel.

Brown may not be the most well-known player on the Ravens, but his celebration speaks for the entire team. With cameras flashing and music blaring, Brown, and the rest of the Ravens, lived out a childhood dream. They hugged and cheered and cried and screamed and some of them, mainly Chykie Brown, jumped into the confetti to make a snow angel.

Of course, Super Bowl celebrations and childhood dreams have always been closely tied. Since 1987 when Phil Simms proudly declared that he was going to Disney World after the New York Giants won the Super Bowl in 1987, America’s biggest game has always had an atmosphere of childhood fun.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that he spent many childhood nights with his brother Jim, the 49ers coach, dreaming about playing in the Super Bowl.

John said:

“We shared that bedroom growing up, and we’d sit there and talk about our ideas, our goals, our dreams … Jim is a guy I trust the most and would entrust him with absolutely anything in my life.”

Here’s a video of the Raven’s player making a confetti snow angel.