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Watch Super Bowl 47 Online With Real-Time Chat, Social Media Feeds

Super Bowl 47 Live Streaming Video Online

Super Bowl 47 will air at 6 pm ET today, and fans wishing to catch the game from their PC, tablet, and even their smartphones are in luck. CBS Sports will air the main event including its halftime show in real-time.

Not only can fans watch the Super Bowl online for no charge, they can also interact with one another in a special chat section setup on the website.

In a first for online Super Bowl viewing, CBS has added the ability for viewers to choose which camera angles they want to view in real-time. Controls next to the video player allow for the quick switching between camera angles for a new type of interactive setup.

Non-fans of the NFL who are watching the game for the commercials can also watch those spots on demand by simply choosing which commercial they want to view.

If you are a fan of social media, you can also take advantage of the new social media feeds setup, which will examine the Super Bowl conversations taking place on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

NFL Mobile and CBS Sports Mobile also allow smartphone users to watch the game from their mobile devices. Both online apps allow for real-time stats from the game and social media connectivity to increase user discussion.

Super Bowl coverage starts at Noon ET and continues through the game with plenty of pre-game and post-game coverage

If you want to watch the Super Bowl online and talk to fans, be sure to check out the game at the following link:

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5 Responses to “Watch Super Bowl 47 Online With Real-Time Chat, Social Media Feeds”

  1. Lawrence Fredette

    Hey guys, I am watching the stream here:

    (it has lots of working live streams currently to choose from).

    For me, here is my wild predition on whose going to win: 49ers are just an all around better football team ever since they started Kap. yes ravens have ray lewis and playing with heart. but heart can only get you so far. I don't see flacco rice boldin and lewis beating out Kap, Gore, crabtree, moss and their defensive unit. maybe next year ravens but this year is not your year. I'm not an expert but have been watching football as long as I can remember.

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