Dan Marino Love Child: Should CBS Ban The Super Bowl Analyst?

Dan Marino Love Child: Should CBS Ban The Super Bowl Analyst?

The Dan Marino love child incident has drawn ire and mirth from all corners of the globe.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dan Marino admitted to having an affair with a 35-year-old CBS Sports production assistant named Donna Savattere. Dan Marino’s love child is now 7 years old and the former football quarterback spent millions to keep this news out of the limelight. At the time of the affair, Dan Marino and his wife had been married for 20 years. They have six children, including four sons and two adopted daughters.

An article from Hollywood Life says that the Dan Marino love child incident is enough justification to ban the football star from CBS’ pre-game Super Bowl coverage:

“The Super Bowl is such an American tradition, as pure as apple pie. Having Dan cover the biggest sports event of the year would feel so wrong. The Super Bowl is a family-friendly event. What kind of message is CBS sending by having an adulterer represent the voice of the pre-game coverage? The network banned Janet Jackson from appearing at the Grammy Awards in 2004 after she accidentally exposed her nipple (covered by a pasty) during CBS’ coverage of the Super Bowl the same year, and chose not to apologize. What makes this so different? Is it preferential treatment?”

According to the New York Post, Twitter users quickly latched on to Dan Marino’s past work as pitchman for Isotoner gloves, with many Twitter users directing their jokes at Dan Marino’s account, @DanMarino:

— @the_mcgone Maybe you should have looked into picking up a different kind of glove that time, Dan Marino

— @HumbleSportsGuy Apparently Dan Marino had an illegitimate kid with a CBS employee. If only Isotoner made a brand of condoms, then this could’ve been avoided

— @HickamsDictum Isotoner Commercial: ” Hi, I’m Dan Marino and if anyone knows the value of protection it’s me.” Poor Dan.

Do you think the Dan Marino love child incident is justification enough for a Super Bowl ban?