Kia's SpaceBabies commercial to air Sunday

Kia’s ‘Space Babies’ Superbowl Ad Answers Every Kid’s Question: Where Do Babies Come From?

Kia’s Space Babies Superbowl ad answers every kid’s most awkward question: Where do babies come from?

Yes, the question dreaded by every parent will be answered during this Sunday’s commercial breaks when the Superbowl will be interrupted by the debut of Kia’s new ad. So, do you need to prepare your children for a little birds and the bees talk on TV? Not really.

According to Kia, babies come from Babylandia. Which is in outer space. Obviously. As a family drives their 2014 Kia Sorento, a elementary-aged boy asks his father where babies come from, while looking curiously at the baby in the seat next to him. The father begins to tell the tale of Babylandia, where Space Babies wait until they’re ready to meet their families. They are then transported in rockets to earth.

If the idea weren’t adorable already, the theory applies to all babies. The commercial shows a puppy being “delivered” to its parents, and baby elephants, giraffes, and pandas all make an appearance as they parachute to earth to meet their Mommies and Daddies.

When the son doesn’t buy it, he says that his friend told him that babies come “When Mommies and Daddies…”

At that point, Dad turns on “The Wheels on the Bus,” and the day is saved.

“We are targeting parents with young kids, and kids ask lot of questions,” said Michael Sprague — executive vice president, marketing, and communications — at a sneak preview for the press earlier this week.

The Kia Sorento is a crossover sport-utility. A fancy name, but essentially it’s the modern version of the family station wagon.

The Space Babies will debut this Sunday during the Superbowl. Make sure all elementary-aged children in your household are present. Maybe the Kia dad’s answer can put off your own “awkward moment” for a few more years.

Watch the ad here, and tell us what you think.

[Image via Branding Magazine]