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Joe Flacco Wants $20 Million Per Season In New Contract

joe flacco

Joe Flacco reportedly wants $20 million per season when he signs his next contract.

Some will argue that Flacco isn’t worth Drew Brees money but the Baltimore Ravens quarterback has definitely put himself in a position to negotiate. According to Pro Football Talk, Flacco has had a 15:3 touchdown-to-interception ratio during the last 7 games leading up to the Super Bowl and he’s knocked off “better” quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady along the way.

If Flacco can lead his team to victory against Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers next week then it wouldn’t be surprising for the Ravens to sign their QB to something close to $20 million per season.

ESPN’s John Clayton said:

“He’s now made a case for $20 million a year and I think he’s gonna try to hold to that. Last season what I was hearing was he was asking for about $17 million. … But he was saying ‘okay fine, let me play this out.’ Now he’s in a position to make big money. And we’ll see if he can get over Drew Brees’ contract. I think he can.”

Flacco isn’t typically included in the conversation of elite quarterbacks but this season may have changed that.

Earlier this year, Flacco said:

“I assume everybody thinks they’re a top-five quarterback. I mean, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’m top five, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’d be very successful at my job if I didn’t feel that way. I mean, C’mon? That’s not really too tough of a question. But that doesn’t mean that things are gonna work out that way. It just means that that’s the way it is, that’s the way I feel it is, and that’s the way I feel it should be.”

According to the Huffington Post, Flacco will make a little under $7 million this season, which is the final year of his five-year rookie contract.

The Ravens may hit Flacco with the franchise tag, which will see the QB get about $14 million 2013, or they could secure Flacco for the long haul and sign him to a multi-year contract worth around $20 million per season.

Do you think Joe Flacco is worth $20 million per year?

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36 Responses to “Joe Flacco Wants $20 Million Per Season In New Contract”

  1. Mark Fisher

    There is no athlete alive that is worth anywhere near that money. Anything over 5 mill per year is thourghly ridiculous.

  2. Thomas Patterson

    I love the ravens but hes not worth that he has more downs then ups.

  3. Phil Breman

    I say you hit him with the Franchise tag and see if he can repeat the performance. he's WAY

  4. Gerald Hirsh

    Remember that the Goverment will get 1/2 So why not pay all the football players 1 trillion for one year pass the cost on to the tvs and the tickets prices and end our being in debt.

  5. Abu Yusuf

    I always love when they say things like he ousted better QBs like manning and brady. As far as I know football is a team sport and he doesn't play defense.

  6. Cuyler Edwards

    No QB or any player is worth 20 million, especially Flacco, he has not won the SB and he wants this, even if he wins he is not worth it.

  7. Donna Lamb Blake

    FUCK NO NOBODY is worth that much a year, especially considering what a guy working a real job would make a year.

  8. Anonymous

    The defense sent them to the SB, not Flacco… He is better than 7, but not 20, if he gets a long term deal at 12 with guarantees he is blessed.

  9. Eddie Smith

    Players making that kind of money is crazy! A Normal family cannot afford going to games because they keep paying those insane prices to athletes and jacking the ticket prices up..So I say hell no!

  10. Anonymous

    I'm sure you NEVER watch NBA, MLB, or NFL on television then, they MOST make over $5MM / year because the networks can sell advertising dollars

  11. Farmer Neigh

    let him play a year without the RAY man.. if he is able to bring the ravens back to the SB (never going to happen) then pay him…

  12. Anonymous

    He's not worth the $7 million he's making now, much less $20 mill. Very average skills but lucky to be surrounded by great talent.

  13. Joseph Cruz

    Flacco doesn't posses the skill set to take a game over at the QB position i.e. Brady, P. Manning and Brees. Game manager…YES Game Changer..NO!

  14. Allan Saunders

    Patrick I commiserate with you. My Pats looked like Patsies in the 2nd half, and that was due to Flacco.
    If he takes down the 49ers, he should get the BIG BUCKS.

  15. Jason Bryant

    interesting he's asking for an extension before the superbowl and not after.

  16. Anonymous

    the best player in the league should maybe make 500k a season and that's being nice over payed babies.

  17. Fredd Volvo

    When did a Great Quarterback or any athlete except Muhammad Ali have to tell everyone that he is great? His Mirror lies to him. He is a journeyman who happens to be on a good team – making him look better. And like my friend Abu says, you did not beat Brady it was the team – Come back when you break some NFL records Joe!

  18. Heywood Ja

    Well – I was pulling for the Ravens due to Ray Lewis and Birk. Now I hope they win but they do so while Flacco has a career ending injury. Talk money after the season and never public ally. DoucheBag.

  19. Wayne Beigel

    How come Tom Cruise can get $60 mil for a shitty movie & nobody says a word?

  20. Wayne Beigel

    I'm happy none of the opinions expressed on here mean SHIT! Joe will win Sunday & Joe will get paid. How can anyone say "these guys aren't worth that kind of money"? I've been hearing that since Frank Robinson got $200K. It's entertainment! The prices aren't going down if they pay them less, the owners would just pocket all the money. Tom Cruise gets $60 mil per movie and nobody says boo. Flacco is a winner & will prove it on Sunday.

  21. Barron Darby

    Wow! I’m a Raven fan and most of the season, I consistently said the same thing. I don’t like Joe Flacco. His game this year was at best sub-par with a QB rating of 84.6. Who in their right mind ask for that kind of money when you barely played well during the regular season? Not to mention, he put a lot of pressure on himself and the team for bringing this out now. What happened to waiting until the end of the season to talk about contract negotiations? However, I was impressed how he stepped up in the post season to win some very big games on the road. But I see this more as a distraction than motivation. I guess something like this is going to overshadow Ray Lewis’ moment of going out on top. Way to go Joe!

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