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Royal Rumble 2013: The Rock Is Champ Once Again

It would appear that The Rock is a champion once again. The veteran wrestler-turned-actor emerged victorious at this weekend’s Royal Rumble WWE Championship match.

Although Dwayne Johnson returned to the world of wrestling in 2011, it would seem that he’s wasting no time rising to the top of the pile. According to The Bleacher Report, The Rock battled reigning champ CM Punk for the championship belt on Sunday night.

While the match got off to a rocky start — the showdown was interrupted by The Shield at one point — it didn’t take long for things to go The Rock’s way. The actor delved deep into his bag of tricks for the Royal Rumble match, even breaking out the People’s Elbow at one point to seal the deal against CM Punk.

According to Softpedia, The Rock’s win at Royal Rumble 2013 essentially sets the stage for things to come at Wrestlemania 29. Rumor has it the epic pay-per-view event will include a showdown between Dwayne Johnson and Jon Cena, a match that will surely draw in some big numbers.

Although Johnson walked away from the match with the championship belt, it was Cena who actually won the Royal Rumble. The veteran wrestler outlasted 30 other contenders to emerge as the last man standing when all was said and done. Now fans are curious to see if Cena and The Rock will square off later this year.

Many fans are wise to what the WWE is doing at the moment. Twitter is alive with conversation about the Royal Rumble Championship match, leading many to believe that Cena and Johnson’s involvement is nothing more than a way for the organization to increase its visibility.

“The rock wins the WWE championship… John cena wins the Royal rumble… I see what they did there,” one wrestling fan tweeted.

Video of The Rock winning against CM Punk is embedded below.

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