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Quarterback Vince Young Admits To Signing ‘Some’ Loan Papers, But He Shouldn’t Have To Repay

Former Pro Bowl quarterback Vince Young is fighting repayment on a $1.9 million loan. After originally denying signing any loan documents, he now says he “probably” signed some.

However, he still believes he shouldn’t have to pay anything.

Before the 2012 season started Young was cut from the Buffalo Bills roster and is currently a free agent. Last July he was hit with a $1.7 million payment judgement against him by Pro Player Funding LLC.

The loan was funded during the NFL lockout in 2011 and Young says he never received any of the proceeds. He also initially denied going after the high interest loan at all.

Now the New York Times is reporting Young has testified in court to signing some of the loan paperwork, but not all of it.

In Young’s own words:

“I went to sign some papers that my financial adviser asked me to go over and sign, but I don’t remember what it was.”

He never questioned what he was signing. He tells the court:

“I never have discussions about things like that when I’m playing football. I’m just too focused. … Like I said, I put my trust in (his accountant) to find out what’s going on and my lawyers to figure it out so I can focus on playing football.”

Now Young feels lied to and believes he should not have to repay the loan as a result.

For Vince Young his financial troubles would seem to be his own fault. It shouldn’t be too hard for him to find a job next season to help him out. Unlike JaMarcus Russell, who is attempting a comeback, Young has a winning record over his career and multiple Pro Bowl appearances.

What do you think? Should Vince Young have to pay up? Will he find a job in the NFL next year?

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