Rg3 Advice To Romo: Redskins Star Tells Dallas QB ‘Ignore Your Critics’ [Video]

In the ultimate display of class, Washington Redskins star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III went out of his way to lend a wise piece of advice to Dallas QB Tony Romo.

Immediately following Sunday night’s win-or-go-home season finale between the two teams, RG3 (who led his team to a 28-18 victory) sought Romo and offered up the following words:

“Hey, Tony. I just wanted to say to you don’t listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You’re a great quarterback, man. This game doesn’t mean anything,” Griffin said.

A video of the exchange can be seen here.

During the contest, RG3 strengthened his argument for NFL Rookie of the Year honors, passing for 100 yards with no picks and rushing for 63 yards and a score.

Romo, meanwhile, threw for just over 200 yards and logged three interceptions, the last of which was a killer coming with three minutes left and the Redskins leading 21-18.

Despite Griffin’s comforting words, the Cowboys QB expressed his disappointment at failing to make the playoffs for the third straight year.

In a post game interview, Romo admitted:

“I feel as though I let our team down. Your legacy will be written when you’re done playing the game.”

Many Dallas backers agreed with Tony’s self assessment, and one fan in particular posted his feelings about Romo in an emotional video.

In the 49-second clip titled “Blasting Tony Romo,” Cowboys fan Neil Maddox drapes his Romo jersey over a washing machine filled with explosives, then detonates the device.

“This is how we wash the sh*t out of your Tony Romo jersey,” Maddox explains before blowing the uniform to pieces.