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ESPN’s Heather Cox Interview Fail: Are You Kidding Me? [Video]

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ESPN’s Heather Cox couldn’t get David Shaw to slow down for two seconds during Stanford’s Rose Bowl victory celebration.

The ESPN reporter tracked down the winning coach, who was surrounded by players, cameras, and confetti, and tried to ask him a few questions about the victory. Shaw, however, wasn’t very interested in talking.

The Stanford coach brushes off Cox’s first question before briefly stopping for an interview. After a giving Cox a short answer, Shaw walks away to continue his celebration as the ESPN reporter can be heard mumbling: “Are you kidding me?”

The camera cuts away from the reporter as ESPN’s Brent Musburger tries to explain how communication works.

Musburger says: That’s a little unfortunate since the winning coach was supposed to do an interview. But you know, communication fails from time to time and sometimes.”

Deadspin reports that Shaw did eventually give ESPN a full interview.

The winning coach may have been obligated to give ESPN an interview after the game, but Cox could have been a little more aggressive. Maybe the reporter should take a look at some Holly Rowe highlights before she steps onto the field next time.

Here’s the video of Heather Cox’s attempted interview after the Rose Bowl.

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27 Responses to “ESPN’s Heather Cox Interview Fail: Are You Kidding Me? [Video]”

  1. Tim Packman

    I'm going to go on a limb and place the blame on an impatient bowl staffer who was seen almost pulling the coach with him to the trophy ceremony. He obviously wasn't aware ESPN pays some BIG money to broadcast their bowl game. The coach was just following him. I like the fact the coach came back, she stepped up and did the interview and all was fine. In the second interview, you can see the bowl field crew still setting up for the trophy ceremony.

  2. Brad Riter

    All she was really keeping him from was an interview with ESPN's Chris Fowler. Weird scene.

  3. Jim Carley

    So what's the big hurry to run after the coach to get an interview he's going to be talking after the trophy is awarded get a grip ESPN somethng you reporters just get in the way.

  4. Michael Flynn

    waaa waaaa I didn't get to interview first because the coach wanted to be with his team. She got a full interview after the trophy presentation. Stop whining media.

  5. Greg Ford

    As a fellow reporter – cover high school sports – I can tell you that having patience is a virtue. Sometimes coaches can't talk immediately. Often, they'll want to talk to their team first, You let them do that and then conduct the interview. In this case, the coach just needed to get to the trophy presentation. No big deal.

  6. Shawn Nehuatl Cardenas

    Who cares? If ESPN didn't pay to broadcast it, someone would. ESPN never lets coaches celebrate, they always force them to do these interviews. It's ridiculous. Let coaches and players celebrate after wins. I wouldn't give them an interview, even if they fined me after winning the freaking Rose Bowl. Why don't you broadcast what I say from the trophy ceremony, it's the same crap I would have said to you before it. Reasons why we won, how proud I am of the guys, etc etc.

  7. Christian Swanberg

    @ michael Flynn- you dolt, she works for ESPN who contractually had dibs on a post game interview, the officials and the coach were obligated to grant her a quick interview and answer her one or two questions.

  8. Scott M Smith

    I can see ESPN wanting their pound of flesh, but the reporter was unprepared to do her job and didn't have her own posse in place to circle the target interview. She was a pussy about it too.

  9. Eldon Felch

    that's ok.. no one listens to her anyway… she's still hot…

  10. David Peterson

    once again Yahoo news has provided us with only the hardest hitting news. "Are you kidding me?" is right. How is this newsworthy? Ive always heard that sideline reporters get TWO questions…after that, you're lucky to get another answer.

  11. Dominic Turdo

    maybe its time to get rid of those sideline reporters and their stupid questions? "how do you feel after winning the game?" or "what were you thinking when you were 30 points behind?".

  12. Anthony Johnson

    While I agree this is much ado about nothing and he eventually gave the interview, most likely ESPN wants a few comments from the winning caoch before THEY have to cut away to other programming. Besides, I don't think, "Are you kiding me?", is that big a deal. It's only a big deal right here…for Yahoo…

  13. Charlotte Natili

    Who cares about those sideline reporters.They bring NOTHING to the table.Get rid of them all.

  14. Nathan Willyerd

    I agree 100% its all just a bunch of recycled garbage anyway. "our guys played hard all game, (insert team name here) are a good team and put up a fight, I'm just glad we were able to come away with a win today" blah blah blah…

  15. Anonymous

    Who the hell cares? The sideline reporter is the most useless job in sports! I don't give a crap what the heck a coach has to say after a game, I only care about the game. He can do his talking at the press conference. Get rid of the sideline reporter and use that money for something else, something important.

  16. Bobby Schmale Jr.

    I Wish they talked to players sometimes they always talked the head college coach three times one before the game one halftime and one after game.

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