Users Can Show Off New Year's Celebration Photos On Instagram's New Site

Users Can Show Off Their New Year’s Celebration Photos On Instagram’s New Site

Facebook isn’t the only site to do something new for New Year’s Eve. Instagram has decided to roll out with a New Year’s Eve page for their site.

According to UberGizmo, people that use their phones to capture special moments and celebrations will now be able to share their New Year’s exploits with people around the world. is the new site where you can view photos of other Instagram users around the world as they celebrate New Year’s.

Instagram’s new site allows you to view photos from various locations all around the world as their clock strikes midnight to ring in the New Year.

You will also be given the option to click on the photo to comment or like it. You will also have the option to view the user’s profile and follow them if you so desire.

According to, you will be able to scroll through the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to see how people in each time zone celebrate.

Instagram wrote in a blog post:

“As Instagrammers count down to 2013, we wanted to give you a simple way to see how people are celebrating.”

The post continued:

“You’ll be able to see photos from cities like Auckland that are already celebrating, and as the day goes on you’ll see photos from everywhere else in the world.”

This is a perfect site to post your New Year’s celebration photos if you are an avid Instagram user.