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Torii Hunter Gay Comment: Outfielder Said He Would Be ‘Uncomfortable’ With Gay Teammate

Torii Hunter Gay Comment: Outfielder Said He Would Be 'Uncomfortable' With Gay Teammate

Torii Hunter made a gay comment that is getting him in some trouble, saying that he would be uncomfortable to have an openly gay teammate in the clubhouse.

In making the comment, Hunter cited his Christian upbringing and said he believed that homosexuality isn’t right.

“For me, as a Christian … I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right,” Hunter told the New York Times. “It will be difficult and uncomfortable.”

The controversial gay comments are nothing new for Hunter, who in the past has been accused of making racially insensitive remarks. Three years ago he told USA Today that Latino players of African descent were “imposters” when it came to the dwindling number of black players in baseball.

The Torii Hunter gay comments, while allowable for him to express, make a hostile atmosphere for gay players who may want to come out, Sporting News writer Anthony Witrado notes.

Witrado writes:

“There is no doubt that Hunter isn’t alone in his beliefs, and it’s entirely possible he has already shared a clubhouse with a gay teammate or coach and never known it.”That a player feels the way Hunter does isn’t surprising, but it is surprising that Hunter would be the one to express those beliefs. It’s not that they’re wrong; they are his and he is entitled to them.

“That such a social and popular player would speak out doesn’t help a gay player feel he can come out to teammates and still be accepted. Given Hunter’s status in the game, a might have believed he could have looked to Hunter for support.”

While most columnists and commenters have noted that Torri Hunter is entitled to make the gay comment, he is still facing criticism for it. CBS Sports blogger Dayn Perry says that if straight players like Hunter are offended at the mere presence of an openly gay teammate, “hen that says more about their shortcomings than it does about the audacity of the gay teammate to, you know, be himself.”

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249 Responses to “Torii Hunter Gay Comment: Outfielder Said He Would Be ‘Uncomfortable’ With Gay Teammate”

  1. Anonymous

    I don't blame him. Perverts in the close proximity of an athletes clubhouse is a natural concern for any real man! And, Biblically, he is correct!

  2. Safe Amudipe

    that is not right tori have always like your sport men but this statement make me mad , all you need to do is to keep comment to urself bro.

  3. Richard Collins

    He simply said he would be uncomfortable. It is his right to say that and in this world where it is ok to make a person look foolish for believing in God and admitting that they live their lives according to a Christian upbringing, I applaud him for sticking to his convictions and not worrying what others think about his OPINION. Why is a person's right to be gay any more valid than another person's right to be uncomfortable with being around a gay person. As long as there is no violence there is no issue. We are all entiltled to an opinion.

  4. Tony Esolen

    Of course he's right. You don't want to undress in front of some guy who is sexually attracted to you. The whole thing is disruptive to the morale of the clubhouse. Every single man on an athletic team knows this.

  5. Douglas J. Henderson

    fuck a fagot you queer! the media may say a fagot is ok but it isnt ok to stick your dick in another guys ass fagot

  6. Ken Rousseau

    Who the HELL made GAY a sacred subject. Want to be GAY, be GAY. Don't worry about what someone says about you. If it offends you then YOU have a problem. This is still the land of the FREE and stating your opinion is still FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Anyone else with me? Quit trolling around a sports locker room, A guy named Sandusky just got life in prison for it.

  7. Waukeen Mccoy

    It is clear that Hunter has been living a sheltered life and its a shame that he just tarnished his brand even more. He does not realize that one of his best friends might be attracted to something he is not.

  8. Safe Amudipe

    NO HE CAN, there is a word which is keep comment to your self sisiter

  9. Esteban Raphael Soto

    Thank God someone in the spotlight has the guts to make a statement like this. He'll probably have Perez Hilton and every other gay group on his case about his comment but good for him.

    I hate it when I go to gym (I live in San Francisco) and guys stare me up and down IN THE LOCKER ROOM. I mean, damn! Knock that shit off.

  10. Greg Alan Ezzo

    Sounds like the LA Times trapped him with a "gotcha" question. Blame the media for making a serious question with an honest opinion into some kind of a hate remark.

  11. Anonymous

    Aids should have been enough to tell folks that homosexuality is wrong. Frankly, I'm tired of this crap being forced down our throats. This world will be a better place when all homos are destroyed and thrown into the lake of fire.

  12. Jami Keeney

    Reallly, are you "sexually attracted" to every single female you meet simply because you are straight? the fact that someone is gay doesn't mean that they have no standards.

  13. Nigel Smith

    what happened to freedom of speech in this country. oh that's right you can say whatever as long as you don't say anything against gay people. what I don't understand about gay people is, they want to be gay but as soon as someone disagrees with their life style they are offended. get a life, its his right to speak his mind.

  14. Marco Ponce de Leon

    Really, your Christian upbringing ("biblically, it’s not right”)? The same Christian religion that preaches to put to death those who have worshiped and served other gods under Deuteronomy 17:2-7.

  15. Anonymous

    He thinks that he is an American who has the right to express his thoughts.

  16. Douglas J. Henderson

    i wonder how many educated are on here… with satire and idiocracy… nevertheless… i do think he means he doesnt like queers, but that doesnt make someone a homophobe. i dont like gays, though i stand them, and i am ok with that.

  17. Vince Ballesteros

    What if those old school white players (racist among African American) says their uncomfortable with black guys? It's not because you're highly entitled an opinion you have to preach it, sometimes you just need to learn how to keep things to yourself.

  18. Loren L Moreland

    Anyone gay should get their own lockerroom….just as male and female teamates do…

  19. Marco Ponce de Leon

    So lets ban people from going to Church since most of the time it's the priests that are molesting the kids.

  20. George Reymann

    so just because a man is gay means he is sexually attracted to all men? The short, the tall, fat, skinny, handsome, ugly, black, white? Is this how heterosexuality works? You would mount any grizzly piece of rat f*ck just because it has a vagina?

  21. Dorothy Sanders

    GOD Almighty, your Creator and mine, That One before whom you, and I, will stand after life on this Earth is done has said that homosexuals are of a perverted mind, and will not enter HIS KINGDOM. For those who forget, those who do not enter GOD's Kingdom enter Hell.

    Lastly, Christ JESUS, our Saviour, whether we claim HIM or not, has said if we stand for HIM, in that day, when our life on this Earth is done, HE will stand for us.

    Is surely going to be one horrible day for all those who MUST stand before The True and Living GOD with no help. I pity them. May GOD Almighty continue to bless Torri, and all those of us who are not ashamed to stand for and with GOD Almighty in this old Earth.

  22. George Reymann

    Richard, it is not about being more valid. It is about being accepted. It s kind of like I tolerate Bible thumping Christians who believe in fairy tales. I'm not comfortable around them for extended periods, but I accept them

  23. Jami Keeney

    While I do agree with some of what you wrote, let me make it known that it is not only gay people who have this attitude. So-called minority groups in general think the same way. Think about it. It seems to be accepted and even encouraged to call a white person general names, ie retard, idiot, and yeah, i'll even drop the "f" bomb for sake of arguement, faggot. Yet, you call a black person-AND LET ME MAKE IT KNOWN THAT I DO NOT USE THIS WORD. I AM SIMPLY ARGUING A POINT HERE.-a "nigger", and suddenly you've crossed a line. Why? Why is it "okay" for me to walk up to a white person and call them a "faggot" but unacceptable to walk up to a black person and call them a "nigger"? The answer, my friends, is that it is NOT okay in either case. Let's try showing a bit more tolerance all around. And as for your comment about lifestyle, I sincerely hope you practice what you preach the next time someone disagrees with something in your "lifestyle".
    Oh and by the way, being gay isn't exactly a "lifestyle". Lifestyle is a choice. You choose to live a rich lifestyle, or a reckless lifestyle. You do NOT chose to be homosexual, anyone who believes this is ignorant.

  24. Kelly Stoner

    Black folks are homophobic, but just look out if you end up in jail with them. Gay while they stay, are you kidding me? Don't drop the soap!

  25. Stephanie Schwartz Hoffman

    so when the gays come out of the closet, they shove all Christians and those who oppose them into the closet to shut them up…I don't believe this man said anything "controversial" he said he would be uncomfortable…since when is that wrong to say you would feel uncomfortable?

  26. Jami Keeney

    As I sit here and try to think of a calm rational response to your comment, I am at a loss for words. AIDS is NOT only a homosexual problem, you ignoramus. If you are going to argue that, you might as well say sex in general is wrong. Try educating yourself a bit better. And, while I try my best to show respect for all living things, I can honestly say that I believe the world would be a better place when close-minded, ignorant people such as yourself did not exist. But I digress. You can't argue with idiots.

  27. Paul Donahoo

    Hypocrits, all of you! This IS 2013! Gays are NOT going away! Deal with or shut the F*** UP!

  28. Stu P. Knitger

    God bless Torri Hunter! No one should accept gayness, queerness, homosexuality in any sport in the open! Please all gays go back into the closet! Regular, normal people do NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE! The United States is no place to allow this in the open! It is simply wrong and anti-human and ab-normal!

  29. Paul Donahoo

    GET REAL! Athletes have been undressing in lockerooms for several hundred years! Are you friggin kidding me? The only reason anyone opens their trap is because a famous athlete says something! Find something better to do will ya! Sick of listening to the same old record!

  30. Anonymous

    In the locker room, I do not want to shower with a gay man. What is wrong with that?

  31. Paul Donahoo

    Esteban Raphael Soto …No i think "racial homophobe fits perfectally!

  32. Stu P. Knitger

    George please get off the board. Stop commenting. No one with the acceptation of brain whacked people such as you want to hear you gay opinion. Got back to Hollywood where you idiots linger.

  33. Jami Keeney

    How exactly does being gay make one a pervert? Because frankly, I find straight men to be more vulgar, more headstrong, and more apt to RAPE than a gay one.

  34. Paul Donahoo

    Exactly! Nigger anyway! Geez, whats the matter hurt yoru feelings?

  35. Frank Reeves

    How many "gay" people out there molest children? I never heard of any. For that matter, how many priests have done that? So, who are the real "perverts?" Torii said he would be uncomfortable. But, being the professional he is, he would find a way to deal with it. Christ. It's the damn media that instigates everything. If I offend anyone, I…..DON'T…..CARE…..

  36. Kelly Stoner

    Lardbean? Is that like a butterbean? Biblically? Which one? You mean the one the Roman Emperor approved for publication after his duly appointed represenatives decided what would be in the book? That one? The one about Jesus that is an exact retelling of the Egyptian story of Horus, son of the sun god, Osiris; written down 2,000 years before Jesus allegedly lived? That one? The same fable with the same story in several cultures with written and oral traditions many years before the Jesus fairy tale. Your faith of exclusion and hate, along with the Muslims and Jews and your self-fulfilling prophecies; you are all wrong! No-one knows anything, it is all based on faith, and hate, and the threat of eternal damnation! You're going to hell, sinner! Checkout what the Jews and Muslims have to say about Goyam and Infidels, they think they are right also! Remember the Inquisition? Good Times, eh?

  37. Stu P. Knitger

    @Angie – Yes just because one is gay does make them a "PERVERT"!!!! Being Gay is a perversion you asshole! What the hell are you talking about? Any man sticking their pecker in another man's asshole makes them a pervert by the act and by any definition! It is that simple! I wish more people would come out and be so blunt as I against this mental sickness of sexual perversion of homosexuality or bi-sexuality! No one should ever accept this act as normal and no one should allow any gay person around young children period!

  38. Jami Keeney

    I agree with you. Unfortunately you show the word "gay" to a bunch of ignorant people and suddenly the real issue is lost. I am not knocking him for making the comment at all, I am knocking those who once again take the oppertunity to spout their "gay is gross" drivel. He expressed a belief in a respectful way, these people are simply spouting mindless anti-gay slurs.

  39. Skrappz Garza

    Haha God's not real silly Christians. Also, Baseball's pretty much dead anyways, why should anyone care what this guy says?

  40. Kelly Stoner

    Chrisitians are uncomfortable about themselves, they know they are full of it; and I don't mean the Holy Spirit! I don't tolerate anyone who spews the babble that is any kind of religion; they are all the same. I can usually get one of these good christians in a tizzy within a few minutes of pointing out simple historical facts; wherein they either threaten me with bodily harm or tell me I will be damned for eternity! So christianlike!

  41. Jami Keeney

    Ugh, so now being gay makes one a pervert? Well frankly, it seems to be that STRAIGHT MEN are more vulgar, more sexually headstrong, and the ones who commit RAPE. So yeah, I can totally see your point. "Posts comment with disgust."

  42. Stephanie Schwartz Hoffman

    Apparently you've never heard of the gay men who want to legally "love" little boys…
    yep, gay pedophiles

  43. Anonymous

    Well biblically I was taught that slavery is right and being around a black person would make me uncomfortable 😀

  44. Jami Keeney

    I wouldn't call it "sacred" exactly. But to answer your question, look at the posts on this comment. Your question has now been answered.

  45. Anonymous

    Well biblically I was taught that slavery is right and being around a black person would make me uncomfortable.

  46. Anonymous

    I true heterosexual man will be comfortable with his own sexuality and not get involved in another. The men who are uncomfortable with themselves are uncomfortable with gay men. Ignorance sucks. Remember guys, gay men have taste. Chances are they wouldn't be interested in you anyway.

  47. Kelly Stoner

    Whatever happened to the Catholic priest pedophiles? Have any of them been tried, convicted, and sentenced? They should be executed! Abomination to humanity! Idolaters! Religion is a big buisness, that's all! All religions are based on voodoo, magic, and fairy tales. Maybe 2,000 years ago, when people were ignorant, not that they are not now; might as well pray to Santa Claus or The Great Pumpkin!

  48. Keith Fredrickson

    Dorothy Sanders pick and choose the parts of the Bible you want to…in the Bible it also says anyone that commits rape should be stoned to death – does that still apply in 2013????

  49. Kelly Stoner

    Tony Insulin, no-one wants to watch you undress. Gymnasium, aka; naked place, Greek word. They hung out, literally, and had young boys attend to them in every way! Olympics, big sausage fest, all naked! Lot's of gay men in sports, and those that like to watch them, some are unaware how gay they really are! Do you know what every single man on an athletic team knows? Wow! Professor Psychic! You're a professor? Esolen? Sounds Greek to me….

  50. Keith Fredrickson

    what century are you living in stephanie – you should be talking about priests~!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Jason Van Hoesen

    I think Laura Gooden is a pervert just because she has a red rose as her profile picture…………….PERV

  52. Kelly Stoner

    That's what they did! Yeah, that's the ticket! They trapped him, and his publicist, agent, sports psychologist, lawyer, personal trainer, and his Momma too! Darn it! Always making people say stupid things! Of course, baseball players are the barometer by which we all measure our communal humanity!

  53. Jason Van Hoesen

    Tony Esolen I have a question for you. So just because his teammate could be gay that would mean that he would be attracted to all of his teammates in the locker room? You are a moron if you think that. I mean he is on a team called the Angels, how gay is that!

  54. Jason Van Hoesen

    What if someone doesn't want to be a on a baseball team with a black player! Maybe he would be uncomfortable being around that person, how is that any different? I am sure someone will justify that its not the same and different. I mean what if another player enjoyed sexual relations with animals, would that player still be uncomfortable? What if another player enjoyed walking around and going to all team meetings butt naked? I mean people can justify what can make them comfortable and uncomfortable and I am sure if there was a gay player on the team that the rest of the team would blame that person for poor batting averages or whatever else they could imagine to blame on the guy. Whocares if someone is gay? bisexual, straight, animal lover or whatever, it shouldn't be an issue if they are comfortable with their own sexuality, if they are questioning it then of course they will have issues.

  55. Brett Herrmann

    How about everyone keeping their sexuality to themselves! We would be much better off. It's every ones own PRIVATE business what they do.

  56. Kelly Stoner

    Blacks are full of crap, who cares what the over-paid field-hand has to say? Baseball players are just that, black or white; they all like to take showers together. Quit caring what any sportshole has to say; boycott sports, read a book, get a life; and quit having homo-erotic fantasies about ballplayers. It's even in their name, they play with their balls!

  57. Brett Herrmann

    What ever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones. BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME!

  58. Charlie Smith

    Folks, let's give Hunter's remarks the weight they deserve. The next ballplayer I meet who is a deep thinker worthy of attention for the expression of his thoughts will be the first one.

  59. Kelly Stoner

    Sports are stylized forms of warfare, and they may help some to release their violent urges to attack and or kill. What could be wrong about groups of men grabbing and tackling each other, and then they all take a shower together?

  60. Jason Van Hoesen

    I am sure lots of gays don't like straight people and they just tolerate them because there are so many! I love how society is so against gay marriage, yet straight couples get married like 4 or 5 times when that gay couple that wants the same rights has been together for like 20+ years that want equal rights, that just cracks me up!

  61. Dean A Curtis

    I guess hearing black people being uncomfortable with being around me makes me uncomfortable with being around them. Maybe the blacks should have their own locker room so I can be comfortable.

  62. Otis Ross

    that is his right to say that he would be unconforable about it why ask the question if you did not want his honest opinionmost players in sports don't want a gay person stareing at them when they are nude they all ready have to let women in the locker room.

  63. Anonymous

    Kelly Stoner what do you know about being a Christian? Nothing.
    You don't have any facts that oveturn documented history. For me to tell you you are going to fry like a french fry is only pointing out your future. Nothing wrong with that. It is done as a warning. Why do you think there is something wrong with warning someone they are headed to a lake of fire for eternity? I suppose you would watch your neighbors house burn down at night and have a clear conscience for letting the neighbor and his children die all the while knowing you could have saved them.

  64. Jimmy Gailey

    Everyone is worried about this mans feelings. What about the feelings of an openly gay man? How would he feel if he were showering and believed that every straight man in there though he was looking at their junk? We look at the "straight" people and believe that's the only side we worry about. I, personally, feel uncomfortable around straight men. Its about acceptance. Not sexuality. Not freedom of speech. You have to learn to tolerate people. I tolerate Christians. Why can't Christians tolerate me? Because I'm "morally incorrect." I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let a book determine my morality.

  65. Paul E. Xavier

    Right, because all gay guys are pervs who need to screw every man they see…REALLY??? Hey, how about that fact that these professional athletes might have more scruples than that idiotic mindset? Never mind the camaraderie that is established between a team.

    Before I came out, I was fearful of being in the locker room because I was worried I would get excited, and then the trouble would start. Trust me folks, it's pretty hard to get horny when you're in a hostile environment and fearful of what could happen.

    It wasn't until *after* I came out, that I was *comfortable* in my sexuality, when there wasn't an issue in the locker rooms anymore. I couldn't care less about looking at guys in the locker room. It's not what it's about. Why bother ogling straight guys, because if I did, even if I am comfortable wth myself, why would I start shit? I can get dick somewhere else.

    Being gay is not just about sex. And Hunter shouldn't flatter himself because I probably wouldn't have the slightest interest anyway based on what I said above.

    As far as biblically correct? Phht…maggots like Bernard Law, who allowed all of these priests to diddle kids, shifted them around so they wouldn't get caught, and then *hid* it from the world? Then, he gets a *better* job due to the political ties the catholic church has, and yet *I'm* a sinner and going to hell for having relations with a consensual adult in my bedroom behind closed doors??? HAHAHAHAHA…they can go FUCK themselves. Screw the bible…I don't need it…I was taught one thing and it's the one thing that matters. God loved everybody. Period. No exceptions. I don't need any pedophile in a dress, who lies through his teeth to tell me what is right in God eyes.

    And one last thing…before the OP goes off spouting some bullshit about linking pedophilia and gay people, let me tell you a little fact. Pedophilia is a mental disorder. Being gay is not. BIG difference.

  66. Anonymous

    If you are not uncomfortable aroud faggots and perverts…there is something wrong with YOU.
    Queer is sick and wrong, and will always be wrong and a wicked sin no matter if you like that or not. How you feel about it has no bearing on the matter.

  67. Otis Ross

    black players did and still go through that just ask the black players some of the stories plus we still go through that now in the good old USA>

  68. Adam Collins

    What's the big deal. the guy feels uncomfortable changing clothes and showering in front of guys who are attracted by those things. its like putting a female in a mens lockerroom and saying shame on her for feeling uncomfortable

  69. Sandra Lucas


  70. Teri Guinn Reinig

    you are pretty SAD to say the least. God bless you hope you have a great day when you meet your maker

  71. Jimmy Gailey

    No, sir. How YOU feel about it has no bearing on the matter. The world is changing my friend. Get with the times, or hurry up and die so we won't worry about bigoted retards like you.

  72. Kyle Dumkow

    I disagree with the principle of this article entirely. I really like the fact that he gave an honest answer and didn't shy away from the topic when asked. He didn't say that he held a position against anyone who wanted to live their own lifestyle, just that he didn't support it in his beliefs and values. He didn't say "I think all gays should stay in the closet!" People are going to put words in his mouth now. You know what will make this whole situation better? If everyone minds their own business. Gays, straights, everyone. Just worry about yourself and don't worry about anything else. If you want to come out, fine, come out. If you don't then don't. It's just like anything else you might chose to share. There will always be a percentage of the population who may make say or do something insensitive toward you because they disagree. Mr. Hunter has done nothing wrong and was only exercising his right to freedom of speech. He said nothing immoral or threatening. Allow him his opinion and don't hype this matter up.

  73. Jim Tucker

    I completely understand.
    I grew up being uncomfortable around black people.
    They always seemed to rioting, raping, robbing and killing.

  74. Kyle Dumkow

    No, but think about it. It's why there is a "mens" and "women's" locker room. . . so that opposite sexes can feel safe and unintimidated presumably. If you have a openly gay teammate it logically will mess with an individuals head and cause fear/doubt in a place where there is nudity and limited privacy. It's a simple argument. People should be able to feel safe in a locker room, or bathroom, with regard to sexual desires and interest. It's human nature my friend.

  75. Cougar Hunter

    Those catholic priest pedophiles you speak of are undercover homosexuals who only entered the priesthood to molest young altar boys. Tell your sick-psycho-perverted gay friends to stay away from the church, it's not a place for them to unleash their sexual perversion.

  76. Paul E. Xavier

    First off, I agree with you. Totally in his right to speak in mind. Second, we don't *want* to be gay…we *are* gay. Third, you disagree with my lifestyle? Hey…I won't argue that…you're entitled to your opinion. But keep in mind…gays can still get fired simply for being gay in parts of this country (USA). Gays still have to worry about getting *killed* just for being who they are. Even though I'm a citizen of this country and have been for 42 years, somehow, depending on where I am, I may not be allowed to see my partner in the hospital and I'm not allowed to see him because I'm a fag and I'm in an anti-gay state that doesn't allow me to see my partner? (this actually happened to one lesbian in FL while on vacation, where her partner died without her being able to hold her hand just a few years back). How would *you* feel if you've been subjected to this? I mean, *really* think about that. And even then you probably can't grasp the concept. Gays are *pissed*. That's why you're hearing about it. If anti-gay people didn't make such a stink about it, then gay people wouldn't have anything to bitch about. Then the problem would go away.

  77. Richard Miller

    Douglas J. Henderson How "tolerant" of you. You must be proud of yourself to "stand them".

  78. Cougar Hunter

    George Reymann
    "Bible thumping Christians who believe in fairy tales"

    How can you honestly expect someone to tolerate, accept, and respect your lifestyle if you can't do the same thing to them. This is why i hate gays, they think they're so special just because they're gay. It's not equality that you really want but special treatment.

  79. Paul E. Xavier

    Stephanie…one, I'm with Keith..what century are you living in? Second, if you did some research, you would konw that gay people shunned NAMBLA from being associated with the gay community decades ago. Third, do more research…pedophilia is a mental disorder. Being gay is not. BIG difference. Try looking up APA for starters.

  80. Richard Miller

    Straight men should get over themselves. Most gay men would not bother to be around a straight guy, they are often crass, annoying, and have weird and boring hangups that it's amazing to me that straight men would even think a gay guy would be interested in them! Such egos!

  81. Richard Miller

    Yeah, because gay men want to sleep with straight men? Hardly. Straight men are often crass, boring, and bigoted. These bigoted straight guys need to get over themselves. The vast majority of gay guys could care less about you, and wouldn't have sex with you if you begged them to.

  82. Cougar Hunter

    Dean A Curtis

    Sounds like a good plan to me. Gays should have their own Sports events where only gays can participate same thing applies to straight men.

  83. TIm Garrett

    Wouldn't it be ironic phillipw52 if you had a medical emergency and contracted AIDS through the tainted blood of an straight intravenous drug user? You would die an ugly death that you wished on another group of people who had nothing to do with you. God hates Ugly so they say, so be careful when you live with hate in your heart.

  84. Michael James McMahon

    I wish folks would consider that reporters wrote this story, and made something of the comment–Not gay folks. It's disgusting how so many of you blame gay folks for the constant uproar, instead of who is CAUSING the uproar–REPORTERS WHO ARE TRYING TO SELL PAPERS, ADs, etc. All that does, is pit each of us against the other, when we'd otherwise get along just fine.

  85. Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with voicing your beliefs. It's better than lying. Being honest always brings people to a true solution faster than trying to cover things up. With the issue of whether it's ok to be gay or not, I can see, secularly, how being homosexual could be considered bad for functional and even moral reasons (in odd cases), but I can also see how it could not be considered a choice and terrible to inhibit ones sexuality. And if you are taught a certain set of beliefs, you have to investigate the truth of them yourself from multiple sources, ideally impartial ones. In fact, you'll often find these beliefs to be fortified in unexpected ways rather than invalidated. Also, if God is so wrong to believe in, than what is the alternative? What is wrong with believing in something that will make you a good person, even if it should not exist after all? If you approach being Christian with an open and questioning mind, you stay connected to the idea of being fallible while believing in something much greater than oneself. Also, just because something is not falsifiable it does not mean that you cannot still believe in it. Many things are as reconcilable as we are willing to make them.
    But yes this is a waste of time and a stupid issue. It's fun to read reactions though.

  86. Cougar Hunter


    I agree with you. Homosexuals are selfish pigs who doesn't care about the diseases they can spread as long as they can satisfy their sick perverted sexual fetishes.

  87. Anonymous

    And all I'm saying is I would feel uncomfortable to have anyone in my clubhouse who is black.

  88. Anonymous

    All I'm saying is I would feel uncomfortable having anyone in my clubhouse who is black.

  89. Cougar Hunter

    Paul E. Xavier
    I'm not against homosexuals living the lifestyle they chose, I just hate it when they push homosexuality as something that is right because no matter how you justify it it is still wrong on so many levels. I am not a christian and i don't believe in any kind of story from a made up book(bible) either but if i have to choose between homosexuals and Christians as my neighbors? no doubt i'll go with the Christians since they're easily the more reasonable people.

  90. Tovena Dan

    All I'm saying is I would feel uncomfortable to have anyone in my clubhouse who is black. In the words of Richard Collins (the bigot pictured below) why is a person's right to be black any more valid than another person's right to be uncomfortable with being around a white person? "As long as there is no violence there is no issue" Indeed Richard Collins, you are entitled to your own misguided frighteningly idiotic opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

  91. Cougar Hunter

    The world is changing i agree but it certainly is not for the better. I can't imagine a world full of perverted psychos, I'll be very afraid for the young, helpless, innocent kids.

  92. Tovena Dan

    phillipw52 but race has everything to do with being a homophobe. I personally would feel uncomfortable to have someone who is black in my clubhouse. How does it feel?

  93. Tovena Dan

    Otis Ross: And that DOES NOT give black players the right to do it to Gay players. Looks like the discriminated have become the discriminators. You'd think they would know better. Shameful.

  94. Tovena Dan

    Of course religion is false Marco. It is a culturally constructed phenomenon that is the most pernicious force created by man. Regardless, here we have a perfect storm of the discriminated becoming the discriminator. This ball player is a disgrace.

  95. Tovena Dan

    I don't want to undress in front of a black man, because we all know what they have on their mind. Does that make sense too?

  96. Tovena Dan

    Janet Souza Costa Actually, your are the one who believes in fairy tales, prehistoric fables and nonsensical rituals. There is no such thing as jesus, Mohammed or Buddha. ALL religion is culturally contrived and used to exploit uneducated gullible weak minded people just like you. Religion is the true evil.

  97. Maria Johnson

    How do you know Christians are "uncomfortable about themselves"? You do not know one single thing about every Christian in this world. You sure don't know me and I'm rather glad I don't know you.

  98. Paul E. Xavier

    Well, Cougar, can you explain to me why you think it is wrong? *Not* using religion. I've *yet* to see an argument against being gay that is *not* about someone's religious beliefs. If you can tell me why you think it's wrong without any religious connotations, then we may have a good discussion here.

  99. Paul E. Xavier

    Right, because all gay guys are pervs who need to screw every man they see…REALLY??? Hey, how about that fact that these professional athletes might have more scruples than that idiotic mindset? Never mind the camaraderie that is established between a team.

    Before I came out, I was fearful of being in the locker room because I was worried I would get excited, and then the trouble would start. Trust me folks, it's pretty hard to get horny when you're in a hostile environment and fearful of what could happen.

    It wasn't until *after* I came out, that I was *comfortable* in my sexuality, when there wasn't an issue in the locker rooms anymore. I couldn't care less about looking at guys in the locker room. It's not what it's about. Why bother ogling straight guys, because if I did, even if I am comfortable wth myself, why would I start shit? I can get dick somewhere else.

    Being gay is not just about sex. And Hunter shouldn't flatter himself because I probably wouldn't have the slightest interest anyway based on what I said above.

    As far as biblically correct? Phht…maggots like Bernard Law, who allowed all of these priests to diddle kids, shifted them around so they wouldn't get caught, and then *hid* it from the world? Then, he gets a *better* job due to the political ties the catholic church has, and yet *I'm* a sinner and going to hell for having relations with a consensual adult in my bedroom behind closed doors??? HAHAHAHAHA…they can go FUCK themselves. Screw the bible…I don't need it…I was taught one thing and it's the one thing that matters. God loved everybody. Period. No exceptions. I don't need any pedophile in a dress, who lies through his teeth to tell me what is right in God eyes.

    And one last thing…before the OP goes off spouting some bullshit about linking pedophilia and gay people, let me tell you a little fact. Pedophilia is a mental disorder. Being gay is not. BIG difference.

  100. Joe Weil

    Gregory Mouton When was the last time you had to take a detour because of a Happily Married Hetorosexual Pride Parade? Men don't walk in public wearing a thong to show their pride.

  101. Ivan Miller

    I am a Twins fan, and enjoyed Tori Hunters play when he was with us. I sm also gay. Tori Hunter has every right to believe what he does, and say what he believes. As long as doesn't take a hostle action against another player or coach. Gay players, and in pro sports there have been very few that have come out either during or ater their careers, no doubt would feel less than willing to be honest with their teammates. Am I disappointed by his comments? YES, absolutely! But I followed the Twins, and his peformance on the field, because I love the game! Not becuse of comments made off the field by the players. I find his comments disappointing, but I don't see hostle actions backing uthem up. I hope I won't.

  102. Cougar Hunter

    Gregory Mouton

    Have you ever seen a straight parade or a straight celebrity announcing that they're straight on national television?

  103. Michael James McMahon

    Ken, how gullible can you be???…Gay people didn't write this article. The media creates all of this crap, trying to pit each of us against each other. There is an element within the gay community who may care what opinions are expressed about them, but like most heterosexuals, the majority of the homosexual community knows that what others say, says something about them–not the folks they're talking about. Most of us had parents who were bright enough to teach us that when we were children.

  104. Chris Gordon

    HOMOPHOBIA is a crisis of imagination. AS IF gay people lust after all same-sex people. Duh. Think about it. Do straight men lust after EVERY woman around them? Even most really??? If they do they have problems and its both absurd and naive to imagine most gay people have those kinds of problems. Why is it people like this dumb athlete have no ability to imagine things from other people's perspectives. Homophobia- like racism- is just that- a crisis of imagination.

  105. Kayla Yolanda Chavana

    Cougar Hunter With that thought in mind.. are you saying you should keep your heterosexuality to yourself as well? You shouldn't be allowed to hug and kiss your wife in front of people, or show any affection or love towards the woman you love? Because you said "we don't need to know about it." Then I'm guessing we shouldn't see you marry your wife either, and anything that has to do with the both of you should be kept private. Open your mind and try putting yourself in others shoes.

  106. Cougar Hunter

    Because homosexuality has no purpose other than to satisfy your sexual fetishes. Homosexuality disrupts the natural order/cycle of life. Yes homosexuality normally occurs in the wild but it is still an abnormal behavior and we shouldn't stoop down so low that we humans have to imitate what wild animals do, we are humans with superior intelligence. Use your brains not your genitals to determine what's right and what is wrong.

  107. Chris Gordon

    No, Laura Gooden, IT REALLY doesn't. Just because you're stupid, ignorant and do not have the ability to imagine things from other people's perspectives does not make you right.

  108. Cougar Hunter

    Paul E. Xavier

    Because homosexuality has no purpose other than to satisfy your sexual fetishes. Homosexuality disrupts the natural order/cycle of life. Yes homosexuality normally occurs in the wild but it is still an abnormal behavior and we shouldn't stoop down so low that we humans have to imitate what wild animals do, we are humans with superior intelligence. Use your brains not your genitals to determine what's right and what is wrong.

  109. Anonymous

    Kelly Stoner – so full of yourself and only in high school. Grow up, kid. LIfe doesn't revolve around you and your thoughts.

  110. Cougar Hunter

    Paul E. Xavier

    I bet you don't understand the meaning of homosexuality. If you are attracted to the same sex no matter the age then you are a homosexual. It is possible to be straight-pedophile or Homosexual-pedophile and as far as i know their are more homosexual who are also pedophiles and zoophiles out there because of their perverted nature.

  111. Chris Gordon

    Tony or it could just as easily be said by a gay man, oh yuck I am repulsed by black men. Other people who have replied to your stupid comment here are correct- gay men are HARDLY attracted to MOST men. They might be attracted to one in a thousand. Or less. Look at ALL the women in the world. ALL OF THEM and tell us of your attraction to each and every one. That's as stupid as what you said. The fact that you have no ability to imagine things from other people's perspectives, or you wouldnt say such absurd things as you just did, making a total fool of yourself for all of human history. The only problem here is this athlete's and your disgusting narcissism.

  112. Kayla Yolanda Chavana

    Cougar Hunter How do you know it's wrong? What scientific evidences shows that it's wrong? You BELIEVE it's wrong. A belief is an opinion — there is no fact about it. And who are you to say that love is wrong. it's a shame you have hate in your heart.

  113. Chris Gordon


  114. Cougar Hunter

    Marco Ponce de Leon

    let's ban the undercover gays who wants to become priests for the sole purpose of molesting young altar boys.

  115. Richard Collins

    George, I can agree with you on the acceptance thing. My meaning was that someone else's beliefs shouldn't be diminished in favor of another's. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. It is ignorance and stupidity that cause the violence between people of different beliefs. What does it matter if someone you work with is gay, or black, or Jewish, or white? I have honestly never heard of one instance in human history where there was ever proof that there is really any difference in people other than what ignorant minds attributed to someone who was of another color, or country, or social class. At the base, we are all just people. Gold is only valuable because someone a long time ago said it was. It is just metal in the grand scheme of things. It can do essentially the same thing as lead. The main difference is lead isn't pretty. So sad how opinions can shape the world when they are just words.

  116. Derrick Harsley

    Oh Man, I wonder how Torii, "Victoriia" would have reacted to a white guy on his team saying he would be "Very uncomfortable playing on the same team as a black man!

  117. Kayla Yolanda Chavana

    Nathan Tong yes, it would have to be 5. Straight men, straight women, gay men, gay women and bisexuals. They would have their own locker rooms… but then that doesn't make sense. Cause when it comes to bisexuals and pansexuals.. there is always a chance of feeling attraction to someone. So… they would need individual locker rooms? thats a bit much.

  118. Cougar Hunter

    Kayla Yolanda Chavana

    Lol i love your logic it's too shallow. Me and my girlfriend don't make out and have sex in front of other people. Everything that happens inside our room stay in our room nobody needs to know about the things we did inside the room. We aren't like homosexual people who are perverted enough to engage with each other sexually in front of their parents, kids and the public.

  119. Cougar Hunter

    Tovena Dan

    You know what? it's perfectly fine with us straight men if gays have their own locker room or even your own sports event. I mean seriously, no kidding.

  120. Cougar Hunter

    their are more gay celebs who have died from aids and that's just a small fraction of our society how much more if we include the entire world population.

  121. Kayla Yolanda Chavana

    Cougar Hunter so, you say homosexuality is only about sex? Are you with a woman only because of sex? The same thing applies. It isn't about sex, it's about emotion and love. How do you say it's abnormal even though its very normal naturally? YYou are contradicting yourself. We are still animals, and we may think we have a higher intelligence because we are among those of our own species and can (usually) understand eachother. We can't truly understand or judge another species intelligence. How is intelligence defined anyways? The use of understanding? Who's to say that other species don't understand things? We all have a different form of understandings.

  122. Cougar Hunter

    Kayla Yolanda Chavana

    "Love can never justify what is morally wrong" otherwise incestuous people would use the same type of reasoning.

  123. Jason Burnett

    So, since no sin is greater than any other, he should be equally uncomfortable with a liar on his team, right? Assuming he's not some sort of bigot.

  124. Kayla Yolanda Chavana

    What makes homosexuality more perverted then heterosexuality?

  125. Michael James McMahon

    cougar, get your facts straight. Child molesters are pedophiles, heterosexuals are heterosexuals, and homosexuals are homosexuals. If a priest goes into the priesthood to molest little boys, or girls, then the priest is a pedophile, regardless of the gender. That should be common sense to you…You sound all to eager to jump on the hate-speech bandwagon that promotes ignorance.

  126. Hunter Jones

    It wasn't all that long ago that most white baseball players were not "comfortable" with a black teammate. How quickly we forget.

  127. Bill Anthony

    What is it? Not PC to say what you think. Does that mean the rest of us who agree with hi have to hide in the closet now? What has this country become? I am not PC and never will be, just because the liberals want it that way?

  128. Randy Drewes

    THE BIBLE TEACHES ME….. come on Torri let's let's not make this about the Bible so the PC TROLLS can bash Christianity. It's about being uncomfortable around "OPENLY GAY" players. By the way WHY is it so important to "COME OUT" anyway? The players sexuality shouldn't be a issue.

  129. James C. Latimore

    Why is he in trouble speaking what he believe in. He didn't say anything hateful toward gays. I would feel the same way. I wouldn't want to be in a locker room with an openly gay person knowing that he would eyeball my junk every time I undress. What is going on now. The gays can openly speak their minds but we must remain silent and allow them to prance all over us. Enough of this.

  130. Stephanie Schwartz Hoffman

    Shunning a group within your own group does not magically make them not homosexual, they are still gay regardless if the gays "shun" them or not…

  131. Stephanie Schwartz Hoffman

    also, if the priests are molesting boys, they are HOMOSEXUALS too…doesn't matter what one's job is.

  132. Bryson Hussar

    And OF COURSE, in the next week or so, he'll apologize for making such an ignorant comment and will walk away with his tail in between his legs. I can't count how many times this has happened. Once a homophobe, always a homophobe.

  133. Kelly Stoner

    Otis! My man! I was talking about Jerry Sandusky, famed pedophile. He went to prison for life, should have hung him; but Catholic priests get away with it! The church pays off the abused and/or their family, and then they move them to a different parrish, and I guess that's supposed to make it alright? They who betray the trust of little children, and in their evil role as a man of god! I say they should pay with their lives, no mercy for the ultimate betrayers.

  134. Kelly Moore Sanders

    I agree with you Richard and Torii Hunter. As Jesus says there are many anti-Christ or anti-Christians in this world who are confused enough and to want to attempt to bully people into excepting a perverted lifestyle such as homosexuality, sodomy and lesbianism as the "New Normal". That's why we pray for them an let em know that we can't be bullied no matter how hard they work to justify the sinful nature of homosexuality. God loves the sinner and hates the sin.

  135. Kelly Stoner

    Stupe! My Man! All George said was that he was tolerant of others, even though he may not agree with, or like them! Tolerance, something Jesus stressed and taught… You know, do unto others? I wonder if you can finish the rest of it? The golden rule was taught and spread 600 years before 30 ad by Buddha. If you take away all the hocus pocus in the new testament and check out what Jesus said, you would think he was a buddhist! Check out the story of Horus, son of Osiris, Egyptian god of the sun; same story as Jesus. Read the story of Joseph in old tesament, same as Jesus parable. Stupknitger? Really now! Are you saying that there are a lot of gay people in Hollywood? They linger there? Where do you linger, maybe at the glory hole down to the truck stop? Yahooh!

  136. Kelly Moore Sanders

    Christians are no more threatened by homosexuals than we are rapist, pedophiles, thieves and murderers, that fact is we love God and have learned as Christians to listen to Jesus more than our own perverted nature most of the time. Once you get to know Jesus Christ through the bible, He will show you how to love yourself enough to overcome all things that stifle your growth like depression, resentment, failures and rebellion. Jesus Saves the lost!

  137. Anonymous

    wow kelly stoner this article is about being gay not religion which you seem to have a real problem with.Im a christian and I'm not uncomfortable with myself.You state that only 2000 years ago when people were ignorant we should have believed such nonsense.WEll my dear as long as you are breathing ignorance will be alive and well' I will pray for you.

  138. Jonathan Martinez

    Answer homophobia with racism. Good call. You're trying to prove you're better than he is by getting down to his level.

    And anyway, Torii was born in Arkansas. He can't very well "go back to Africax " when he's not from Africa, can he?

  139. Chris Hansen

    Stu-p knigter….please do the world a favor and take your own advice. Acceptation? That pretty much sums up the lack of intelligence you possess. I doubt you even realize how offensive your "comments" are to people on both sides of this issue.

  140. Brooklyn Fred

    Kelly don't make this about Catholic Tori hunter is not catholic for starters ..It's not his comment it's his way of doing it… He didn't say his religion was right .. he blamed his teachings that they told him it is a sin to be Gay … his comfort status is all on his own … Come on guys do you realy think these well paid players are taking showers together and walking around Naked … come one now … who cares if the dudes is gay and playing baseball … I know for a fact most stadium not only have private showers but have private rooms for the players.. He is not comfortable around gay men because he is not a stand up man … Tell any Gay man that your not interested and they won't bother you.. Unlike the groupies who line themselves up at every bar/Restaurant/Hot me or hotel … I doubt any of these married and unmarried players are not comfortable with that. but then again most Christians forget that it's a sin to have sex with someone before you are married or have sex with someone other then your wife while married … I wonder if he hides when he see's these women…Say it with me Hypocrite ….

  141. Chris Hansen

    Kelly Stoner – no they don't get tried and convicted. The Arch-Diocese simply pays off the victims and they are silenced by gag orders. Money is what they worship…not God or spirituality. It's sad. I don't believe in organized religions because of some of the reasons you stated in earlier posts. I think if people could realize the difference between organized religion and spirituality we could take away alot of their "power over the people". I am not just another pathetic mindless little sheep following the herd which means organized religions have no control over me and thats how I like it. Keep up the posts! I enjoy reading from people that can actually think for themselves.

  142. Brooklyn Fred

    Wow are we really going there …please he without sin cast the 1st stone not one of you bible totting cunts can even go near a rock …Judging people is a mortal sin …

  143. Brooklyn Fred

    I love it Black folks have fought to be free and have everything they have.. The minute they have to oppress another Minority (Gay) look what they do …. come the fuck on now how quickly they forget

  144. Chris Hansen

    cougar-for someone that "doesn't need to know about it" you sure seem interested in all things gay. You protest too much…be careful you might "blow" your cover.

  145. Rob Tisinai

    Wonder how he feels about teammates who've had sex before marriage (does stuff like that happen among pro athletes?) or who divorced their wives. Does he feel the same "Biblical" discomfort around them?

  146. Anonymous

    Amen, Tori, U have a right to your opinion, & I agree, with u, no matter what these non believers say, it is not scripture, it IS a SIN B 4 GOD! & there will b HELL @ pay.

  147. Alex Halperin

    Good call Rob. And it seems this isn't the first time he's insulted minorities.

    I've met plenty of conservative Christians who make a point of saying it is their responsibility to accept gay people in society and at work. So I don't see why he should feel "uncomfortable" around gay people, unless…his comment is BS and he's really just afraid a gay teammate will hit on him at some point. Way to use your religion to justify an irrational thought, Torii.

  148. Mayrene Allison

    well he has a right to believe what he believes without being judged. Isn't that what the gay community wants, to have the right to live their lives as gays without being judged. One of the problems with this thought process is that being gay actually is morally wrong for most religions. It isn't an issue of hate as much as an issue of a belief in sinning. you can't force the bible to Chang wording like you can the coinstitution. I think that Christians and others who see being gay as a sin, won't budge on that one. Just let it go like so many have let the pushing of normalizing being gay go. Remember it's the person we love, not the sin. By the way, it is ok do this man t o have his own beliefs too….

  149. Timothy Darrel Coleman Sr

    So the Bible is a fairy tale? You say that because you don;t want to live to what God says we should live. And he has his right to his opinion. Not everyone has to accept the gay lifestyle and to try and force it down someone's throat is disingenuous and self serving. Heterophobes are something else, just say you don't want to obey the Bible and get it over with, instead of trying to slam Hunter for his comments.

  150. Pete Wilson

    It's his right to like or dislike whatever he wants I don't agree with homosexual but if one was working with me I could work with humbug he better not ask my opinion cause I will tell him

  151. Arthur Hayzlett

    George Reymann ….Yeah Looks like you "accept" them with your "Bible thumping Cristians who believe in fairy tales" comment. You're as much a bigot as anyone else pal..don't forget it.

  152. Kareem Bland

    dam this dude said he would be uncomfortable not he would want to ban the gay athlete from the locker room. People want a reason to fight about anything. Get over yourselves. I would feel uncomfortable, but I would not want to ban a gay guy. I just would be very careful to dress with my towel on and and stay away from the guy in the locker room. Hell I probably just would wait til I got home to shower. I would adjust to feel comfortable. Get a life pro homo people.

  153. Arthur Hayzlett

    You are a is being anti-gay lifestyle considered "rasct" ??

  154. Randy Cusic

    I wouldn't feel comforatble being around a butt pirate either… Players spend alot of time together and even shower in the locker room. All I have to say is if there is a butt pirate on your team then just don't drop the soap! LOL

  155. Randy Cusic

    I don't see what the big deal is anyway… Butt pirates only care about them selves and could care less how others feel. If you don't agree with them and thier liberal whacked out views then they will do whatever they can to harm you. They are the most vindictive people on the face of the earth. They only care about me me me me me me me me me me me me me, I hate the world, me me me me me me….. Pretty much sums it up on how butt pirates really are!

  156. Shaunetta Wilson

    George, they have seperate dressing rooms for men and women because, it may make some women uncomfortable to undress in front of men. Are all men attracted to every woman they see, no but, it's about everyone's comfort level. Why shouldn't a straight male have the right to say that he is uncomfortable taking his clothing off in front of a man who may be homosexual. It's kind of like when men go to the bathroom if a guy stand realy really close to you while your doing your thing, he may or may not be looking but, you are still gonna be uncomfortable, right?

  157. Anonymous

    Wonder if Hunter's christian upbringing makes it equally uncomfortable for him to share the locker room with players who fornicate, are physically or emotional abusive to the women in their lives, do not pay child support, gamble, use drugs, drink excessively, father children by several different women outside of marriage, etc. According to Christians, these aren't "right." They fall in the category of "sin." Hunter is either one miserable guy or homosexuality is the only "sin" that make him uncomfortable enough to speak out. If that is the case then his statement is about his bigotry, his insecurity and his unwillingness to practice acceptance. There is nothing more pathetic than a person who suffers from BIUPA.

  158. Randy Cusic

    It sure does make them a pervert! I challenge you to look up the word perversion in the dictionary. It describes Gay to a tee!!!!

  159. Andray Johnson

    I believe we can all agree that there is SOMETHING that we are all uncomfortable about. But what is IMPORTANT is that we do not let that impede on the success of another person. I am uncomfortable with people who use Vulgarity, yet I would not let that get in the way of those who work with and around me.

  160. John Marshall

    Why is it that the Jesus freaks always bring their religous beliefs into conversations pertaining to gays? America has to be the most religously ignorant country in Norhtern America. I really would like the "Professed Christians." To walk in the manner of Jesus. Jesus was a humble person. Never heard Jesus say anywhere in the bible where he was uncomfortable with anyone. He walked the walk, and never said anything hateful, or condemed anyone to hell. Funny how "Professed Christians." Can put people in hell.

  161. Jose Vicente Gabucan

    a man of God or any straight person, like Turil Hunter, are always uncomfortable with being around any gay person, who are practicing their evil sodo%*$@ and indoctrination of their evilness to young and innocent generations.

  162. Ironic Manuel Amado

    it does not matter on either side guys. people are allowed to say as they wish wiether someone is gay or not gay wat we must do is not judge one another because everyone deserves love under the wonders of god. We must all just learn the KEY OF HAPPINESS

  163. Ironic Manuel Amado

    HAVING EXPECTATIONS IS THE KEY. practice and master it. if you never had an expectation of wat people did or wat people said. you would never be mad about wat people say or wat people do. HAVE EXPECTATIONS OF YOURSELF wat others think or say should never get to you bro safe. forget about people who judge others they are not real friends they are people who are close minded and ignorant. but you learn to master the key of happiness.

  164. Safe Amudipe

    well i have alot of gay friends about 90% of them is gay bi lesbian so i love them all

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