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Sean Payton Signs Extension With The Saints To Come Back Home

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton Returning

After months of speculation and rumors the New Orleans Saints have agreed to a five year contract extension with suspended head coach Sean Payton.

In 2006 Sean Payton was hired by the struggling New Orleans Saints to turn the franchise into a winner. Payton worked quickly and signed free agent Drew Brees as his quarterback.

In Payton’s first season in New Orleans the team improved from a 3-13 record to 10-6. The Saint’s had their first playoff birth in six years.

In 2009, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina Sean Payton, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints helped heal a broken city and won the Super Bowl by beating Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

In 2011 news broke that Sean Payton and the Saints were paying players extra money to injure opposing players. In response Payton was suspended for one year and the Saints were left without a head coach.

Without Payton the Saints started the 2012 season with four straight losses. Rumors swirled that Payton would sign with the Dallas Cowboys after his suspension and coach in the city where his family current resides.

ESPN now reports that Sean Payton has agreed to a five year contract extension which will return him to New Orleans. The terms of the extension have not been made public but it is believed to be similar to a contact extension previously agreed to by both parties. The original contract was recently nullified by the NFL. Payton’s original contract extension contained a clause that would allow Payton to leave the Saints and void his contract if Micky Loomis, the Saints general manager, was suspended or left New Orleans. Following the nullified clause the NFL seems to have approved the head coaches new extension.

Details of the new contract are yet to released.

Here is the audio that lead to the suspension of Sean Payton:

What do you think, was bringing Sean Payton back in the wake of the bounty scandal a good decision by the New Orleans Saints?

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2 Responses to “Sean Payton Signs Extension With The Saints To Come Back Home”

  1. Anonymous

    Sean Payton should be expelled from NFL football. Not only is he more fit to be a better college coach, but there is this huge misconception in football that he is actually a good coach. He is a scum bag not a coach. This whole bounty scandal is off-kilter, and the NFL would do fine without him. Good article, but I hope its not true.

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