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Dana White On Drug Testing: Pot Shouldn’t Disqualify UFC Fighters

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Dana White’s drug testing fears for the UFC may not be what you’d expect — and the straightforward president of the organization says that he suspects implementing such measures would have drastic consequences for the league.

Dana White talked drug testing and the UFC Thursday, admitting that he feels as many as four out of five fighters would be automatically disqualified from fighting if they were subject to that sort of regulation.

But it isn’t performance enhancing drugs that White thinks are the problem. Yahoo!Sports quotes the UFC chief as saying that the league’s fighters are likely engaging in the use of a banned substance but that it wouldn’t affect their performance positively.

White said:

“Forget about PEDs … If we get into this system that we’re talking about where we would randomly test these guys, do you know how many guys would probably test positive for marijuana? It would be probably off the charts … “

And while puffing the magic dragon never made anyone a better fighter, Dana White says drug testing would affect the roster nonetheless:

“If you randomly test them and then [the results] came out, you’d get the exact same suspension [for using marijuana] as you do for using PEDs.”

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White expounded upon his drug testing concerns for the UFC in a profanity-peppered rant, adding that marijuana use doesn’t affect opponents the way performance enhancing drugs do:

“I don’t even smoke marijuana, but it’s [expletive] illegal and you shouldn’t do it … OK? But the guys are going to get busted [for testing positive for marijuana] and they’re going to get the same suspension they would for a PED. When you take a performance-enhancing drug and you go in and you face another fighter, you can hurt him. You know what I mean?”

He continues:

“But [giving fighters similar suspensions for using both PEDs and marijuana] is just crazy. It’s so easy to sit there and say, ‘Here’s what you should do. Here’s how you fix it,’ but there are so many flaws in the system, it’s just not that easy. It’s not just, ‘Hey, let’s sign up this company [to do testing].’ There’s a whole [expletive] of things that would come about.”

Dana White surmises that drug testing could knock out as many as 400 fighters of 475.

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2 Responses to “Dana White On Drug Testing: Pot Shouldn’t Disqualify UFC Fighters”

  1. Malcolm Kyle


    "At least a good 50 [US] Olympic athletes” use marijuana regularly before they stop in time for testing."
    —Stephany Lee

    "I just let him know that most of the players in the league use marijuana and I have and do partake in smoking weed in the offseason".
    —Josh Howard, forward for the Dallas Mavericks. Howard admitted to smoking marijuana on Michel Irvin's ESPN show.

    "You got guys out there playing high every night. You got 60% of your league on marijuana. What can you do?"
    —Charles Oakley (Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets).

    "I personally know boxers, body builders, cyclists, runners and athletes from all walks of life that train and compete with the assistance of marijuana,".
    —WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam.

    * Even many of the best cricket players of all time, like Phil Tufnell and Sir Ian Botham, have admitted to regularly using marijuana to deal with stress and muscle aches. In 2001, half of South Africa's cricket team was caught smoking marijuana with the team physiotherapist. They were celebrating a championship victory in the Caribbean.

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