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Alligator Found In Detroit In Vacant Lot, Rescuer Takes It Home

Alligator Found In Detroit In Vacant Lot, Rescuer Takes It Home

Detroit, MI – An alligator found in Detroit will have a new home after originally turning up in a vacant lot.

The alligator was originally found Thursday night after being tossed out of a truck in temperatures hovering just above freezing, WDIV-TV reports. The 5-foot-long alligator was found in an abandoned lot on Detroit’s east side.

Shontez Gibson was with his uncle when he saw the alligator being dumped into the field and decided to rescue it.

“A black truck pulled up, they got out and I thought they was dumping a body,” said Shontez Gibson, who helped rescue the exotic animal. “So, I told my uncle. My uncle said, ‘Come on, let’s go see.’ My uncle chased the truck up the street and they stopped, so my uncle ran back. And when we got back in the field I said, ‘No, it’s an alligator.’ ”

Gibson was nervous at first to handle the live alligator.

“So, he said, ‘Pick it up,’ I said, ‘No, you pick it up!’ ” Gibson said. “He said, ‘All right, come on, let’s take it in the house.’ I pick it up, take it in the house. He was scared and ran.”

Despite the danger posed from a live alligator, Gibson and his uncle took the alligator to his home where it was kept warm with a space heater while he fed it some fish, the Detroit Free Press reported.

On Friday, the Michigan Humane Society swooped in to take in the alligator found in Detroit. It is now resting comfortably at the Humane Society’s facility in Rochester Hills, north of Detroit. Officials from the Motor City said the alligator found in Detroit may sound incredible to outsiders, but, within the city, it’s not uncommon to find all kinds of things in vacant lots which become de-facto dumping grounds for trash and other refuse.

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44 Responses to “Alligator Found In Detroit In Vacant Lot, Rescuer Takes It Home”

  1. Ron Hathaway

    that's what I like about the south, we let gators swim and live. who in thier right mind would carry a gator to the north it ain't fit for humans much less a florida gator.

  2. Gene Hickerson

    That's what I like about the north, we treat critters better than niggars.

  3. Bob Amoedo

    Poor al-be-gator. We are all Gods creations.
    Shame on you Gene Hickerson. I guess that's why you have hick in your name.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah I know I am in Detroit now… Thanks for publishing the quote… You didn't hold back, sums everything up on who found the gator. GREAT GATOR GRAMMAR! Hat's of to the Detroit school system!

    “A black truck pulled up, they got out and I thought they was dumping a body,” said Shontez Gibson, who helped rescue the exotic animal. “So, I told my uncle. My uncle said, ‘Come on, let’s go see.’ My uncle chased the truck up the street and they stopped, so my uncle ran back. And when we got back in the field I said, ‘No, it’s an alligator.’ ”.

  5. Jennifer Heckert

    Ron is right people. Putting aside cultural and geographic loyalty … a reptile has no business living in Detroit. People may sometimes refer to them as living dinosaurs, but actually the crocodilian family predates the dinosaurs. AND while many people believe dinosaurs were endothermic, there is no doubt that alligators are NOT. Unless one is able to afford it a temperature regulated habitat… not too likely for a five-foot alligator … it would be cruel to keep it that far above the freeze line. As hatchlings they might be kept in an indoor aquarium, but anyone in their right mind knows they are not going to stay little and cute forever.

  6. Jennifer Heckert

    Oh really? Why then was an exothermic animal abandoned in freezing weather and in a place which, according to the article has become "de-facto dumping grounds for trash and other refuse".

  7. Tim Huyge

    Someone probably figured the gator could clean up some of the dead bodies left around Detroit. Bing can't do it all!

  8. Jennifer Heckert

    I must agree pink. Personally, however, what really raises my hackles is not the author's grammar. It is saying the alligator was dumped in a "de-facto dumping grounds for trash and other refuse". Under no circumstances should a living, beautiful, exotic, and worthwhile animal be described, even indirectly, as trash or other refuse.

  9. Anonymous

    At least it was rescued. Scum of the Earth kind of people deserve to be behind bars for dumping it.

  10. Anonymous

    From what I hear an see on TV , all of Detroit is a cesspool and CHicago a close second. They could have feed the gator a few mooslimes.

  11. Lora Moblo

    I hate hearing about people mistreating any animal. I'm so glad to hear the two guys found it and took it in. a good gift for the alligator for christmas. I hope they find the guys who did this and prosecute them.

  12. Geri Lynn

    Ron, often 'gators like this one was gotten for a "pet" when a baby. They're cute when small, but some people don't realize that animals grow up and revert back to type… And.. some people don't even realize they're animals, unfortunately.

  13. Jim Robinson

    You have to forgive them …. It wasn't like the gator walked all the way to Detroit himself

  14. Debra Brown


  15. Robert Jackson

    Gary Hutsill Apparently many northerners. Source: every visit to Florida. 32 degrees in Detroit and 72 here.

  16. Sid Themojoman Grubbs

    You got that right,,Just because Southerners talk a little slower and love a little deeper don't mean we're Dumb. My folks moved me to near Pittsburgh when I was 5,,of course we visited our Southern roots almost every summer,,I will always regret not getting my parents beautiful Southern accents. My Dad was not only a goodlooking man (Like William Holden) he was a charmer,,could sell you your own shirt. I have my Dad's gift of gab and most of his looks. We've lived near Tampa every winter for last 35 yrs (I worked there in the Winter–Custom Ice Cream Trucks–fleet of 23–we would take 3-4 with Drivers that wanted to go South for the Winter). We originally came from Arkansas. Johnny Cash,,Glen Campbell,,Levon Helm,,and many more,,PLUS one of America's greatest Rock & Roll Radio Program Directors TERRELL METHENY is from Arkansas.

  17. Sid Themojoman Grubbs

    Stupid for ever raising it in Detroit,,reminds me of the guy that had a Python and screamed and cried the morning he found his infant Daughter crushed to death in her crib.

  18. Sid Themojoman Grubbs

    Some DUMB parents probably bought that thing when it was tiny for their kids,,Being TOO STUPID to realize it would grow very big. I actually had a guy apply for a job and his friend sat in the other chair in my garage with a albino python about 5 foot long wrapped around his waist and up around his neck,,SURE I'm gonna put a dipshit like that on one of our $35,000 Custom Ice cream trucks to cruise the neighborhoods,,No wonder Zippy got re-elected,,there's no intelligence OUT THERE.

  19. Anonymous

    James Stephens Amoedo not Amoeba very bad for an educated REDNECK!!!

  20. Anonymous

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  21. Comrade John Thorpe

    James, that probably isn't the only thing you'd like to stick up his ass. Deliverance looking motherfucker.

  22. Comrade John Thorpe

    aaaand it took James all of two posts to go from "alleged smart guy from the south" to "standard anti-government racist redneck".

  23. Lora Moblo

    She never gets punished for talking to anyone, she just don't want anything to do with u. So quit writing on my page. When u called you were drunk or high slurring you words and u claim to be perfect

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