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Jeremy Lin Heckled By Tracy Morgan At Madison Square Garden

Tracy Morgan and Jeremy Lin Heckling

Jeremy Lin was heckled by Tracy Morgan when he made his return to Madison Square Garden last week. Upon returning to the home of his former New York Knicks, various publications reported mixed feelings from New York Fans. Apparently, Morgan was not on the happy side of Lin’s return.

According to the New York Post, Tracy Morgan “relentlessly heckled” Lin. Unfortunately, Morgan’s heckling skills were apparently lacking. In one shout out against Jeremy Lin, he reportedly said:

“Hey, Jeremy! How about the Knicks? Best record in the East!”

Morgan, however, didn’t aim his heckling only at Jeremy Lin. He also called out James Harden, yelling:

“I used to have a mohawk my uncle gave me, just like James Harden … But mine was crooked.”

That, ladies and gentleman, is why Tracy Morgan has script writers and doesn’t do improv anymore.

Despite Morgan’s heckling, the Houston Rockets were able to crush the New York Knicks with a final score of 109-96. Jeremy Lin didn’t fare too bad in the game with 22 points, eight assists, and 9 for 15 shooting. Harden did even better with 28 points on the board alongside 10 rebounds.

Tracy Morgan may have been serious about his Jeremy Lin heckling and his attack against James Harden. Then again, he’s notoriously hard to read both on film and in real life.

Do you think the Jeremy Lin heckling attempts made by Tracy Morgan were a bit too unfunny coming from the mouth of a comedian?

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35 Responses to “Jeremy Lin Heckled By Tracy Morgan At Madison Square Garden”

  1. Todd Douglas Collins

    Jeremy Link? Link like in Zelda? Wasn't Zelda a japanese game? Trying to pull a fast one?

  2. Doris Cox

    Playing the race card again ha. He was heckling James Hardin also and he is black so I guess that shoots your theory to hell doesn't it.

  3. Bengt Thorstensson

    The problem issue is that when people have got an image of being "something or someone", they are pressured by expectation to try live up to that image, so unfortunately that "try-to-live-up-to" often slips off the road. Even a comedian should learn he doesn't always need to try to be funny, and so he could even prove to be wise from time to time.

  4. Raymond Tracey

    Heckling at a ball game is normal especially in New York city. That's why some players can't play there. Jeremy thrived in New York and probably heard worse like any minority the skin is tough, it was game, no harm no foul. Sounds like the writer of the article has something against Tracy Morgan.

  5. Anonymous

    Everyone knows that already.. Poor James Harden was used as a scarecrow/crash dummy/collateral in order to hide it..
    Everyone's racist anyway. I don't know why some groups of people whine a lot about it.

  6. Mark Tarver

    Lin and Harden are probably making a lot more money than Morgan and laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. Guillermo Tony Saddler

    Tracy Morgan is smart, and he's a comedian. He has done nothing of note here lately and he sure as hell doesn't play basketball. But we're all talking about him, not Jeremy Lynn. As for the race card, he's an equal opportunity racist, let's put it that way… no race is safe with him, that's what he does for a living.

  8. Dan Stevenson

    I'm glad they put up the picture of Tracy Morgan. I have no idea who he is.

  9. Rommel Jensen

    Atleast Jeremy Lin has a better education than Tracy Morgan would ever dream of getting.

  10. Rommel Jensen

    If you are talking about Jeremy Lin he doesn't need to because he is in the nba.

  11. Arvin Chang

    @Lee McLaurin – you are using pre-Linsanity numbers, Lin's contract with the Rockets is $25 million over three years with $5,000,000 the first two years and $15,000,000 the last year. That's not counting his endorsement deals with Volvo and Nike.

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