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Bankaholic sells for $15 million, you can buy The Inquisitr for $5 million if you like


Bankaholic, a one person blog covering the finance sector has been acquired by financial information service provider Bankrate for $15 million.

The sale was said to have been completed prior to the latest crisis on Wall Street, and $2.5 million of the $15 million is set aside as an earnout over the next 12 months.

Darren Rowse at Problogger delivers the understatement of the year, saying in a post that “it’s a fairly decent sale for Mr Wu.” Mark Rizzn Hopkins at Mashable points to numbers showing that the financial vertical is high paying ad wise, with some clicks getting low double figures.

You would presume the site was making good money by the sales price, but nothing else about the site stacks up. Traffic isn’t brilliant, matched by irregular posting at best. Quantcast shows 156,000 uniques on 263,000 visits, Compete puts the unique number at 300,000. The site has an Alexa ranking of 42,168. Since September 14, there has been only 9 posts to the site, and comments vary from a few through to the highest at 20.

Without knowing all the actual details (well, the revenue mostly), it’s had to definitely say that this blog was over priced, but the amount paid for it is staggering, and I’m surprised others aren’t saying the same thing. This wasn’t a blog network, or mega-blog with a team of writers; instead it’s a one man blog running a mix of Adsense units and affiliate offers!

I want in! Anyone interested in buying The Inquisitr for $5 million, drop me a line, I may be negotiable on the price. Our revenue is heading up, and our traffic is similar to Bankaholic…coupled with the fact that advertising in finance is about to tank, where as we reach out to a more broader market :-)

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9 Responses to “Bankaholic sells for $15 million, you can buy The Inquisitr for $5 million if you like”

  1. Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins

    I'll tell you why I went easy on them – because the one blog I ever sold for a great profit was a credit repair blog, and it wasn't even during a period of time when credit repair was in that much (relative to the example from my post) demand. I had about 35 posts on it, and less than 50k uniques a month. Even when you're getting a few dozen clicks per day on your AdSense ads, when each one is worth between $15-50 per click, it adds up in a way blogs in our niches rarely do.

  2. thuhouse

    Since i frequent this blog often obliged to comment.. Duncan..this is SEO play..the value is in getting first on competitive keywords such as cd rates (which alone is search 500,000 times in google in a month).. it is nothing to do with content..go to yahoo and see all the links to the site around 49,000 or so.. (most of them are paid..)..bankrate bought it because for their bottomline SEO is life and for other sites like ehealthinusurance etc etc ..same story..even if the topline revenue does not depend on SEO for bottomline it is must.. bankrate got pushed to number 2 by this they bought it.. the site happened to use wordpress CMS is not that relevant in this play at all..

  3. James Spada

    Duncan, this blog is worth more than 5 Million, you just are still in the dip. Unlike techcrunch, the companies you cover get the attention of the same people who read Perez Hilton and what not, due to your variation in stories. You have the potential of launching companies to publics that will use the products, not just the competitors.

    Hold, dont sell.

    This is the first blog i read every day. Keep it up, i always loved your reviews at TechCrunch, your the man.

  4. WebmastersForums

    I definitely smell something fishy here, nothing ads up properly and the figures definitely do not warrant a sale of this high amount.

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