The WWE Universe is Expecting Enzo Amore and Big Cass to Split Soon

WWE Officials Have Changed Their Minds About Enzo Amore And Big Cass Split, Huge Angle Could Reunite Them Soon

Over the past few weeks, the WWE Universe has been talking about Enzo Amore for all the wrong reasons based on reports of his backstage heat in the WWE locker room. Apparently, he’s gotten into some trouble with the boys, WWE officials, and has been making his situation worse on social media. Meanwhile, he has been featured as a babyface on Raw in a feud with Big Cass since the latter betrayed him a few weeks ago.

Enzo has been dominated physically by Cass over recent weeks. The Big Show is currently involved in their rivalry as well and it was revealed that Big Show will face Big Cass at ‘Summerslam’ with Enzo suspended in a shark cage above the ring. At first glance, the gimmick match may seem like a strange way to book their match in Brooklyn, but it’s being rumored that WWE officials may have a huge angle planned for Sunday.

There is a lot of speculation that Enzo will drop some kind of weapon from the top of the cage that could be used by Big Cass to get the win over Big Show. It may be booked as an “accident,” but it’s been rumored the angle could lead to a huge heel turn for Enzo, which may also result in him realigning with Big Cass as well.

Big Cass Has Only Been A Singles Star For a Couple Of Weeks
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WWE officials were very high on Big Cass for months, but his heel turn hasn’t gone the way they believed it would go. After several weeks, it was reported that the powers that be are concerned about Big Cass’ ability to keep his momentum going as a heel once the feud with Enzo is over. With all the problems the latter has had backstage, WWE officials seem to be changing their minds about letting them go their separate ways.

WWE Fans Are Concerned About Enzo Amores Future (1)
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Enzo Amore has done well in his role since the split with Big Cass. His promos have been good, the fans are behind him, and his merchandise sales are said to be extremely good. A heel turn would be a huge hit to his sales numbers, but WWE officials don’t seem to see a long term future for him as a solo act. There are a lot of rumors about Enzo being moved to 205 Live or NXT in the near future, which is considered a demotion.

It’s hard to believe that Enzo Amore turning heel would mean anything other than a reunion with Big Cass, but there is the question of them remaining singles stars, if Enzo would transition to a manager type of role or if WWE officials have discovered they prefer Enzo and Big Cass as a heel tag team. The WWE Universe should keep a close eye on their feud over the next few weeks because a huge angle could happen very soon.

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