WWE News Roman Reigns biggest fan may surprise

WWE News: Roman Reigns’ Biggest WWE Fan Revealed And It May Surprise People

WWE superstar Roman Reigns isn’t always popular with professional wrestling fans, but a “biggest” fan has emerged. That man has actually has worked with him in the ring on numerous occasions. That man is none other than the monstrous superstar Braun Strowman. To date, Strowman has destroyed Reigns in multiple matches including an Ambulance Match at the Great Balls of Fire 2017 pay-per-view and at other events. The two most recently battled it out in a Last Man Standing match on the Monday Night Raw program in Toronto, Canada, with “The Submission Machine” Samoa Joe intervening to put Reigns down, allowing Strowman to win. Still, it added to the catalog of entertaining matches that the two stars have put on during their rivalry.

Reigns’ rival has plenty of respect for him too. In a recent interview on CBS Sports, Braun Strowman gave nothing by praise for Roman Reigns. His program with Reigns was brought up, and the interview asked “something fans might not pick up on” since so much slack is given to WWE’s new top star. Strowman went on record as calling Reigns “one of the best performers in the world” and credited his work ethic to make their matches so great. He added that no matter who Reigns is working with, they always seem to put on a top notch match for the fans.

WWE payback Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman
Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman battled at WWE Payback 2017 among other pay-per-views and shows. [Image by WWE]

As Strowman mentions in his comments, he’s been the lucky recipient of a long running feud with “The Big Dog” over the past year.

“It doesn’t matter who he’s with, he tears the place down. And lately, it’s been me.”

“That’s the thing people don’t get is the work ethic behind Roman Reigns…Whether it’s due to stubbornness or just heart, he keeps getting back up.”

In addition to fan support, Roman Reigns receives a good dose of boos and jeers from fans at most events, and that was especially true after he defeated The Undertaker in what may have been Taker’s final match at WrestleMania 33. A night later on WWE’s Raw, Reigns had to wait out boos for five to 10 minutes before he could get in a few words and a mic drop. Sometimes those boos are also a sign of respect because it’s been said getting no reaction at all is worse than being cheered or booed. After working with him plenty, Strowman seems to have a recognition and respect for the reasons why Reigns is in the position he is today.

Other reports about Braun Strowman have mostly described him as a hard-working superstar as well. He also seems to have a side that fans don’t see often during his matches or appearances, where he’s amazingly humble and not shy from praising fellow superstars. Some may think that comes from the John Cena blueprint for success, although there are numerous reports of superstars feeling they don’t need that humility. Those stars usually end up the subjects of “backstage heat” reports. Strowman may get discussed for a small incident here or there, but for the most part, wrestling journalists and the WWE seem to be high on his skills and personality. Allowing him to work with Roman Reigns as much as he has certainly showcased how confident they are in him.

As mentioned, the two superstars have been involved in matches on pay-per-view, during WWE Raw television shows, and at various live WWE house shows around the globe. Many of these matches have not only involved Strowman smashing through a table, wall, or ambulance door, but also Reigns having similar destruction wreaked on him by Strowman. As Braun mentions in the interview about his own skills, “There’s not another man on the Earth my size that can do what I do.” He also notes that there are some things fans have yet to see from his skill set in the ring. Could those skills appear as soon as next Sunday in Brooklyn, New York?

There are no hard feelings from Braun towards Roman, just hard hits, and that’s part of why Strowman respects Reigns. [Image by WWE]

That’s when Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are set to get in the ring for a big event once again at the WWE SummerSlam 2017 pay-per-view. During that event, they’ll be one-half of a Fatal 4-Way match for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship. Also competing will be Samoa Joe making for what could be a great match. As of this report, neither Reigns nor Strowman, are favorites to win, although Roman has fluctuated with the current champion, Lesnar.

[Featured Image by WWE]